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Two Tweets & A Blog

Deming Institute

Deming’s tenet of understanding psychology (or, in my words, understanding relationships) is a prerequisite to transforming traditional (western) leadership philosophies. ” Coach Wooden understood the importance of relationships and his leadership philosophies were a constant reminder. To learn more about Wooden’s leadership philosophies, go to Sys-Tao/links. You will see that he was always telling us: It is the way we play, and not the score, that matters.

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Private Equity’s New Phase

Harvard Business

This phase was loosely called leverage buy out (LBO) from about 1979 to 1990 and included over 2,000 LBOs. But just as rental houses are often given minimal maintenance, leaders of acquired firms brought in only the minimum leadership necessary. This shift means that PE firms’ approaches to talent and leadership must also change. That means that in this phase, PE firms also require expertise into leadership, talent, and organizational capabilities and culture.

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