Strategic planning must change with the times

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If you’re frustrated by your organization’s current strategic planning and execution processes or the outcomes from that work, you’re not alone. Here are 10 changes needed to enable a wholesale paradigm shift in strategic planning and execution methods that will significantly improve your results: 1. Planning Horizon: Old paradigm strategic planning has been historically focused on a long term horizon, usually between 3-5 years.

Student Government Strategic Planning and Team Building

Mike Cardus

Strategic Planning and Team Building with Student Government. Strategic Planning & Team Building with Student Government. Mike spent the day in Buffalo NY, leading strategic planning and team-building with SUNY Erie Community College Student Government. Strategic Planning Outcomes: Through a NOIS analysis , identify areas of Need, Opportunity, Improvement, and Strength on each campus.


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How to strategically plan for your business’s future

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Business planning can save time and money in the long run. Sharing your business plan with your employees can help to direct and motivate them as well. A business plan should be a flexible and dynamic template that changes with the industry.

Strategic Planning with Biel’s Document Management

Mike Cardus

For the 3rd year in a row I had the pleasure of facilitating Biel’s Document Management Strategic Plan. We provide innovative document management solutions using digital and microfilm technology. Strategic Planning Objectives: Develop strategic plan for 2014+. Develop, update and refine plan through 2014. Below are some photos of the strategic planning process.

Half-Life of a Strategic Plan


A dear friend of mine came over a few months ago for a glass of wine and asked me, “What’s the half-life of a strategic plan ?” ” Why is it that strategic plans start to lose their value so quickly? How can leaders boost the half-life of their strategic plans? Quality of the Planning Process. Backsliding can start as early as the planning process, so no wonder my friend witnessed it so soon. by Gary Cohen.

Photo Inquiry Friday: Strategic Planning Questions

Mike Cardus

Planning requires people in companies to make their best guess on what to focus on and what not to focus on. Often we get lost is a sea of abstraction and big bold statement like: Increase Communication , Better Team Work , More Profits , Innovate Product and Service Lines … then get frustrated when next year the same big bold topics emerge and like last year no one is able to develop any goals and metrics to achieve in reference to those statements.

NOISE Analysis, an alternative to SWOT. Strategic Planning

Mike Cardus

Having a solid strategic plan will allow your company and team to flourish and accomplish needed results. Contact Mike to schedule a strategic planning meeting that will deliver results and engaged staff that are part-of the plan. Working with companies and developing strategic plans everyone seems to feel that the default method is a SWOT analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

SWOT 106

What goes into our strategic plan


When your strategy is so ingrained into the culture do you still need to list it as a strategy in your strategic plan ? Does Nordstrom’s have to say that they will be known for exceptional service in their strategic plan each year or is it so ingrained in the culture that it does not have to be said any longer. If you don’t label it, measure it then you’re apt to not evaluate it in your process of strategic planning.

Strategic Planning – Words are Important : Blog | Executive.


“A word is dead when it is said some say, I say it just begins to live that day&# – Emily Dickinson When you work on a strategic plan – even if you keep them as short as we do at CO2 Partners , to one page, each word you choose is so critical. Recently, when working with a long standing client, half way through his companies strategic plan he revealed to me privately how the company was becoming a Results Only Work Place.

6 Steps to Make Your Strategic Plan Really Strategic

Harvard Business

Why is it that when a group of managers gets together for a strategic planning session they often emerge with a document that’s devoid of “strategy”, and often not even a plan ? It starts with a “vision” statement, moves on to “strategic themes” (six in all) and culminates in 28 “strategic goals.” Your strategic plan can’t be all things to all customers. Strategic planning Digital Articl

Strategic Planning and Team Building with University at Buffalo School of Social Work

Mike Cardus

I had the honor and pleasure of facilitating the University at Buffalo School of Social Work 5 year strategic planning session. We are planning on having the 5 Year Strategic Plan done in about 8 to 10 months. The outcomes from our Strategic Planning Time: Develop thematic goals for the next 5 years. Interested in Strategic Planning facilitation with your Organization and Team?

What Goes Into Your Strategic Plan : Blog | Executive Coaching.


When your strategy is so ingrained into the culture do you still need to list it as a strategy in your strategic plan ? Does Nordstrom’s have to say that they will be known for exceptional service in their strategic plan each year or is it so ingrained in the culture that it does not have to be said any longer. If you don’t label it, measure it then you’re apt to not evaluate it in your process of strategic planning.

How Your Customers Can Help You Write Your Strategic Plan

Eric Jacobson

Mike Brown, the founder of the Kansas City, MO company called, The Brainzooming Group , encourages business leaders to solicit feedback from their customers when creating a strategic plan. Kansas City Leadership Brainzooming Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Strategies Strategic Planning Overland Park General Management Skills

Have Your Customers Help You Write Your Strategic Plan

Eric Jacobson

Mike Brown, the founder of the Kansas City, MO company called, The Brainzooming Group , encourages business leaders to solicit feedback from their customers when creating a strategic plan. Management Leadership Strategic Planning General Management Skills Customer Feedback Goal Setting

Stop Numerator Thinking: Innovating Your Service Experience

Lead Change Blog

They cultivate, grow, innovate and invest. Pretty good service is not your ticket to avoiding the blade, innovative service is. And, innovative service is the creation of unexpected experiences that get people positively remarking. Change Management Chip Bell Leadership Return on Investment service strategic planning What happens to most staff and support units when budget time rolls around?

