What Every Successful Leader Needs To Know 

Lead from Within

They maintain preparation and stay well informed on every issue so they’re ready to make even difficult decisions on the fly. To be a great decision maker requires building consistent sources of good information, organizing that information in a way that allows you to access what you need to know and connecting the dots where you need to. Credible leadership style. Of course there’s no single correct leadership style that works for everyone in all situations.

Leaders, Your Words Matter

Next Level Blog

No matter what type of leader you are or what kind of formal or informal organization you lead, I encourage you to pause today and everyday to consider the possible impact of your words. If you’re in a position of leadership you have that power. The Next Level Blog is where he shares "news you can use" to raise your leadership game.

Letter 162

Why Great Leaders Are in Short Supply

Harvard Business Review

We're living with something of an irony right now regarding leadership. On the one hand, the topic has never been more studied and written about; my recent Google search for leadership research by academies and institutes returned some 375,000 hits. On the other hand, we are experiencing a dearth of leadership in society. As I see it, leaders in the past had the great advantages of: Privileged access to information. Leadership has never been easy.

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