Will South Korea Become The Juggernaut That Brings Smart Living to You?

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Clearly, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are finding their way into most everything that we touch and use in everyday life, including consumer products, financial services and healthcare delivery. Consider these recent examples: LG Electronics announced, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that it is developing a proprietary deep learning-based artificial intelligence technology called DeepThinQ 1.0. Innovation

How To Disrupt the Tech World

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What is your image of an inventor or innovator? Increasing evidence shows most innovation comes from two or more people…one of whom might even be a woman! We stereotype innovators as men and mainly in STEM* products. In June 2013, Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya invited women to crowd-create a book on women innovators by sharing their own stories. Fast-forward ~ Innovating Women launches today! Get Innovating Women.

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August 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

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They deal with anxiety and health issues that weigh heavily, financial and personal matters that keep them up at night, and a host of other problems that make their day more stressful than needed. Sean writes: “ If you are sincerely committed to being a great leader today for your team, that is not about telling… and it doesn’t even really require being there in person. Marcella Bremer of Positive Culture contributed Leaders and Culture: What’s Your Power Base ?

Leadership Is About to Get More Uncomfortable

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And along with this increased transparency, you’re held accountable for areas you know less about: new technologies, new markets, new cultures and geographies representing new stakeholders. Among our findings is that leadership in the future will involve increased personal and business-level discomfort. Technology alone offers several sources of discomfort. Leaders motivated by power over others will not thrive in this new world.