Ask Your Customers To Help You Write Your Strategic Plan

Eric Jacobson

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 Ask Your Customers To Help You Write Your Strategic Plan Mike Brown, the founder of the Kansas City company called, The Brainzooming Group, encourages business leaders to solicit feedback from their customers when creating a strategic plan. skip to main | skip to sidebar Eric Jacobson On Management And Leadership Welcome!

Innovation Index – Practical & Real?

Rapid BI

INNOVATION INDEX - Innovation, we all are being asked to deliver it, but can we agree on what it is? Its all very well having an Innovation Index figure, but what will you do with that? This article looks at the national innovation indexes & one that firms can use.

Think Tomorrow, Act Today: Making Strategy Matter

Lead Change Blog

Dave Coffaro is a strategic advisor, executive coach, and author. His areas of expertise include leading organizations in the process of strategy development and execution, change leadership, organization transformation and innovation. Leadership company vision crisis planning strategic strategic development strategic planning Strategy Vision

Infinite Leadership: Lessons From Nature

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Contrast this with the abject failure of household brands such as Nokia, BlockBuster, and Kodak—all companies that failed to realise they were playing a long-term game, and so steadfastly resolved not to change and innovate as the environment and changing landscape shifted. When we focus on work and business being an infinite game, we realise that it will never stop, there will always be something to do, a pivot to make, a promotion to plan.

Shape Your Company’s Future

Skip Prichard

Is your team engaged in the creation of your plan? In a logical, straightforward manner, Max walks readers through strategic principles and best practices in a way that educates the novice and the well-practiced strategist alike. Reacting matters as much as planning, perhaps even more.

Your Stakeholders Will Be Thankful You Asked These Questions

Lead Change Blog

For more than a year, he and his senior management team have been trying to encourage patient groups to adopt his organization’s innovative medical equipment. As a result, Bill was able to come up with a better plan to engage with them. Professional Development cognitive bias assessment how to be more strategic influencer strategic planningDeveloping a great relationship with your organization’s stakeholders is one of the most important aspects of leadership.

The Nine Building Blocks of Innovating New Strategic Alternatives

Strategy Driven

When organizations consider stepping outside of their traditional boundaries to engage with other players in new types of business innovations, they are often a bit lost in how to go about developing such a strategy process.

This Strategic Pivot to Address COVID Will Help Your Business Thrive

Lead Change Blog

After reading my book about strategic pivoting , the CEO asked me to hold a strategic retreat to help the company restrategize its plans. While the manufacturing startup was keen on innovation, it didn’t have a clear measure of ROI in place. Next, go on a two-day strategic retreat. The following day should be spent on operationalizing the strategic changes discussed on the previous day.

ROI 152

The Biggest Leadership Mistake You Can Make

CEO Insider

When you make everyone feel as though they belong and avoid creating unnecessary divisions, you open the doors to communication, cooperation, innovation, and motivation.

How do novelty and innovation emerge within an organization?

Mike Cardus

It is in this ongoing, intentional, local interaction of strategizing that the population-wide patterns of strategy emerge.” ” – Ralph Stacey & Chris Mowles ‘Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics.

NOISE points to bright spots to support change

Mike Cardus

As you work to plan and understand your future, how do you make sense of what is currently happening, and what a better tomorrow looks like? An often used strategic planning process is SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).


Tips On Honing A Culture Of Winning Through Focus by Martin Zwilling

In the CEO Afterlife

Bell, an experienced business expert, who highlights the power of strategic sacrifice in today’s complex business world. Innovation-driven mindset and actions. Rather you must outsmart the giant with innovative thinking, pivoting on a dime, and impeccable execution. Innovation initiatives of any appreciable scale require a formal, intentional resource commitment, and work best bottoms-up.

Tips 140

Beware of Facts & Innovation

Mills Scofield

" Most market research projects - for strategic planning and innovation (my passions), or even incremental product development focus on getting the facts. Strategic Planning Market Insights Innovation Facts AnalysisFacts & Data. At Bell Labs we used to say, "How much did you pay for that data?"

What Should Business Strategy Look Like Post-COVID19?

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Fortunately, this is such a major issue for so many businesses that it’s also a major area of innovation within IT. Post-COVID19, therefore, flexibility should generally be a core part of all business plans and strategies. The world isn’t getting back to normal.

