News Literacy – Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR


Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR at the Aspen Institute 2010 gives insights into the importance of New Literacy. Schiller suggests that a reader today needs to look for three things when trying to understand news literacy.

Innovation + Communication – 2 Obvious Lessons From Apple’s Latest Big Event

First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy's blog entries Apple communication innovation Phil Schiller sales Steve Jobs Tim Cook WWDCSo, Apple had their newest big roll out yesterday. Watch the WWDC keynote here). I am an Apple fan, but really only barely use my Apple devices (I have three; iMac, iPad, iPhone) to their capabilities. But I loaded the Macrumors live blog of the event, glanced at it frequently, and followed along. (And And I [.].

What Kind of Innovative Does Apple Have to Be?

Harvard Business Review

So is iTunes Radio an innovation? Sounds great, I guess, and probably even innovative. The subject of whether Apple is still innovative has become an extremely touchy one over the past year. It takes a different kind of innovation to do that.