Psychology of Time – The Impact on Your Orientation


Zimbardo’s current research on the psychology of Time Perspective focuses on the ways in which individuals develop temporal orientations that parcel the flow of personal experience into the mental categories, or time zones, of Past, Present, and Future, and also a Transcendental Future (beliefs about a future life after one’s death). How has this work informed the way your organization works today after working with Phil Zimbardo?

Ethics for Technologists (and Facebook)

Harvard Business Review

Everyone online can—if they want to make the effort—become an amateur Asch , Skinner , Zimbardo , Pavlov , Ariely , Kahneman and/or Vernon Smith. Indeed, the rich and controversial history of medical self-experimentation confirms an important bias every organization should know: Innovators are happy to use themselves as guinea pigs and lab rats for their ideas. Ethics Information & technology Innovation