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If you’re trying to make a significant contribution you will have to influence people you can’t control. In other words, you will need to influence up. Often we get in our own way when trying to influence. In Influencing Up , authors Allan Cohen and David Bradford we have to overcome these barriers: The assumptions you hold about how hard to push. Obviously, the greater the power differential between you and the powerful person, the more difficult influence becomes.

Leading through Long Term Influence

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Great Leadership regular contributor Beth Armknecht Miller: Webster’s Dictionary defines a “leader” as a person who has commanding authority or influence”. I would argue that in the 21st century it’s all about influence, not authority.

Can You Manage Up? Eight Questions for Increasing Your Influence

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If you have been argumentative or combative each time your manager has made a decision or set a direction, then you probably don’t stand much of a chance of being heard or influencing the current situation.

Advocacy: How to Champion Ideas and Influence Others

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Advocacy by John Daly, is a comprehensive handbook on influence. When pitching proposals, wise proponents seek agreement on the problem before discussing possible solutions. Even the most experienced advocate will be able to refine their skills and increase their influence by incorporating the advice found in this handbook. * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas. Even a great idea can be stopped. An idea is like play.

Why Pitching, Persuading, Guiding, and Influencing are Largely Unsuccessful – a thought paper for sellers, coaches, leaders, parents, and managers

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But they can only be heard accurately and acted upon when our audience has bought in to, and learned how to manage, any proposed change, and all relevant ‘systems’ are GO. Everything that will ultimately touch the proposed change must buy-in or the system will continue to reject the information. And THEN you can pitch, offer, suggest, or influence. You recognize what someone needs and offer just the right guidance, product data, or experience to help.

Ultimate Leadership

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The first player proposes how to divide the sum between the two players, and the second player can either accept or reject this proposal. Leadership Development actions Commitment communication community compromise courage Culture election Growth influence Inspiration Leadership Self Development vote

Terry R. Bacon: Second Interview, by Bob Morris

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Bacon The American University The Behavioral Advantage The Elements of Power: Lessons on Leadership and Influence University of Chicago West Point Wharton What People Want Winning BehaviorTerry R. Bacon is a Scholar in Residence in the Korn/Ferry Institute. Previously, he was founder and CEO of Lore International Institute. He has a B.S. in engineering from West Point and a PhD in literary studies from The American University.

How to Increase Your Influence at Work

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To be effective in organizations today, you must be able to influence people. Having influence in the workplace has “clear value,” says Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You. ” But gaining influence in the modern workplace is difficult, according to Nick Morgan, author of Power Cues. “ It’s never been harder to influence others, because they’ve never been more distracted,” he says. Influence Communication Digital Article

3 Key Tips to Manage Your Boss

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Addressing any proposal/concern you have in terms that influences your boss to buy-in. Career Development Collaborate influence Self DevelopmentYour relationship with your boss can be one of the most complicated relationships you have. It doesn’t have to be.

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Terry R. Bacon: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries Adaptive Coaching AMACOM American University Dan Goleman David Maister Fort Lewis College Foundation Garry Wills Goddard College James MacGregor Burns Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner John Kotter Korn/Ferry Institute Michael Porter Michael Useem Peter Drucker Powerful Proposals Roosevelt University Selling to Major Accounts Stanford Terry R. Terry R. Bacon is a Scholar in Residence in the Korn/Ferry Institute.

How to Ask Great Questions

Nathan Magnuson

Well that’s exactly what I’m about to propose. And the best part about it is that it can dramatically improve your leadership influence as well. Leading vs. Non-Leading Questions: A leading questions proposes a solution in the form of a question.

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The Most Valuable Question?

Kevin Eikenberry

In it he proposes that “what’s important to you&# is the most powerful question of all (read it, it is less than 300 words – and the comments are awesome too).

