Mills Scofield

It is that time of year when I am called to my duty as Pemaquid Harbor Tide Watcher. Innovation Leadership Maine Safe Harbor I take on this auspicious duty reverently and devotedly until mid-August.

ODE to Innovation

Mills Scofield

We know what happens to organizations that don’t innovate - look at the 1990 Fortune 100 list. So how do we become an ODE to innovation? ” For dreaming - innovation to have a positive impact , it must be based on values and integrity.

Five Tips for Coping with Uncertainty — and Finding Opportunity

Harvard Business Review

Europeans wait for a resolution to financial woes from the south affecting the north, and in a safe, sane Nordic country, Norway, fear rises from a seemingly insane terrorist shooting that cost nearly a hundred lives. Safe harbors have uncertainty, too. Motivating people to try something new, or to get on with innovation, is tough when the rules of the game are up in the air. Seeds of innovation could sprout. Leadership Managing people Managing uncertainty