Why Peter Drucker’s Writing Still Feels So Relevant

Harvard Business

In an era of rapid technological and social change, in which new management jargons seem to rise even faster than the disruptive startups that coin them, the career of Peter Drucker is perhaps as instructive as his writings themselves. I once asked Professor Drucker — as I still think of him — whether he considered himself more a historical writer or a management thinker. Drucker’s book, Management Challenges for the 21 st Century , is an example.

A Company Without Job Titles Will Still Have Hierarchies

Harvard Business Review

That’s the management goal that Tony Hseih, founder of e-commerce giant Zappos, aims to achieve by the end of 2014. Think of it as management operating system 3.0. The term “holarchy” made its debut in Ghost in the Machine , a analysis of the human brain and its failings penned by Arthur Koestler in 1967. Management consultant Brian Robertson took that idea and founded HolacracyOne, a firm dedicated to helping companies (including Zappos) achieve this corporate ideal.