4 Qualities Every Leader Must Possess To Be Successful

Joseph Lalonde

Ask a random person walking down the street what quality must a leader possess to be successful and you’ll probably get a different answer from each person. Everyone views leadership in a different light. However, there are qualities every leader must most.

7 Qualities Of Outstanding Leaders

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Leadership is putting a face to management science. In a leadership role, all personal idiosyncrasies are magnified and affect how a company works. Ultimately, leadership is about paying attention—not only to the work that has to be done, but the people who are doing the work.

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10 Important Leadership Qualities

Great Leadership By Dan

There are many qualities of great leaders, but IMHO, these 10 qualities are indispensable. leaders leadership leadership qualities Read my latest post over at About.com to find out what they are.

5 Timeless Qualities of True Leaders


Before leadership be effective, it has to be true. And the truth of leadership is essentially human. If we have to raise the bar of leadership, we need to first cultivate truer leadership at the core. In the same post, he offers 5 timeless qualities of true leadership.

6 Qualities of Great Leaders

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What is the point of good leadership? These are questions raised by people who are skeptical about someone taking on the said role and not exhibiting any such quality or simply failing to live up to the title. Everyone knows what qualities a poor leader exhibits.

Quality is Human. Quality is Love.


Quality is Human. When leaders rely too much on processes, metrics, facts and trends to measure project/organization’s quality, they forget one thing: that quality is about being human. Quality is human. That is because people drive quality and exercise their choice of delivering good versus great work. Quality is Love. Part of being human about quality is also to realise that people only care for quality when they love what they are doing.

15 Qualities of Great Coaches

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The coaching-leader is the leader of the… Continue reading → Coaching Leading Leadership Development organizational success The dearth of talent speaks to self-absorbed leaders who focus more on results than people. Dedicate yourself to developing people. Great people deliver great results.

The Absolutely Essential Qualities Of Great Leadership

Terry Starbucker

“This (leadership) really is hard to learn. The post The Absolutely Essential Qualities Of Great Leadership appeared first on Terry "Starbucker" St. Leadership More Human Podcast

7 Qualities of an Easy to Follow Leader

Ron Edmondson

Here are 7 qualities of an easy to follow leader: Have a vision worth following – A leader needs a vision which lasts beyond today. Would you follow a leader with such qualities? The post 7 Qualities of an Easy to Follow Leader appeared first on Ron Edmondson.

How to Develop the 3 Most Neglected Leadership Qualities

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The three most neglected leadership qualities are kind candor, courageous transparency, and forward-facing curiosity. Marginalizing the essentials: Accepted leadership behaviors… Continue reading → Fear Personal Growth Leadership DevelopmentYou might be good at one, but very few excel at all three.

7 Powerful Qualities of Servant-Leaders

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Every act of leadership is an act of service. Leaders are in… Continue reading → Culture Servant-leadership Leadership Development Organizational Development organizational success Anything less is exploitation. The higher you go, the more people you get to serve. People aren’t in organizations to serve leaders.

7 Powerful Qualities of Humble Leaders

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I heard brilliance from a twenty-something when I asked what humble leadership looks like. Self-reliance hinders leadership. The tipping point of leadership is moving from… Continue reading → Humility Marks of leaders Success Taking others higher Feedback Leadership Development Organizational Development organizational success She said, “Humble leaders know they need others.”

The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors

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4 qualities of great mentors: #1. Feeling that you know more… Continue reading → Mentoring Leadership Development Mentoring ignites boldness by answering doubt with relational learning. Humility: The guide isn’t the star of the show. Fight the urge toward self-importance.

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5 Qualities of Good Feedback

Anese Cavanaugh

Feedback Leadership Tips incI was leading a session with a group recently when the topic of feedback came up. The room froze. What's your relationship with feedback?" I asked.

Four intangible leadership qualities that you can acquire


When you observe leaders that you admire, you might notice that they have certain qualities that are difficult to describe but are appealing and effective. You might be surprised to discover that you too can develop these charismatic qualities.

