What do Blue Lobsters Have to do With Innovation? Everything!

Mills Scofield

Because the key to innovation isn’t processes, stage gates, weird exercises, or competitions. The key to innovation has been and always will be People. Innovation may be a designated job residing in a small part of the organization instead of throughout the culture.

What Does Your Network Look Like?

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Recently, Jason texted me the title of a conference session he was sitting in—Social Capital: Using ONA to Unleash Potential Across an Organization. Networking Relationships Social Capital ONA performance SNAImage courtesy SMR Foundation.

Talking with Each Other @ Work

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Other successful companies build upon social interaction to develop innovative concepts leading to disruptive product and service developments. Find out more about social capital by clicking here.

Work Together or Fail Alone

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Why Innovation is not "Invented Here"

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Beyond alarming questions of what is "fair" to the innovators themselves, few have considered how these human capital controls might impact the quality and quantity of innovation--and ultimately economic growth. We need diverse social and professional connections to innovate.

A Stunning, New Leadership Lens

Steve Farber

We’ve been exploring the convergence of three essential qualities: Human Capital–individuals’ attributes, talents, capacities, and contribution. Social Capital–the strength, connection, and relationships between those individuals.

Social Capital Is as Important as Financial Capital in Health Care

Harvard Business Review

But effective cooperation, particularly in a setting as complex as health care, requires more than a resolve to play well together; it requires leadership to explicitly recognize the need to build social capital across the organization, and implement a strategy accomplish it.

Leading for Innovation: Why Fighting Fires Burns Down the House


This one little question lies at the intersection of two big fields – leadership and innovation. Whereas innovation used to be all about research & development, technology, and product or service innovation, what’s required for innovation today goes far beyond the traditional nuts and bolts. Innovation today is as much about how you deliver value as it is about what it is you offer to the market. Provide an innovation vision – Create a vision for innovation.

LeadershipNow 140: September 2016 Compilation

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Learn from the Best: Google’s Nine Principles of Innovation via @IXchat. Do You Know The Value of Your Social Capital at Work? Here are a selection of tweets from September 2016 that you might have missed: Criticism, Boundaries and Useful Feedback by @JesseLynStoner. Nobody Rises To Low Expectations by @tnvora. The Ambidextrous Leader by Julian Birkinshaw via @LBS. Want to Be a Good Boss? Start by Understanding Why You Want to Lead via @KelloggSchool.

The Serendipity Machine

Mills Scofield

Sebastian, an organization hacker, is the author of The Serendipity Machine - the inspiring story of the highly innovative, international coworking network Seats2meet.com. So Seats2meet.com invented a currency for nonmonetary, nontransactional exchange, aptly calling it social capital.

Elizabeth Pieters accepted into Forbes Human Resources Council

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Forbes Councils combines an innovative, high-touch approach to community management perfected by the team behind Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) with the extensive resources and global reach of Forbes.

The Law of Reciprocity

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This ''law of love'' is identified in many different ways--for example, in Wayne Baker''s bestseller, " Achieving Success Through Social Capital " , this law of love in the workplace is described as the "law of reciprocity.". The path to reciprocity is indirect: reciprocity ensues from the social capital built by making contributions to others. Acts of contribution, big and small, build your fund of social capital, creating a vast network of reciprocity.

How Corporate HQ Can Get More from Innovation Outposts

Harvard Business Review

Even organizations that remain headquartered in other cities have set up innovation outposts there in the hope that high-tech silicon dust will rub off on them. Setting up innovation outposts in global technology clusters, such as Silicon Valley, Boston, and Tel Aviv, is highly popular among Fortune 500 corporations. Persuaded by such logic, companies agree to make the investment and set up their innovation centers. The Explainer: Disruptive Innovation.


Building Relationships Across Cultures In Today’s World

Tanveer Naseer

Our web of relations creates the foundation for our lives as social creatures, no matter what culture we come from. In many parts of China –– the art of networking in business revolves around a system of building social capital known as guanxi (gwan-shee).

All Work in Done Through Relationships

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Positive social relationships — the uplifting connections associated with individuals’ interpersonal interactions— have beneficial effects on a variety of aspects of human behavior and health. Why Innovation is not "Invented Here". .

