How to Ditch Performance Reviews

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Are annual performance reviews necessary? A recent study shows that 90% of HR professionals don’t think performance appraisals are accurate or effective in improving productivity. Dr. David Burkus, a highly regarded business school professor and author of Under New Management , challenges the traditional and widely accepted principles of business management and proves that they are outdated, outmoded, or simply don’t work — and reveals what does.

Replacing the Performance Review

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Dr. Tim Baker There is considerable and contestable debate in blogosphere and elsewhere about the viability of the performance review. Another group thinks that with some modifications, the performance review will be fine. Please don''t get me wrong - I am not against performance feedback. My research of managers suggests that in its current form there are eight problems the traditional appraisal has.


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Why Leaders Need To Stop Using Performance Reviews

Tanveer Naseer

I don’t like performance reviews. It needs to center on step by step improvement in how an individual is doing against goals, how a team is advancing by virtue of an individual’s progress, how innovation is being served by attitudes and decisions on a daily basis, and how an individual’s achievements are translated into outcomes valued by an employer. Here are three thumbnail cases against performance reviews that you should find terrifying.

Wait, I’m the Boss?!? The Guide for New Managers to Succeed

Skip Prichard

New managers , or those aspiring to manage a team, often are looking for a playbook to help them get started. How do I deal with poor performance? And, let’s face it, seasoned managers often need a refresher on some of the basics. 4 Things Great Managers Do.

How to Make Subordinates Colleagues

Leadership Freak

Change Fear Innovation Leading Managing Power Taking others higher halo effect Leadership Leadership Development Organizational Development parking spaces performance reviews subordinates** You must give power in order to empower? Empowerment is giving qualified people power and permission to act. Empowerment fails when leaders talk empowerment but hang on to permission or make it difficult to act. Empowered people become colleagues not employees.

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Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast #19 – David Burkus On Why Organizations Need To Change The Way We Work

Tanveer Naseer

In light of these fundamental shifts to the way we work, which 20 th century management principles should we stop using, and what do we replace them with in order to ensure we’re bringing out the best in those we lead? This question about the changing nature of today’s workplace environment and the impact it has on the way we lead is the focus of my conversation with management expert David Burkus.

How to Make Subordinates Colleagues

Leadership Freak

Change Fear Innovation Leading Managing Power Taking others higher halo effect Leadership Leadership Development Organizational Development parking spaces performance reviews subordinates** You must give power in order to empower? Empowerment is giving qualified people power and permission to act. Empowerment fails when leaders talk empowerment but hang on to permission or make it difficult to act. Empowered people become colleagues not employees.

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Why You Should Play on Your Strengths–Not Focus on Your Weaknesses

Lead from Within

You’ll feel good because you’re growing and developing, and you’ll find higher levels of innovation and creativity. Lolly Daskal is the president and founder of Lead From Within a coaching and consultant firm that manages large scale corporate coaching and custom made leadership programs. Most of us can name all the things we don’t like about ourselves. And we’ve probably also gotten feedback on “areas for improvement” (which usually feels a lot like outright criticism). The result?

Tough Love Performance Reviews, in 10 Minutes

Harvard Business Review

There’s growing evidence that conventional performance reviews are not working. According to a CEB analysis, organizations can only improve employee performance 3% to 5% using standard performance management approaches. Last fall, 53% of human resources professionals in a Society for Human Resource Management study gave a grade between B to C+ when rating how their organization managed performance reviews.

119: Goals Gone Wild: The New Performance Management | with Kris Duggan of BetterWorks

Engaging Leader

Research shows no one is happy with annual performance reviews—not executives, not managers, and not individual contributors. Even HR teams responsible for performance management aren’t convinced annual reviews provide value. According to Kris Duggan of BetterWorks, that’s because traditional performance management processes and systems no longer accurately reflect the way we work. There are five key pillars to goal management: Connected.