7 Qualities of Good Change Agent Leaders

Ron Edmondson

If you want to be in leadership get comfortable with change. Here are 7 qualities of good change agents: Flexible – It doesn’t have to be their design. Effective change is one of the best forms of art in the field of leadership. Change Leadership Ministry

The Attitude of Quality


In a knowledge/service oriented world, quality of product, environment and infrastructure is just the beginning. Quality of interaction, quality of care, quality of being human, quality of walking that extra mile to delight the customer matters more. The “attitude of quality” is about wanting to do the right things. In the current scenario (and the time to come), a professional’s ‘attitude of quality’ will be a key differentiator for his/her success.

The Seven Qualities of Perfect Teammates

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Perfect… Continue reading → Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development Those who aren’t irritating aren’t fully known. Everyone is irritating. They either do things that bug you, or, they leave something undone, and that bugs you. What does a perfect teammate look like?

10 Ways to Provide Quality Feedback

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Make sure you have these three qualities before delivering feedback. Communications Leadership Operations & Strategy Productivity Success getting negative feedback how to give feedback to your boss joel garfinkle N2growth Providing feedback providing feedback to employees By Joel Garfinkle. Chair, Executive Coaching, N2Growth. Employees want feedback. They want an honest assessment of their behavior to help them improve their work.

5 Qualities to Seek in the Heart of a Leader

Ron Edmondson

Here are 5 qualities to seek in the heart of a leader: Imagination. The hope of this post is you would reflect on your own leadership – consider your own heart as a leader. The post 5 Qualities to Seek in the Heart of a Leader appeared first on Ron Edmondson.

Quality Team and Leadership Development

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Quality Leadership Development from Michael Cardus. Highlighting that systems-drive-behavior , there is no special ‘leadership personality’ … Within any team when someone is great at their role people see them as a leader. Competence = Comfort = Observed Leadership Behaviors.

7 Qualities Servant-Leaders Expect From Others

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The ultimate goal of servant-leadership isn’t serving for the sake… Continue reading → Servant-leadership Culture Leadership Development organizational success servant leaders Serving Servant-leaders fail when they tolerate self-serving in others. Don’t be the only servant in the room. One-way service is naive, wasteful, and irresponsible.

Leadership: The 8 Qualities Test

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No matter what you read on the subject of leadership, the question of what qualities a leader should have usually comes up. So, here are eight key qualities – in alphabetical order – that good leaders should possess (or develop), and utilize: [.]. Leadership Lessons Learned Organizational Health Practical Steps to Influence Professional Development business leadership Management

Your Leadership Toolkit: The Top 3 Leadership Qualities

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Most leaders possess a number of great qualities that make them an effective leader. They keep and use tools like communication skills, honesty, attitude, sense of ownership, ability to delegate, and mentoring their people in their ‘leadership tool-kit.’ Leadership Assessments Leadership Lessons Learned Values-Based Leadership communication honesty inspire leadership

10 Remarkable Qualities of Wise Leaders

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Gossip Humility Influence Marks of leaders Optimism Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Growth Leadership Leadership Development organizational success remarkable qualities squabbles time delegate wise leaders wise moveWisdom is about behavior not intelligence. Wisdom is practical not theoretical; skillful not academic. Wisdom gets things done. Fools sit and talk while the wise move out. I’m not suggestion it’s foolish to explore options and discuss plans.

6 Ways Leaders Can Improve Employees’ Quality of Work and Life

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You are in a leadership position, so you know that you have several duties to perform. And one of them is to improve your employees’ quality of work and life. Yes, you read it correctly: their quality of life as well. Leadership Development Leadership quality of life

The 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader (and a more human one too)

Terry Starbucker

What are the 10 qualities that make a great leader, and a more human one too? In my view it boils down to these 10 things – together, the essence of great leadership. Leadership

Leap Forward by Combining Contrasting Qualities

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The really great leaders display contrasting, even conflicting qualities. Radically improve your leadership by bringing… Continue reading → LeadingSome are curious and decisive. Others bring creativity and execution together. Being tender and tenacious is another surprising combination.