Growth Mindset Should Be a Part of Your Business Strategy

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Such an entrepreneur is open to infusing new talents, innovations and creativity into the business to strengthen it and guarantee its longevity. Inspire innovation. Strategic Planning business strategy Growth Mindset strategydriven

The Difference between Strategists and Strategic Planners

In the CEO Afterlife

Strategists and Strategic Planners may read the same periodicals and have similar destinations in mind, but there is a difference between the two. Strategic Planners, at the outset, are disadvantaged by the definition of their role. Strategic Planning positions exist inside companies, and in external consulting businesses. Internal Strategic Planning managers do the same thing. Strategic Planners are the architects of these documents.

Constructive Venting

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YOUR ULTIMATE SUCCESS PLAN " will help you recognize the familiar pitfalls that you may fall victim to, expose them for what they are, how they hold you back, and declare the benefits you will reap once you declare your independence. With principles based on awareness , forgiveness , strategic application , and follow-through , "YOUR ULTIMATE SUCCESS PLAN" will teach you: Success is a planned event. An impactful plan of action motivates people to do something.

Learn to Teach. Teach to Learn

In the CEO Afterlife

And although I am no longer engaged in commercial business, I am once again “thinking business” and enjoying the rush of discovering the ideas and innovations of today’s entrepreneurs. But don’t over look the fact that Apple’s culture is innovative, competitive, focused, passionate and collaborative. When I retired, I thought I was through with business. And I was, until the social network came along and enticed me to blog.

The Disconnect that Keeps Your Company from Performing at its Peak

Strategy Driven

I have noticed that their story consistently repeats itself: their organizations are underperforming, and they want to discuss ways to optimize, share ideas and collaborate on experience that could help set up a plan to turn that situation around. The Disconnect puts the sales team outside of the strategic conversation. Typically, Finance, Marketing, and Operations all have input, direct or indirect, on the creation and revision of the strategic plan.

What if the people engaged in planning are wrong about what needs to be done?

Mike Cardus

In 4 Strategic Planning Co-creation Steps & Benefits by Alan Kay, he responded to a common objection in using co-creation ( working with a team or people who will be impacted) to develop plans. They may be wrong, but no more so than the planning experts. Develop broad buckets that the co-created plan will fit in. Before the planning meeting have some idea of the longer term areas and impacts that are to be achieved. It is your co-created plan.

The Strategy Confusion


Selling Coke at a price above competition destroys the retailer’s strategic positioning. Innovative. With so much written about the success of great companies led by outstanding strategic visionaries, one has to wonder why strategy is so misunderstood by so many of today’s leaders. Strategy bell strategic planning strategy Strategy has to be one of the most misused words in business.

Good, Bad, Ugly and Beautiful Strategy


” He has used boldly used non-obvious insights to launch major strategic initiatives. This included clever work on smarter cities which turned IBMs computer expertise to solving complex problems with transport, urban planning, and rebalancing the global economy, and encouraged innovation to support customers in those areas. His strategic decisions successfully avoided wasteful direct competition and created useful decisive advantages.

Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

As a result of our conversation, I decided to dust-off an old post, give it a few updates, and pass along my thoughts, which can be best summarized as “ Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. Those of you familiar with my work are probably wondering if it is really me authoring this text…if you’re baffled at how a champion of innovation can simultaneously be an idea-basher, I urge you to read on, and I promise the congruity will become apparent.

Blog 271

New Markets: Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone Is A Good Idea

Strategy Driven

You want to earn more money by innovating and pioneering. Consumers love innovation and will always flock to buy the “next big thing.” Relate Articles: Strategic Planning Best Practice 4 – Ongoing Planning and Execution. Strategic Planning Warning Flag 1 – Business Unit versus Goal-Based Planning. Strategic Planning – Why Do Organizations Need Strategic Planning.

13 Ways to Crush Creativity


Yet despite the indispensable nature of innovation, many businesses don’t exactly foster creativity in the workplace, sometimes even actively working against it. The first step is learning what big innovation-crushing mistakes are being made so that changes can be made. Collaboration General Just Ask Leadership Leadership culture Strategic Planning‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ it is said.

Free Business Plans for Small Business Owners and Start-ups

Strategy Driven

Because that’s the thing – your business plan is important. Moreover though, a solid business plan is a living document that will continue to guide your efforts as your business grows. A lot of those mistakes are the result of poor planning. Bad location, a marginal niche, having no specific user in mind, raising too much or too little money – all these issues can be prevented or at least mitigated with good planning. Once your plan has been created.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

Strategy Driven

Plan for the future. When your business has contingency plans for future scenarios you will seldom be caught by surprise. Most successful businesses have planned responses to most scenarios because they took the time to think “What If”. It is important to identify swings and trends so that innovation can remain a strength of your business. Plans are in writing to address inventories and reducing surplus.

Looking for Models in all the wrong places?

Mills Scofield

WSJ Turkey Tunisia Strategic Planning Saul Kaplan Revolution RCUS Randall Stevens Panera Pakistan Nike Models Matthew Kaminski Libya Ismail Kadare Iran Innovation Strategy Innovation Culture Innovation Indonesia Eric Marr Egypt Economy Disruptive Innovation Culture Business Thinking Business Planning Business Innovation Factory BIF Apple AlbaniaOne of my favorite authors is Ismail Kadare from Albania.

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