Using Free Internet Resources Effectively

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FREE RESOURCES! While the internet offers us an unbelievable amount of leadership resources for free and at any given time, sometimes the sheer volume can be overwhelming. Music to our ears, right? Yes and no.

How to Stop Procrastinating and Manage Your Scarcest Resource

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Peter Drucker, often considered the father of modern management, described time as a “unique, irreplaceable and necessary resource.” The post How to Stop Procrastinating and Manage Your Scarcest Resource appeared first on Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership.

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Leadership and Resourcing

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Every great leader understands the importance of creating leverage via proper resource allocation. The best leaders possess an innate understanding of how to create resources where none exist - they know how to deploy and redeploy resources to maximize opportunities and to minimize risk.

The Most Precious Resource of Leadership

Terry Starbucker

The precious resource had dried up and was gone. Save that precious resource, and your leadership will thrive. The post The Most Precious Resource of Leadership appeared first on Terry "Starbucker" St. Leadership

Why Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Work

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a billion dollar business for good reason. An ERP management information system integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resource. Resources enterprise enterprise resource planning Leadership

Is Your Business a Commodity or a Resource?

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Or are you a resource where skill, judgement, and critical thinking are valued and rewarded? Is your business a resource bringing unique and valuable ideas to the table? Consultants, professionals, and other providers of skill-based services should always maintain themselves as a resource business. And he doesn’t take on clients who fail to appreciate that his skills and judgement constitute a resource. You will not be a resource and you won’t be making a difference.

A New Resource for Those Who Care About Talent Management

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The post A New Resource for Those Who Care About Talent Management appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. Leadership & Supervisory Skills Chief Talent Development Officer talent developmentToday, I’m recommending a new magazine to you.

Becoming A Resourceful Leader: The Strong Do Survive

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“This country can ill afford to continue to function using less than half of its human resources, brain power, and kinetic energy.” ~ Barbara Jordan, Late Texas Congresswoman Teams connect. Communities share. The tribe protects. [.]

10 Online Resources To Help You Write Like A Leader

Joseph Lalonde

Check out the following online resources that will help you work on different aspects of the writing process. The first thing you should be concerned about is getting the right resources for the content you write. Six Writing Tips for Effective Leadership.

Leadership Development: #1 Priority for Human Resources Leaders

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Leadership development is the number one priority for human resources (HR) leaders globally, according to Talent Management : Accelerating Business Performance , a survey by Right Management, the career and talent management experts within ManpowerGroup. Among the more than 2,200 senior HR leaders globally who participated in the survey, 46 percent identified leadership development as the top priority for 2014.

Putting the human back in human resources

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For most companies, the human resources function is no exception. New and innovative technologies have allowed us to streamline the management of human resources like never before. Develop leadership at all levels. This is a guest article by Sheila Bouman.

Recommended Resources – The Complete Executive

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The Complete Executive : The 10-Step System for Great Leadership Performance. Whereas most books focus on just one aspect of leadership or restrict themselves to ‘the office,’ Karen goes beyond the confines of corporate life to address the wellbeing of the whole person.

Sponsoring New Leaders – Resource or Outsource?

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Author information Mike Henry Chief Instigator at Lead Change Group Mike is the Chief Instigator of the Lead Change Group and co-author with 20 other Lead Change Instigators, of The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution. Leadership Development Self Leadership Resources sponsorship support In my project management training, one principle stood out as the root cause of most failures. Any project that doesn’t have good sponsorship fails.

Two Resources with One Overriding Goal – Helping you Lead More Effectively

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Normally here each week I share one resource for your consideration. Today, I want to briefly recommend two resources and I’m covering the gamut of […]. Coaching & Developing Others Leadership & Supervisory Skills Personal & Professional Development

Managerial-Leadership Case Study: Employee Engagement Requires the Necessary Resources

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To complete work the employee must have the appropriate resources. This does not mean that a manager needs to supply all the resources that employees desire, but it does mean that the manager should supply employees with sufficient resources.

Leadership Development for Dummies

Ron Edmondson

But leadership development may not be as difficult as we often make it out to be. One of the number one questions I get about leadership is how to develop new leaders within an organization. Of course, without people willing to follow a leader, there is no leadership development.

Updated My Resource Page

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Home About SPEAKING RESOURCES Archives CONTACT Updated My Resource Page 2 Comments Some of you may know that I started out blogging and creating resources over at I’ve been transitioning some of my writing and resources from that site to this one.

Possibility Maximizer: Rainmaker Group Resources

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SHRM - Society for Human Resource Managment Indispensible for the HR Professional!  As such I thought I would try something a little different and point you to some resources that my company has assembled in recent years.

Leadership: The Number That Truly Matters

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Because leaders develop other leaders, while they are in their leadership journey, they continue to learn and improve themselves and at the same time develop their people. Leadership Development Leadership Resources

Leadership: Start With Trust


Leadership starts with influence and influence starts with trust. Our first instinct as human beings when we assume a leadership role is to show our strength, competence and skills and prove a point about our fitment to the role. Related Resources at QAspire.

