How to improve Klout Score

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Klout is a scoring system that weighs influence in social media. There is a great book Return on Influence - The revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing by Mark Schaeffer that inspired this post. My Klout score is 43 and in reading what I have influence in I surprised myself. When I look at Klout they say I have influence in Ernest Hemingway, Religion and Spirituality, retirement (?),

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Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions by VCs — and It Affects How Much Funding They Get

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There is an enormous gender gap in venture capital funding in the United States. Female entrepreneurs receive only about 2% of all venture funding , despite owning 38% of the businesses in the country. The prevailing hope among academics, policy makers, and practitioners alike has been that this gap will narrow as more women become venture capitalists. However, homophily does not seem to be the only culprit behind the funding gap.

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People Are the New Channel

Harvard Business Review

She developed compelling content to educate customers, prospects, advocates, and influencers on the new law. Brent Remai, CMO at FireEye , was hired into a small, venture- funded company with several years of moderate results.

Health Care Becomes Entrepreneurial (Finally)

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Through the venture capital community, veteran corporate leaders like John Scully, Steve Case, and Gerald Levin are contributing capital and deep business expertise to numerous health-related start-ups. According to a recent Rock Health report , venture funding of digital health companies exceeded $1.9 The intelligent use of data will have a transformative influence on all points of care. All of us know that you have to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur.

Don’t Start a Company with Your Business School Pals

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Seeing the world through the same lens means you can’t anticipate critical questions, factors and influences that should be considered as you think about the market, the product or service you’ll offer, and how to pivot intelligently as your company faces new or unexpected pressures. Maybe it’s learning that your co-founder is prepared to work with the wrong venture fund or that they’re actively willing to hide bad results from your board.

What We Know, Now, About the Internet’s Disruptive Power

Harvard Business Review

Amid the rubble of the dot-com bust in 2001, Michael Porter weighed in on the question of how to gauge which businesses “active on the internet,” as he put it, were real and which were destined to go the way of when their venture funding dried up.