Is It Time For A Peer-Reviewed Bonus System?


While both companies may have opened up the door to such systems becoming a popularity contest, the idea of distributing bonus power to all employees is a innovative idea for counter-acting our tendency to assess our work and compare it with others. Leadership bonus burkus Coffee & Power compensation equity HCL human resources incentives performance managementIncentive compensation systems often seem just as likely to disappoint employees as to motivate them.

Good Bosses Switch Between Two Leadership Styles

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These two leadership styles, which I and other researchers refer to as dominance and prestige , respectively, reflect two fundamental strategies people use to navigate their way through social and organizational hierarchies. Some leadership situations call for dominance, whereas others call for prestige. Being maximally effective as a leader means being able to diagnose the situation and adopt the leadership approach that works best.

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The Countries with the Boldest Business Leaders

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Our leadership development work with organizations has given us a database of 360-degree assessments from over 75,000 business leaders around the world. We called this the “bold index” — we then compared it to 42 other leadership behaviors. Leadership Digital Article

Are CEOs Overhyped and Overpaid?

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For example, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk enjoy cult-like status and are widely regarded as modern tycoons of innovation. My focus was on peer-reviewed journal articles (academic papers) that included reliable measures of CEO attributes (e.g., I came up with three major conclusions from this literature review: CEOs Do Matter a Lot. Indeed, the consequences of destructive leadership are well documented, and they are most severe at the top.

Is Employee Engagement Just a Reflection of Personality?

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Or think of when you read a Tripadvisor, Amazon, or IMDB review of a hotel/product/movie: to what degree does that review convey information about the object being rated, versus the person reviewing it? pbombaert/Getty Images.

How Physicians Can Keep Up with the Knowledge Explosion in Medicine

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Innovating for Value in Health Care. One service, called UpToDate , employs 6,300 physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers to manually review the most recent medical information to produce synopses for practicing doctors. Imagine an oncologist with more than a decade of practice experience is evaluating a lung cancer patient today. During her training years ago, there would have been a handful of therapy options to consider.

How Leaders Can Help Others Influence Them

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We were discussing his firm’s approach to teaching leadership. ” This is a fundamental gap in leadership approaches. We still believe that the essence of leadership is about influencing others to do what we want them to do.