0710 | Writing the Org Chart in Pencil with Liann Eden


Liann Eden is the co-founder of Eden McCallum, a consultant firm with no consultants. Using an innovative organizational design, Eden is able to bring the brightest consultants to client projects by forming bespoke teams. In this interview, we talk about how the model developed and why writing the org chart in pencil is the way of the future. Listen in iTunes ] [ Listen on Stitcher ]. In This episode, You’ll Learn: Why the traditional org chart is broken.

Revenge of the HourlyNerds

Harvard Business Review

Eden McCallum , for example, is a U.K. Both firms have been very successful and are competing more and more with the incumbent consulting firms; Eden McCallum boasts a client list that includes the likes of Tesco, GSK and Lloyd’s. Yet, when Eden McCallum was founded in 2000, it targeted start-ups and small business client just like HourlyNerd. Consulting Disruptive innovation