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The Secret Sauce of Business Innovation

Coaching Tip

Probably the biggest factor challenging conventional management is the massive Gen Y or Millennial generation of young people entering the workforce. They yearn to be coached with constant feedback rather than an annual performance review. This is leading to a profound change in the architecture of the corporation and how we orchestrate capability to innovate. Because companies must constantly innovate, product life cycles collapse.

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How Can HRs Optimize People Analytics?

HR Digest

HRs control a lot of data, such as labor costs, cost of employment, cost of turnover and others, which are used in different ways to unravel critical information and as a key indicator for performance and productivity. The consistent abuse of the quality and objectivity of talent management data by various organizations is worrying. Most companies have classified talent review into different categories, such as underperformers, solid performers and top talent.

If Your Innovation Effort Isn’t Working, Look at Who’s on the Team

Harvard Business

Innovation BOOK. Transformation-capable teams are made up of people who are not only high performers, but who hold a unique balance of skills and mindsets that allow them to sustain focus, agility, and optimism in the face of uncertainty for prolonged periods of time. Ultimately, not all top-performing employees are equipped for this. For example, look for people who are getting mixed performance reviews, but who are still highly prized by the organization.

The 6 Secrets to Effective Manager Communications

Strategy Driven

And since study after study tells us that the most important driver to employee satisfaction is the manager-employee relationship, it only stands to reason that companies should be placing their bets on middle managers to hold the ship together. There are a number of ways to help managers succeed: professional development, training courses, carrot and stick rewards. Treat them differently : If you want managers to act differently, you’ve got to treat them differently.

Applying Deming’s Management Ideas at the Great Plains Coca Cola Bottling Company

Deming Institute

Among other things, this presentation is a good option for those seeking an example that provides historical business results of an organization practicing Deming management methods. As with many management ideas this concept isn’t difficult to understand but it is still very difficult for people, and organizations, to think clearly about the future without being greatly constrained by their past. Guest post by John Hunter.

Managing the Perks and Pitfalls of Proactive People

Harvard Business

They are essential for suggesting, developing, and sustaining innovative new projects and for helping companies stay competitive. In fact, many face obstacles when trying to innovate in their organizations. For example, pushing for change without being told to can ignite resistance from supervising managers and fellow colleagues. But what remains unclear is how this preference for risk-taking influences proactive employees’ actual performance.

Complimentary Resource – Talent Management Helps Small Companies Make Big Moves

Strategy Driven

Talent Management Helps Small Companies Make Big Moves by SuccessFactors Learn how small companies can achieve growth and productivity goals and ultimately transform themselves. Download SuccessFactors’ new white paper, “ Small & Sophisticated: Unique Possibilities of Integrated Talent Management in Small Businesses ,” and find out how! Cut costs: Help your managers and employees spend less time shuffling paper and more time doing real work.

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We have a plan to help one million managers/owners and their organizations in 2011. You can help by giving it away physically or by emailing it to key people throughout your organization, to friends who own or manage businesses/organizations, to your associations, to the leadership team of your place of worship, etc. Change Management Conflict Resolution Leadership Development Management Development Management Tips and Techniques Management/Leadership leadership skill development

Innovation Is Everyone's Job

Harvard Business Review

To what extent are you responsible for innovation in your company? The reality is that unless they're in research or product development, most people in organizations don't think of themselves as innovators. In fact, many managers discourage their people from inventing new ways of doing things — pushing them instead to follow procedures and stay within established guidelines. These kinds of new offerings are important, but organizations require innovation on all fronts.

Taming a Strength That’s Become a Weakness

Lead Change Blog

His employer went through substantial changes during the year—new ownership, new management team, new way of leading—and now wants leaders who are multi-dimensional. Because Darryl’s performance isn’t in line with their expectations, his boss told him future promotions were unlikely as long as he remained too competitive, too logical, too judgmental, too focused on results and tradition. To Darryl, his year-end performance review was a disaster.

