Does Your Leadership Flunk the Testing Test?

Harvard Business Review

Just as the "quality" and "lean production" movements of the 80s and 90s required quality to be designed — rather than inspected — in, innovators have got to demonstrate greater ingenuity and integrity around how they integrate real-world testing into their projects and processes. Just as with quality and lean, this turns out to be a cultural, organizational and technical challenge. What kind of leadership do you think leads to a sustainable innovation culture?

Britain’s Patient-Safety Crisis Holds Lessons for All

Harvard Business Review

I offer three recommendations to ensure that we keep these promises to those who depend on our leadership. They created and maintained a close connection to frontline staff — what Jim Womack , the expert in lean production and thinking, calls “going to gemba ” — Japanese for “the actual place.”. Effective leadership creates easy ways for patients to offer complaints and reliable processes to respond to patients and resolve the issues. Health Leadership Operations


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Please, Can We All Just Stop "Innovating"?

Harvard Business Review

The dynamic is always the same, whether the idea in question is reengineering, six-sigma quality, or lean production systems: A genuinely original strategy is born in one company or industry, consultants discover the practice and turn it into a marketable commodity, executives in all sorts of other companies race to "buy" the product — and then they wonder why the technique didn't work nearly as well in their organization as it did in the place that created it in the first place.

Project Manage Your Life

Harvard Business Review

More and more companies are adopting software and product development frameworks like Agile , Scrum , and Kanban — which promote quick, iterative, lean production — to deliver higher quality products, faster. If these methods can help teams get on the same page, streamline tasks, and reach collective goals more quickly, can they also help people be more productive in their personal lives? Leadership & Managing People Book.