126: Holacracy – An Agile Management System for a Rapidly Changing World | with Brian Robertson

Engaging Leader

On Engaging Leader, we’ve often discussed how 21st-century teams require going beyond traditional command-and-control leadership (which I call Influence 2.0) to a more interactive mode that I call “engagership” or Influence 3.0. One crucial principle of Influence 3.0

Understanding The Power Of Our Words

Tanveer Naseer

But what struck me the most about his talk was this comment he made about how our words can influence those around us: “Words when said and articulated in the right way can change someone’s mind.

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Is Direct Outreach Effective?

David A Fields

A question I was asked: I would like to increase the size of my network of prospects and influencers. Should I always ask someone to introduce me to potential prospects and influencers? How effective is the approach of directly reaching out? What is your suggestion for this consultant?

How to Overcome the 3 Organizational Barriers to Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

Again, executive influence comes into play here. Just because you’ve done your homework and come up with a great proposal, you still have to convince key stakeholders that your plan is solid. strategy talent management leadership development business case change influence

The Fear of the Finger

Nathan Magnuson

An education official gives in to a new testing standard, confident that it will fail but unwilling to propose an alternative. Courage Influence Leadership Personal Effectiveness blame courage fear finger finger pointing risk uncertainty

Valuing the Differences of Others

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In one group, the people embraced a very similar philosophy and mindset on the proposed topic. I discovered that even though my values and opinions remained basically the same, my influence with my new friends increased. Because their influence is felt, their leadership is more highly regarded. Leadership Purpose Team Building development growth influence learner opportunities valuesGuest post by Dr. Andrew L. Thorn.

Choose Change!

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The early adopters first take a critical look at the proposal before deciding whether it’s a good idea or not. It’s really the early adopters who are the most important influencers: others value their opinion, because these coworkers are committed, engaged, and critical. Look for those who will always first question a proposal and test the kind of resistance by asking what their concerns are.

Five Secrets for More Persuasive Writing

The Recovering Engineer

Have you ever read a dry, boring email, blog post, letter, or proposal? Anything in their role or relationships that might limit their ability to act on what you propose. As a result, I run the risk of violating the very secrets that I propose.

How to Be Heard When No One is Listening

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But if your suggestions are falling on deaf ears, it may not have anything to do with your proposed solution. Let’s face it, not everyone has the same influence in your organization. Find partners who can expand your influence. Influence

We’re All in Sales Now


Even now, I write about leadership, innovation and strategy, all three our subjects that require a great deal of influence. Dan proposes a new ABCs of Selling (hint: it’s not “Always Be Closing”). Leadership book review influence persuasion pink salesEditor’s Note: Today is Launch Day for our good friend Dan Pink’s newest book To Sell is Human. The following is my review of the book.

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Return on Influence, the New ROI

Harvard Business Review

Here's the story: Three years ago, I was prepping for a meeting where I hoped to convince a major CPG brand that my celebrity client was more influential in social media than other celebrities, and therefore they should invest their dollars in my proposed "social media endorsement deal." In fact, I believed if you ignored the warm metrics, you ran the risk of hiring the wrong social media partner, because the old school cold metrics alone are actually quite bad at capturing influence.

Recommended Resource – Advocacy

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Advocacy : Championing Ideas and Influencing Others. Rather, reputation, relationships, timing, and persuasive messaging is needed to garner the attention and buy-in necessary to gain action on one’s proposals. by John Daly. About the Reference.

Leadership and Immortality

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Wren’s buildings are everywhere in London, and his influence extends beyond the buildings he designed. Over the years, I’ve had many conversations with first-rate leaders who described the influences that helped them do excellent work. Those stories and that influence are part of what my friend Mark Deterding calls their “leadership portrait.” Having that kind of influence on people is a wonderful monument, but we can strive for something even greater.

Great Bosses Don’t Discount Others, They Validate Others

Great Leadership By Dan

That may be - but it doesn’t mean that you’re not a powerful influencer. As powerful leaders and influencers, let’s carefully consider a leader's responsibilities - and a leader's reason for being. Guest post from S.

Essentials Of Executive Sponsorship (Part One)

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Reflect on past decisions and points of influence; whether the leader made decisions on data, facts and ROI, or on ideas, innovation and culture.This can help you frame your argument. Or, you gain valuable insight on the best approach to influence this leader on current and future projects.