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Excess Management Is Costing the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year

Harvard Business

Yet there’s compelling evidence that bureaucracy creates a significant drag on productivity and organizational resilience and innovation. million managers, first-line supervisors, and administrators in the American workforce in 2014. That works out to one manager and administrator for every 4.7 Overall, managers and administrators made up 17.6% We can get an answer by looking at the management practices of a small but growing number of post-bureaucratic pioneers.

Six Ways to Drive Employee Performance and Motivation


Since the industrial revolution and the theories of Fredrick Taylor, employers have tried countless ways to improve employee performance and drive motivation and moral. No one can claim with total assurance that they’ve found a method for driving performance that works consistently. Motivating your employees is a delicate and purposeful challenge that requires more than an annual review or jotting a few notes in someone’s personnel file.



Just Ask” leadership Business schools don’t teach courses on question asking, so leaders typically don’t study and analyze questions the way they would a quarterly report or a performance review. Anything the worker needed to know beyond that education could be learned on the job, from the manager. In turn, the manager was responsible for mentoring, coaching, or developing those employees that showed interest, ability, and tenacity.

Google's Project Oxygen

Coaching Tip

Google clearly hopes to recapture some of the nimbleness and innovative spirit of its early years. So, as only a data-mining giant like Google can do, it began analyzing performance reviews, feedback surveys and nominations for top-manager awards. Later that year, the “people analytics” teams at the company produced what might be called the Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers. The question we then asked was: What if every manager was that good?

HR Challenges (And Solutions) For 2022

HR Digest

From managing the changing demographics of the workforce to dealing with the rise of artificial intelligence, HR professionals are constantly faced with new challenges. . Managing performance review expectations.

Three Little Words

Great Leadership By Dan

This post was recently published in SmartBlog on Leadership : What are the most important three words for any relationship between a manager and employee? Love their managers or employees? Trust is the foundation that a positive manager-employee relationship is built on. The absence of trust leads to micromanagement, fear, risk-aversion, backstabbing, destructive rumors, a lack of innovation, mistakes, and a lack of engagement. leadership management trust workplace

How You Can Promote a Productive Mentality at Work

Chart Your Course

These goals should be talked about in performance reviews and regularly discussed during meetings. It’s common for managers and business owners to provide snacks for employees, however, sometimes these snacks can be detrimental to productivity levels. Innovative companies across the country are embracing the power of the nap with private nap pods on site. Happy employees are more productive than their peers at work.

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25 Most Popular Team Building & Leadership Posts

Mike Cardus

Yearly Performance Reviews SUCK! Managers Can Change That. Innovation Leadership Team Building Best team building and leadership articles create-learning leadership blog management blog michael cardus team building blogBelow are the 25 most popular blog posts from April 19 2008 to July 5 2012, by pageviews according to google analytics. I don’t think these are my 25 best or even the 25 most useful.

HR Challenges and How to Face Them

HR Digest

From managing the changing demographics of the workforce to dealing with the rise of artificial intelligence, HR professionals are constantly faced with new challenges. Handling performances in the workplace remains one of the current issues in human resource management.

Leading in the Wild

Lead Change Blog

New employees hoped to avoid getting a “bad” boss and stayed worried about their pay raises and performance reviews. While the great majority of managers today believe employees exit for more money, research shows only 12% leave for compensation concerns. Wise leaders know that success in the future will not come from incremental improvement but rather through disruptive innovation. Leadership Development Decisions Leadership Management Watership Down

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Why don’t efforts at employee engagement work?


Teach employees to be mindful of all that their company and manager is already doing to drive engagement. Next, share a long generic list of what many companies do, including items like: one-on-one meetings, team meetings, town hall meetings, company newsletter, intranet, annual performance reviews, Yammer, etc. Innovator Style Leading Others Teamwork at Work by admin Author Kevin Kruse.

3M’s SVP of HR Kristen Ludgate on a Better Way to Attract Top Talent

HR Digest

To what extent is that down to a successful ‘Culture of Innovation?’ ’ Kristen Ludgate: 3M’s culture of innovation definitely comes through in the experience and approach of 3Mers during their day-to-day work. COURAGE UNDER CHANGE.

