Three Headwinds for Facebook's IPO

Harvard Business Review

Less than three years ago, Facebook was valued at just 10B by Yuri Milner's Digital Sky Technologies. For every 10 investments, a good firm may have one defining investment, returning hundreds of percent in IRR. I am not pessimistic about Facebook's future. I have used the social network for eight years and continue to be impressed with Mark Zuckerberg's focus on product and his vision for the internet.

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Two Forces Moving Business Closer to Climate Action

Harvard Business Review

Polman implored the world’s governments to stop heeding those companies, presumably the fossil fuel giants, with enormous political influence: “Don’t just listen to the few voices getting disproportionate air time, but to the majority of business now — they’re asking for a price on carbon, and more support for cleaner technologies and efficiencies.”. and an IRR of 27% for those companies with the most aggressive, science-based goals and actions on climate.