The Art of Switching Between Leadership Styles

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How can leaders adjust their leadership style to do so? The answer to effective communication in today''s diverse workforce lies in "flexing"--the art of switching between leadership styles to more effectively communicate with and lead people who are different from you.

10 Leadership Battles – And How To Win Every One of Them

Terry Starbucker

Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store Ramblings From a Glass Half Full 10 Leadership Battles – And How To Win Every One of Them by Starbucker on November 1, 2009 In our quest to become great leaders we take on a constant stream of internal battles. This post was selected as one of the five best independent business blog posts of the week in my Three Star Leadership Midweek Review of the Business Blogs.

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5 Ways Leaders Can’t Be “Normal” Today

Ron Edmondson

Leading outside the norm Leadership is so much different today than when I first started leading almost 35 years ago. To lead today we must learn to think outside some things once considered normal in leadership. Business Church Planting Innovation Leadership

What Makes an Organization “Networked”?

Harvard Business Review

Weber saw that traditional and charismatic leadership would have to give way to a more bureaucratic and rational model. As business became more complex, these rigid structures grew increasingly untenable and so management theorists began to look for another way— matrixed organizations.

The 7 Attributes of the Most Effective Sales Leaders

Harvard Business Review

In addition, the quality of the sales organization is directly associated to the quality of sales leadership. Forty-four percent of underperforming sales managers indicated they had a nonexistent or an informal structured sales process. Strategic leadership. Every salesperson knows the quality of their sales manager will have a profound impact on their own success. A recent study I conducted proves this point.

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