5 Ways to Use Employee Training and Development to Motivate Staff

Lead Change Blog

This Motivosity review details how the program works to help employees recognize the role that they play within the organization. They also continue to perform well when you make it easy for them to do a good job. Improving job performance by learning new technology or giving them new responsibilities or assignments to gain new skills. If your workers experience burnout at home or at work, their performance will suffer. It can be hard to find great employees.

GC31: Gamified Goal Setting in the Enterprise: helping people win at work | with Kris Duggan of BetterWorks

Engaging Leader

Focusing on goals establishes a business culture of innovation and collaboration because you are measuring ongoing operations, not a single point in time. For organizations to drive better performance, goal setting should be done frequently, and should focus on just a few high-quality, high-impact goals. For organizations to drive better performance, goal setting should be done frequently, and should focus on just a few high-quality, high-impact goals.

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Leading a “Mozart”

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He was performing advanced piano works before kings at the age of five. As a teenager, Wolfgang Mozart once heard a full opera performed in the Sistine Chapel; he then went home and copied it completely from memory, including the parts played by each instrument in the orchestra. A “Mozart” will ask tough questions that make mediocre performers feel inadequate. But they can propel us to greatness by being the spark plug for the organization’s innovation engine.

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Fixing Quality Control Issues Is Easier Than You Think

Strategy Driven

If there are issues, customers will moan about them in online reviews and cause your ratings to crater. Prospects will then see these reviews and give your brand a wide berth. Performance reviews are a case in point. Fundamentally, you want a team of diligent innovators.

What Great Managers Do to Engage Employees

Harvard Business Review

But the majority of employees are indifferent, sleepwalking through their workday without regard for their performance or their organization’s performance. As a result, vital economic influencers such as growth and innovation are at risk. Our research shows that managers account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement scores. But it’s not enough to simply label a manager as “bad” or “good.”

Walking the Talk of Leadership: It Has to be More than Skin Deep (Barbara Mannino)

Let's Grow Leaders

It seems so simple but in today’s high-pressure, competitive global economy, the message sometimes gets drowned out by discussion of the business case and/or lost in the context of the larger need of the organization to innovate, win and standout in the marketplace. Karin Hurt and David Dye talk about soul in Winning Well A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results—Without Losing Your Soul ; Monica C. Winning Well Connection.

Managing Performance When It’s Hard to Measure

Harvard Business Review

Organizations of all kinds have long struggled to accurately measure the performance of individual members. The typical approach is to assess an individual’s performance against a metric usually tied to whether or not they performed a task and the amount of output they generated by doing so. And as anyone who has ever given or received a traditional performance review knows, this process can be highly subjective — even in the most metrics-obsessed organizations.

The Right to Management Competence

Harvard Business Review

Imagine that you're conducting a performance appraisal with one of your people. But there is one right we believe needs recognition by bosses, organizations, and all the people in them: People have a right to competent management. But who knows what 'competent' management is? Certainly there's room for ongoing negotiation, especially around how the requirements of good management apply in a given situation. Leadership Managing people Managing yourself

Performance Management in the Gig Economy

Harvard Business Review

We see big changes ahead in performance management. Organizations like GE and Accenture are experimenting with new approaches to that old shibboleth: the annual performance review. In our research , performance management is the weakest link in managing and engaging agile talent and in gaining the greatest productivity from your external talent investment. But the more important drivers are speed, flexibility, and innovation.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

Strategy Driven

Sometimes the difficulty of managing your time makes for a haphazard operation. It is important to identify swings and trends so that innovation can remain a strength of your business. Time management and “just in time” concepts are applied. Assets are adequately valued and managed. Top management has as a priority the need to develop and practice People development, skills and team building responsibilities.

Where to start

Lead on Purpose

— The Product Management Perspective: Dee Hock’s quote nicely defines the product management perspective. As part of my quarterly performance reviews with my employees I insist that they build both their product road maps and their own personal roadmaps.

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