The Five Characteristics of Successful Innovators

Harvard Business Review

There is not much agreement about what makes an idea innovative, and what makes an innovative idea valuable. Likewise, experts disagree on the type and level of innovation that is most beneficial for organizations. There is also inconclusive evidence on whether we should pay attention to consumers’ views, with some studies showing that a customer focus is detrimental for innovation because it equates to playing catch-up, but others arguing for it.

Real Dysfunction Today, Hidden in Plain Sight

Michael Lee Stallard

We are sorely deficient of what I refer to as connection (also known as community, social capital, belonging or meaningful relationships).

Social media summit

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Media 201

Best of the Web Leadership Articles

Michael Lee Stallard

Innovation is a challenge because it is largely a right brain activity. But once this is understood, innovation can become a personal leadership skill as well as a corporate one. Dana Theus talks playtime, the boredom that precedes the brilliance, and the risk of looking foolish in Why Is Leading Innovation So Hard? The demand for innovation requires creative genius. Not sure how social media can help (or hurt) your business? developing social capital.

Act Like an Entrepreneur Inside Your Organization

Harvard Business Review

We often find ourselves engaged with members of large organizations on questions of how to be more innovative and entrepreneurial. And like entrepreneurs, these entrepreneurs inside face a substantial set of risks—even though organizations are calling for more creativity, more innovation, and more entrepreneurial behavior from employees. External entrepreneurs are often supported by the discipline of staged venture capital for this work.

Where Does Your Nation Rank on Wellbeing?

Harvard Business Review

Entrepreneurship & Opportunity (entrepreneurial environment, innovative activity, and access to opportunity). Education (access to education, quality of education, and human capital). Personal Freedom (individual freedom and social tolerance).

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The Five Stages of Disruption Denial

Harvard Business Review

It turns out there are lots of people who don''t get the new technology and now social life is a little like a competition to show that we''re not "falling for it." At this point, there can more social capital in saying that we don''t like the tech than that we do.

What Africa's Entrepreneurs Can Teach the World

Harvard Business Review

It's becoming ever clearer that entrepreneurship is the answer to the vexing economic questions facing Africa today: job creation, capital formation, skills acquisition, taxation-based self-sufficiency, quality of governance-demand, and of course social inclusion. I spend a significant amount of my time associating with a pro-business think tank that has been building an impressive database of entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and innovation-driven enterprises in Africa.

5 Examples of Great Health Care Management

Harvard Business Review

And yet, when I go “outside,” I constantly see health care providers working brilliantly together in innovative ways that I had not even imagined. Here are just five examples of the dozens of innovations out there that make my head and my heart hurt. It wasn’t easy for Utah to reach this decision – its physicians had plenty of misgivings, but they were also irritated by the negative comments made by small numbers of patients on existing social media sites.

5 Examples of Great Health Care Management

Harvard Business Review

And yet, when I go “outside,” I constantly see health care providers working brilliantly together in innovative ways that I had not even imagined. Here are just five examples of the dozens of innovations out there that make my head and my heart hurt. It wasn’t easy for Utah to reach this decision – its physicians had plenty of misgivings, but they were also irritated by the negative comments made by small numbers of patients on existing social media sites.

3 Things the Most Creative Leaders Do

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Over the past three decades at IDEO, I’ve worked with some of the most innovative companies in the world and seen a lot of creative leaders in action. Innovative Teams (20-Minute Manager Series). Innovation Book. They jump-start their innovation journey with storytelling.

Why the U.S. Is Still Richer Than Every Other Large Country

Harvard Business Review

has a more developed system of equity finance than the countries of Europe, including angel investors willing to finance startups and a very active venture capital market that helps finance the growth of those firms. As a result, workers have a better chance of finding the right job, firms find it easier to innovate, and new firms find it easier to get started. And the intellectual climate in the United States is much more supportive of capitalism.

What Business Should Do about Occupy Wall Street

Harvard Business Review

The global financial crisis that continues to send shock waves across the world unfortunately represents the ugly face of capitalism today. The failure of free-market economic models in creating social equity, thereby perpetuating islands of affluence amidst a sea of deprivation, is the root cause of the growing public anger on the global corporate community. The clarion call is out for "humane and inclusive" capitalism. Corporate social responsibility India Leadership

Companies That Do Right by Their Workers Start by Elevating Their Definition of Success

Harvard Business Review

Those employees work at two of Britain’s most-admired retailers, John Lewis department stores and Waitrose supermarkets, each of which has carved out a powerful bond with customers, both of which have unveiled big innovations in terms of branding, merchandising, and e-commerce. ” As one senior executive explained to me, “The focus of most companies is to improve their financial capital. Our focus is on social capital.”

