Insourcing at GE: The Real Story

Harvard Business Review

GE''s " insourcing " of appliance manufacturing to the U.S. GE''s insourcing is actually quite similar. By the summer of 2008 GE leadership wanted to sell the appliances business or spin it off. As the leadership began to introduce a new way of working together it had to solidify trust in the workforce and instill a level of confidence that continuous improvement was not just another initiative that would pass.

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Let me be clear: leadership and diversity should have nothing to do with one another. This blog was recently nominated for Kevin Eikenberry’s Best Leadership Blogs of 2010 , and I noticed recently that Kevin was taking heat from the gender police for having only one woman on the list of nominees. I will onshore, offshore, outsource, insource, or execute whatever business strategy I implement without regard for diversity.

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Digital Transformation Or Digital Free Fall: What Every CEO Must Know

N2Growth Blog

Digital transformation is really more of a leadership, culture, strategy, and talent issue than a technology issue. Don’t outsource the hard rigor of transformation – insource it by getting smarter, faster, and more creative. As I’ve always said, the plausibility of impossibility only becomes a probability in the absence of leadership. Digital Transformation Leadership Mike MyattEvery organization occupies a unique place on the spectrum of digital transformation.

How to Solve Complex Problems Fast

Skip Prichard

Leadership Tip: Don’t be afraid of how people will react. Don’t tell people that the answer lies in insourcing or outsourcing or technology or big data or acquisitions or divestitures… Let them conclude for themselves what the answers are, having explored your broad question, from the universe of possibilities you open to them. Leadership behavior that exemplifies, recognizes and rewards the right behaviors. Simplicity in the Age of Complexity.

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Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners: Lessons from Banner Health

Harvard Business Review

Next, the 10-member senior leadership team used a variety of means, such as town halls, and videos of executives explaining the plan, to clearly and repeatedly communicate the urgent need for cost reduction as a requirement for process redesign across the system that would ultimately improve patient care. Finally, the leadership team, in partnership with Booz & Company, invited people from across the system to collaborate in cost reduction.

Building a Software Start-Up Inside GE

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How can these companies overcome the inevitable leadership, organizational, and cultural challenges involved? And we ‘insourced’ the recruiting activity, hiring recruiters who knew where our target candidates hung out and what appealed to them. Is your company ready to compete in a world of smart, connected products ?