Conduct your OWN performance Review

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Have you effectively used them to boost your visibility and influence? Write up specific proposals for ideas you wish to pursue, suggests Armstrong. “I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”. Billie Jean King~.

5 things you need to do to sell your ideas


I’d prepare my reasoning in a way that felt right to me; I often found myself thinking as I put the finishing touches on my proposals, “This is good. was a bit of a renegade in my years in the corporate world.

What Business Leaders Can Learn from JFK’s Powerful Speech that Brought Us to the Moon

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Dick Richardson: A simple definition of leadership is “Leadership is influencing others to do what they would not do if left to their own accord.”

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Why Leaders Need to Think More Like Professional Gamblers

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In order to do that, you need to learn something about Thomas Bayes, an English clergyman, and mathematician who proposed a theorem in 1763 that would forever change the way we think about making decisions in ambiguous conditions.

How to Optimally Align IT with Your Business Processes?

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The pyramid presents questions that arise when changes in the architecture are proposed. The second layer concerns the roles of employees and the behavioral adaptations that are necessary for the proposed architectural change.

Finding The Right Formula For Change

Tim Milburn

People will rally behind your proposed change if they feel it has a compelling purpose and leads to a better future. Strategy – Simply proposing a change doesn’t guarantee that it will become actual change.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Relationships

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And, in the long term, it enhances your ability to influence. Delivering words with passion and believability can influence, another important quality of a leader. My mistake was not checking with him to verify if my proposed schedule worked for his employees.

How To Lead Through Personal Tragedy

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I had proposed to my wife during the weekend, and when Monday came my son had a severe allergic reaction at school, I had to conduct a major investigation involving one of my employees, and then received news that my father passed away suddenly. We can turn these difficult personal times into ways to better influence and serve the people we impact. In 2015, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s husband died unexpectedly.

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When leadership is good

Deep Imprints

I would propose that this model can provide structure and safety while avoiding power. We invite them to get to know the Grower, and discover how they fit in His picture.Ministry.Team Leadership arrow Influence PowerYou know that top-down model we have been using for years?

A 236-Year-Old Lesson in Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Leaders must paint a broad and complete picture for their team, providing the perspective that enables them to understand the meaning, repercussions and influences of their decision-making. Washington did not propose a course of action, according to participants.

5 Easy Ways to Network Like a Pro

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Your typical day actually includes multiple opportunities to use what we call in our new book, The Influence Effect , “the power of the informal” and have influence. If she’s proposing a new project at the following week’s meeting, she gets the early feedback and she’s more prepared for her presentation. A lot of us hate networking. And based on original research by my firm, Flynn Heath Holt , women especially seem to dislike it.

Five Not-So-Radical Ideas For Nurturing Change


He emphasizes on importance of mindset, getting influence devolved to people closest to change, change through small experimentation and not initiating change without a clear problem statement and some evidence that proposed solution will result in net positive business outcome.

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The Systems Thinking Leader


I propose the opposite. I propose that dealing with cultures in the future will involve what Senge (1990) calls systems thinking. Systems thinking involves understanding how things influence each other inside a larger whole. Within globalization, it involves understanding how countries work to influence each other. A key component of global leadership is complexity. When you begin to cross-cultures, your business becomes more complex. Galbraith (2000, p.

4 Character Strengths Sustain U2’s Success

Michael Lee Stallard

If any member of U2 strongly opposes a proposed decision, they band will not implement it. U2 is influenced by the Christian belief of loving and serving others. U2 went from a band people laughed at to become one of the greatest bands in history.

Book Notes – Blue Ocean Strategy: How Leaders Drive Change

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Leadership is about influencing people in a specific direction, but sometimes that direction needs to change. Bratton picked up the manager in a small car, just like the ones he proposed buying.

Six Questions To Improve The Power Of Your Message

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He also proposed that your tone accounted for 38% and body language or nonverbal behavior accounted for the remaining 55% of meaning in your message. In essence we often influence people to show up in a certain way by the way that we treat them.

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