Give Credit Where It's Due

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What's not funny is the result: stifled collaboration, reduced innovation and limited growth. But this diminishes your team's social capital. You might remember the FedEx commercial "Stolen Idea". A boss asks his team for cost-cutting ideas and a young staffer suggests opening a FedEx.com account. Everyone is silent. The boss then repeats the suggestion, without crediting the staffer, and the rest of the team congratulates him on his brilliance.

What to Do Before You Fire a Pivotal Employee

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These days, the majority of a company’s employees are networked together on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Two measures to characterize the social and organizational impact of an employee are their “betweenness” and “closeness.”

What Happens When Careers Last 20 Years Longer?

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They group these into three areas and argue that over time, you want to review that you are investing enough to balance out your portfolio for a lifetime: Productive assets: Knowledge, skills, professional social capital, reputation. They may be an innovative and promising reinvention of human potential. Like many of my peers, I had thought that I could gently start thinking about retirement in my mid-fifties.

Reimagining Capitalism

Harvard Business Review

While the global financial meltdown and its aftershocks have unleashed a flood of indignation, condemnation, and protest upon Wall Street, the crisis has exposed a deeper distrust and implacable resentment of capitalism itself. Capitalism might be the greatest engine of prosperity and progress ever devised, but in recent years, individuals and communities have grown increasingly disgruntled with the implicit contract that governs the rights and responsibilities of business. SOCIAL.

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The Inexperience Advantage

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Yes, young and ambitious people with bright eyes and open hearts need to learn to accept the cold shoulder of established industry gatekeepers, even when it seems like the only goal of the latter is to prevent new ideas and innovation bubbling to the surface of their tired companies and low-growth industries. You don't have to pander to the person who did you a favor all those years ago, and more generally, you don't have social capital within your organization to protect.

The New Kind of Worker Every Business Needs

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We live in a world in which amplified individuals — people empowered by technologies and the collective intelligence of their social networks — can do things that previously only a large organization could. For better and worse, this is the world in which weekend software hackers can disrupt large software firms, and rapidly orchestrated social movements can bring down governments. Socialize your underused assets.

Use a Brand Council to Help Steer Strategy

Harvard Business Review

On occasion, these senior executives may designate lieutenants to sit on the brand council as their representatives, but they ensure the designees have the social capital, as well as the authority, to participate fully. Product development often requires strong executive brand stewardship because the pursuit of innovation and the pressure to fill the pipeline often cause teams to veer off-brand.

What We Talk About When We Talk About "Social"

Harvard Business Review

Social Media, Social Business, Social Innovation, Social Era — are they all the same, or are they quite different? The term "social media" was popularized by Chris Shipley in 2004 , as she described the impact of influencers and bloggers in shaping product adoption, more so than traditional media outlets. Saying Social Media is like saying "electric candle." Sometimes people use the term Social Capitalism to get to this same idea.

Scotland’s Future Is Bright; the UK’s Might Not Be

Harvard Business Review

Scotland has the intrinsic qualities of successful small advanced economies: an educated population, social capital, and competitive firms. There will be experimentation and innovation as people figure out the best way forward.

From Zipcar to the Sharing Economy

Harvard Business Review

Avis has taken an interesting (and bold) step by acquiring Zipcar, absorbing an innovative but struggling competitor at what is likely to be seen as a bargain price while acquiring a small but desirable customer base and gaining a foothold in the rapidly growing world of collaborative consumption. The digitization of social brings real-world trust and social capital online.

How Blockchain Will Accelerate Business Performance and Power the Smart Economy - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MICROSOFT

Harvard Business Review

Political economist Francis Fukuyama predicted a future when social capital would be as important as physical capital, and that only those societies with a high degree of social trust would be able to create large-scale organizations capable of competing in the new economy. Two decades later, an incredible tool is shoring up the foundations of social at the level of every transaction—blockchain.

What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager

Harvard Business Review

Social awareness: According to Goleman, the competencies associated with being socially aware are Empathy, Organizational Awareness, and Service. PMs have to have a deep understanding of how the organization operates and must build social capital to influence the success of their product – from obtaining budget and staffing to securing a top engineer to work on their product. Aron Vellekoop Len/Getty Images.