Deep Motivations, Not Competencies, Drive Leadership Performance

The Empowered Buisness

Orientation toward innovation and creativity. Power. In the context of MAPs assessment, the Power pattern reflects to what extent a leader wants to be in charge. It is one of three core motivational drivers identified by McClelland. High performing leaders score in the healthy range of Power – neither overly strong nor weak. Too weak and the leader shrinks from being in charge and their own personal power. What if….

Leadership Is About to Get More Uncomfortable

Harvard Business Review

Among our findings is that leadership in the future will involve increased personal and business-level discomfort. The combination of digitization with globalization and consumer demands for personalized products will complicate the usual processes and relationships. Competitors will be recast as allies, as rival companies will have to work together to achieve more complex technical innovations. Leaders motivated by power over others will not thrive in this new world.