Silence Kills: Are You Fostering Cowardly Communication?

The Practical Leader

The CEB study found companies “where employees provide honest feedback substantially outperformed their peers in terms of 10-year TSR (Total Shareholder Return) from 1998–2008. We found that companies rated by their employees in the top quartile in terms of openness of communication have delivered TSR (10-year TSR 1998–2008) of 7.9% This creates defensiveness, turf protection, mistrust, disengagement, kills innovation, and lowers service and quality levels.

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Designing CEO Pay to Drive "Good" Behavior

Harvard Business Review

For long-term incentive plans, the dominant measure is total shareholder return (TSR). The primary measurement it uses in its recommendation on each company's advisory 'say on pay' vote is the movement of the CEO's pay in relation to the company's one- and three-year TSR. Compensation Corporate social responsibility Leadership TSR ISSThis blog post is part of the HBR Online Forum The CEO's Role in Fixing the System.