Go Large: Think People Before Resources

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Explosive opportunities require extensive resources. Leaders, who refuse to start small, whine about lack of resources. Encouragement Influence Marks of leaders Success Taking others higher Leadership Leadership Development organizational success Discouragement is easy. Igniting fires takes wisdom and work. Success always begins with who before what. Kindling great fires: Small before large. Stop waiting for explosive fires. Start small ones now!

Top Leadership Experts to Follow in 2015

Modern Servant Leader

Are you looking for the top leadership experts to follow in 2015? Maybe you need a leadership development expert or public speaker. Whether you need a leadership and management expert for yourself or your team, you’ll find someone great below. Leadership Expert.

June 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the June 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! I tend to compare summer leadership to summer school. Bill recaps, “Leadership isn’t always about managing your direct reports. Managing your boss is an essential part of leadership.”

15 Inspiring Leadership Quotes

Joseph Lalonde

That’s why I want to share 15 inspiring leadership quotes with you today. 15 Inspiring Leadership Quotes. When you lack resources, you are most resourceful.” – Liz Wiseman. These quotes get me pumped up and excited about leadership.

May 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the May 2016 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! This edition touches on so many nuances of leadership! Anne Perschel of Germane Consulting submitted Is This Leadership Myth Leading You to Fail? To trigger innovative leadership, we need to be the example.

Leadership Value is Defined by the Receiver

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We can envision these noble, resonant, and genuine leaders as icons of effective leadership. But these virtuous leadership attributes are not the essence of leadership effectiveness. Authenticity without a positive impact on someone else is more narcissism than leadership. An underlying principle of effective leadership is that value is defined by the receiver more than the giver. Human Resources

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Favorite Leadership Books

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Posted in Books Resources Have a book on us! If the cost of a book stands between you and becoming a better leader, let us know what book that might be and if we agree it’s a good leadership book, we’ll get [.]. Books Resources Free Books Leadership Development Stupid Ideas Well, here it is… our list of books we will sponsor to anyone who asks. That’s right.

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Servant Leadership at the Speed of Trust

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There is plenty of leadership advice available in bookstores, online and in person. As Art Barter grew Datron World Communications from a $10 million company to a $200 million company in six years, he became convinced that a core leadership principle had to be serving and trusting others.

Leadership Development and the Role of Millennials

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Philipe Bruce: More than 50% of businesses claim that they do not have the resources or time to train their employees to be leaders. As such none of those business owners and leaders have the resources they need to sustain their enterprises.

December 2015 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the December 2015 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! For our December edition, we took a page out of last December’s Carnival of HR post and asked about books you have read which have made a difference in your leadership journey.

Transparency and Leadership

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Posted in Change Management Resources Reviews A recent book by a new friend got me thinking about transparency and leadership. Change Management Resources Reviews Leadership shared leadership transparency trustThe book is Business at the Speed of NOW by John M. Bernard. John’s an Instigator here at Lead Change. We met through social media and we’ve spoken a few times about how the Internet and a number of other issues [.].

Creativity: An Undervalued Leadership Skill

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There is much to be said about leadership, and there is no shortage of descriptive words one uses when talking about leaders – influential, dedicated, globally thinking, focused, etc. – Creativity and Leadership. Leadership Development creativity Leadership

On Leadership and Knowing the Importance of Importance

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Knowing the Importance of Importance When I was doing my doctoral work, I took a course on leadership that required […]. Authentic Leadership Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Practical Steps to Influence Servant Leadership Team Building Leadership Values-Based Leadership authentic leadership communication Human Resources leadership self leadership Who is the most important person in your organization?

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Leadership in Cybersecurity

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Human resource leadership. Meaning, the bad hackers don’t care if you are required to comply with a policy or law, nor do they care about your budget or resources. Digital Transformation cyber leadership security

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Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources

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This is the third post in our series: What does HR Really Stand For: Human Resources or Human Remains? Leadership Development Change Character-based Leadership employee engagement Giana Consulting Growth instigator Leadership

The Secret Ingredient for Extraordinary Leadership

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Do you (or your organization) use the vending machine approach to leadership? They cling to legacy structures and systems that emphasize authority over inquiry and routine over resourcefulness. Hal Gregersen, Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center.

Leadership: Assessing Organizational Health


Leadership in a business context is challenging because its effectiveness depends not just on a leader’s key traits but also on organizational decision making, competitive forces and constantly changing external situation. Leadership and Change: Build These Three Muscles.

Tony Robbins Provides Free Resilience Building Resource for Military Warfighters and Families

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This personalized online resource, normally available to the public at $299, was provided free of charge to directly address personal resilience challenges that effect combat-veterans in the U.S. Military members who have served, or are serving, in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as their spouses and children, can access this complimentary resource at.

Is Your Leadership Disruptive?

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Is it time to examine the role of leadership through the lens of disruption? Whether the leadership prototypes are CEO Larry Page at Google, CEO Ginni Rometty at IBM, or CEO Mike DeFrino of Kimpton Hotels, their paths to influencing have striking similarities.

Employee Engagement: A Story and a Few Resources


The book also features my classic post titled “ Engagement, Leadership and Power of Storytelling ”. A few more resources for HR Leaders: Ben Eubanks also compiled an eBook " Onboarding and New Hire Orientation " David Zinger is a thought leader in employee engagement whom I have admired since long. Check out the “ resources ” page on his website for some amazing free resources/eBooks/ideas on the all important topic of employee engagement.