Ten Years On: Semi-random Reflections from a Decade of Coaching

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Leadership is more complicated.    Technology, globalism, competition, structural shifts in the economy, generational expectations and so many other factors have merged together to make the practice of leadership - influencing people to work together on common goals - a lot more complicated than it was ten years ago.    I think we've blown past Leadership 2.0 and are already on to Leadership 3.0. 

Playing Office Politics Without Selling Your Soul

Harvard Business

To borrow from the political scientist, Harold Laswell , office politics can be understood as the unwritten rules that determine who gets what, when, and how — a promotion, a budget for a project, a say in the boss’s decisions — and who doesn’t. An accumulation of research shows that high standing on these dimensions enhances job performance, influence, leadership, and advancement. Politics is a dirty word.