What is Your Innovation Style?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Shoya Zichy: Innovation is critical to an organization''s growth and competitive advantage. Your weekend personality is usually the best indicator. If you chose more items on the left, your inborn styles is that of a "structured" innovator. Structured" innovators are known for conserving resources and establishing the procedures necessary for long-term success. To be at your innovative best, sit back and relax during the initial brainstorming sessions.

Why Too Much Power Stifles Innovation


When it comes to innovation, we know that open-mindedness, deferring judgment, including diverse inputs from diverse people, and supporting collaboration inside and outside our organizations are all success factors when going for big ideas that make a big difference. Researchers conducted a number of experiments that put people in touch with their feelings of power or powerlessness. This research reveals a leadership paradox when it comes to innovation.


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Will South Korea Become The Juggernaut That Brings Smart Living to You?

N2Growth Blog

According to a recent Hyundai Motor Group press release , Dr. Young Cho Chi, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Technology Division and Chief Innovation Officer detailed: “Hyundai Motor is very interested in Israel’s ecosystem of technology innovation, especially in the sector of transportation. which it describes as : “…a bold reinvention of its intelligent interface that’s even more ubiquitous, open and personal. Innovation

How To Disrupt the Tech World

Mills Scofield

What is your image of an inventor or innovator? Increasing evidence shows most innovation comes from two or more people…one of whom might even be a woman! We stereotype innovators as men and mainly in STEM* products. In June 2013, Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya invited women to crowd-create a book on women innovators by sharing their own stories. Fast-forward ~ Innovating Women launches today! Get Innovating Women.

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Do You Have the Courage to be Humble?

Lead Change Blog

He intended to give the employees personal power over their own careers and the business. They are less likely to take chances, question the norm, or innovate. They can model this behavior to employees by questioning their own assumptions and those of others, while not making it personal. Are you a leader trying to transition a command-and-control hierarchy to a culture of employee empowerment and organizational learning?

Deep Motivations, Not Competencies, Drive Leadership Performance

The Empowered Buisness

Orientation toward innovation and creativity. Power. In the context of MAPs assessment, the Power pattern reflects to what extent a leader wants to be in charge. High performing leaders score in the healthy range of Power – neither overly strong nor weak. Too weak and the leader shrinks from being in charge and their own personal power. What if…. You could easily predict the performance of your leaders, your teams and your organization ?

Give Your Employees a Knife

Lead Change Blog

The Power of “Giving the Knife”. Servant connotes power over; partner connotes power with. Competitive advantage today requires cutting edge innovation, distinctive service, and lightning fast responsiveness. How do partner-leaders carry out their “in charge” positions without power and authority being the medium of exchange? Empowerment is the process of releasing employee power. The job of the leader is to release power.

Unleashing Your Leadership Presence …

The Empowered Buisness

Yet her commanding presence was so powerful, 30 years later, that memory is still vivid in my mind. I own it.” It also meant pausing before I spoke … as I stood centered and grounded on the stage … connecting silently with every single person in the audience. It’s mindset, attitude, personal power and congruent physiology/tonality all wrapped up in one. Owning your space is absolutely crucial to become a powerful, influential leader. Even Before You Speak.

The Anatomy of a Practical Genius

Women on Business

Practical genius is your jillion-dollar personal portfolio of brilliance. That’s what practical genius is all about: identifying and leveraging both the soft and hard unique personal assets each of us possesses. Of course, it’s also about using those assets to open doors, attract opportunity, leverage personal power, and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. A person without a story is invisible. Working for joy, innovation and autonomy is.

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A more perfect union


[This post is adapted from my submission into the M-Prize, the world’s first management innovation award. In most organizations, individuals are promoted to managers by those above them and given power over a team of workers who had little to no say in deciding who would lead them. This sudden infusion of power creates more problems. Power eventually produces pricks. This comical study reveals a serious truth: people tend to use power for personal gain.

The 4 Types of Organizational Politics

Harvard Business

Organizational politics refers to a variety of activities associated with the use of influence tactics to improve personal or organizational interests. Studies show that individuals with political skills tend to do better in gaining more personal power as well as managing stress and job demands, than their politically naive counterparts. The second dimension of the political landscape is the extent to which the source of power is soft (informal) or hard (formal).

Don’t Let Your Company Culture Just Happen

Harvard Business

Participate in in-fighting and blaming, look out for oneself, have a personal agenda, sabotage projects. Care about personal power and prestige, only focus on quarterly numbers. Companies should be as intentional about culture as they are about strategy and business model innovation. Right now 7 out of 10 people in your organization are not actively engaged at work. Disengaged workforces are a global problem; and the costs are high. In the U.S.

Leadership Is About to Get More Uncomfortable

Harvard Business Review

Among our findings is that leadership in the future will involve increased personal and business-level discomfort. The combination of digitization with globalization and consumer demands for personalized products will complicate the usual processes and relationships. Competitors will be recast as allies, as rival companies will have to work together to achieve more complex technical innovations. Leaders motivated by power over others will not thrive in this new world.

Is Bias Fixable?

Harvard Business Review

And we could spend time talking about the biological and sociological programming that causes humans to form personal identity around group structures. As David Burkus recently wrote, innovation isn''t an idea problem, but rather a recognition problem ; a lack of noticing the good ideas already there. This alone is powerful. If you believe that bias is simply an accumulation of culturally accepted norms, then you can recognize your power in shifting those norms.

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