19 Key Leadership Competencies & Behaviors from 29 Top Experts

Miles Anthony Smith

Donald Cooper ( Business Speaker & Coach ) One of the challenges that I see with my Biz Coaching clients in over 40 industries around the world is that they over-complicate the simple stuff, often in order to avoid making a decision, and they over-simplify complex stuff to avoid digging into the real basic causes for their market-related, operational and management challenges.

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Build Your Brand as a Relationship

Harvard Business

Al Ries and Jack Trout capture the essence of this model in their classic book Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. Our experience working with innovative companies indicates they are redefining not only how their brands are observed, perceived, and experienced. Brand innovators tend to create different kinds of relationships. For example, in the hospitality industry most brands operate with the roles of host/guest. The way we think about brands need to change.

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