Quality: Setting Right Goals


Customer A may be looking for impeccable technical quality (features) of deliverable while Customer B may be very sensitive to the quality of communication. Customer C cares a lot about user-friendliness of the product while Customer D is looking for an overall quality of experience delivered. Each one of these customers carry a different perception of quality based on their specific business needs and experiences.

Four Qualities of Game Changers

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Leave a comment on today’s post and become eligible for 1 of 50 copies of Mike Myatt’s new book, “Hacking Leadership.” Leadership is dangerous. I’m not degrading management at the expense of leadership. Author Book Notes Leading Personal Growth Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development leadership success Mike Myatt organizational success

How to Easily Evaluate the Quality of Research

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The post How to Easily Evaluate the Quality of Research appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership. A lot of numbers are thrown at us everyday by people who want to convince us to agree with them. A good study adds credibility to the point being made.

The Seven Qualities of Visionary Leaders

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Author Book Notes Optimism Taking others higher Vision barry posner hopeful vision jim kouzes leadership challenge Leadership Development Leave a comment on today’s post to become eligible for one of twenty-five copies of, “The Catalyst Leader.” ” Vision always centers on people never projects, programs, properties, or profits. Vision focused on anything other than people is ego driven exploitation.

7 Essentials For A Quality Culture

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It is driven by leadership and determines how the organization responds to all things, both good and bad. How employees interact with leadership and one another is driven by culture. Culture is a simple way of saying how an organization expresses itself internally and externally.

7 Qualities of a Followable Leader

Ron Edmondson

Here are 7 qualities of a followable leader: Have a vision worth following – To be followable, a leader needs a vision that lasts beyond today. Would you follow a leader with such qualities? Jesus Leadership Organizational Leadership Team Leadership

The Top Ten Qualities of High Performance Teams

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… Continue reading → Success Teams Leadership Leadership Development Back on the farm, my grandfather used to say one boy can do a day’s work. Two boys can do a half day’s work. And, three boys won’t do any work at all.…

Four Qualities of People Who Change the World

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The greater the thing you live for the richer… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Influence Personal Growth Success Taking others higher Interview Leadership Development organizational success Jobs are boring dead things that suck the life out of you, but a person with a mission has found a new lens for life.

Top Ten Qualities of Exceptional Leaders

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Marks of leaders Success Taking others higher anonymous feedback group interviews hr department Leadership leadership success organizational success Fitting in is the formula for mediocrity. Average is safe, boring, and deadly. I’ve been rubbing elbows with outstanding leaders from organizations on the Great Place to Work list of exceptional companies. Excellence electrifies the air at their annual conference. Outstanding leaders live by bold principles.

The Two Qualities that Make Leaders Great

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… Continue reading → Author Book Notes Humility Innovation Interview Marks of leaders Success Taking others higher arrogance humility Idea-Driven Organization Leadership Leadership Development organizational success Some leaders are humble. Others are driven. The great ones are both. When Jim Collins set out to write, “Good to Great,” he set out to write about great organizations, not great leaders.…

Three Qualities Traditional Leaders Reject

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Image source by Petr Kratochvil Regurgitating and recycling what you already know bores others, antiquates leadership, and destroys organizations. Three surprising qualities of growing leaders: #1. Innovation Listening Marks of leaders Personal Growth Questions Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development organizational success

Quality? Excellence? What?


Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer Quality? I was casually discussing quality and excellence with one of my old friends. We were exchanging our ideas on these topics, when I realized that he used the words quality and excellence interchangeably. This led to some more thinking and here’s what I realized: Quality is generally extrinsic. Excellence is a ‘people’ game, and the one that pushes quality one step forward.