What’s Your Leadership Return On Equity?

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GeneralLeadership.com and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! ROE or Return on Equity can be described as the sum of net income returned as an expressed percentage of shareholder equity. ROE measures company profitability by showing how much yield a business produces from and against shareholder investment. The post What’s Your Leadership Return On Equity? appeared first on General Leadership.

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Moving on from ROI to ROE, a Return on Empathy

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Those making this shift will gain a significant ROE – Return on Empathy. You just finished reading Moving on from ROI to ROE, a Return on Empathy ! The post Moving on from ROI to ROE, a Return on Empathy appeared first on StrategyDriven. Customer Relationship Management Marketing & Sales business leadership business management empathetic marketing return on empathy strategydriven

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12 Core Competencies For Great Leadership

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At its root, leadership is a collection of competencies. They thrive on facts, figures and numbers—whether it’s ROI, ROE, or EBIDTA. Whatever the task at hand, they define leadership with their example of attention to detail and personal accountability for outcomes. They live by the qualities that are at the heart of leadership—honesty, integrity, fairness, consistency—and set the standard for their team.

Leading by Cause

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He opened the dialogue, saying he and his leadership team had put a lot of thought into where they want to take their bank, and the vision they committed to was to deliver top decile ROE, ROA and topline revenue growth: a quintessential example of focusing on effect, not cause. Leadership metrics underlying cause leading leading by cause effective leadership mission VisionLessons throughout history inform us that cause precedes effect; actions create results.

The Gift of Struggle

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Here are overviews of some of the gifts you will learn: Share What You Imagine—Build Together: These organizations don’t allow “ROE” (“return on ego”) to compromise the integrity of the culture. Own Your Part: Leadership amounts to wanting more for your people than we want from them. B OBBY HERRERA has a message and the message is “We all struggle. Inside every struggle is a gift. Leaders share their gifts with others.”.

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Why Complexity Sucks

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You focus on that 20% to generate a high ROE (return on effort). Branding Human Resources Leadership Marketing Strategy Business Coca-Cola Culture Entrepreneurship Google PepsiCo Vision Complexity is in the eye of the beholder. To me, astrophysics is a complex discipline; to Stephen Hawking it is not. People engaged in complex situations fall into two categories: those who accept complexity as a fact of life and work with it, and those who fight it every inch of the way.

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Not All Metrics Are Created Equal

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Quantitative Return Drivers: Metrics such as Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Cash (cash-on-cash), and Return on Human Capital (ROHC) will give you more useful information than the static calculations mentioned above. Getting to the qualitative level of performance measurement is difficult in that it is often necessary to overcome a set of traditional leadership behaviors and beliefs.

Women's Leadership Exchange - Blog - I Won't Say Good Bye to Ann.

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Mission & Vision Founders View the Founders LEXCI Board of Advisors Supporting Organizations Testimonials Speaker Submissions Contact Us Careers Become a WLE Executive Coach Join the WLE Team LEXCI My WLE RECENT BLOG ENTRIES FROM WOMENS LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE® Yes, Virginia, You Can Get Business with Social Media Small Business Saturday: Join the Movement to Drive Business to Small Business: Are you Voting for the Women? Weddington, you may note, " had successfully argued Roe v.

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How Companies Can Use Investors to Their Advantage

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It would implement targets linked to shareholder value, including ROE and ROIC. It would enhance its governance structure, improving transparency in leadership appointment, adding more diversity to the board and installing a more effective system for evaluating executive management performance. Heini Wehrle/BIA/Minden Pictures/Getty Images. Most companies see investor relations as a one-way street.


Would You Want Carl Icahn to Run Your Company?

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What exactly this balance of power between shareholders, boards, and managers should look like is one of those eternal questions to which we will never come up with a definitive answer (don't just take my word for it; read Mark Roe's " The Inevitable Instability of American Corporate Governance "). Boards Finance Leadership

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Women Directors Change How Boards Work

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And while research about financial performance is still in its infancy — Catalyst has found a strong correlation between the number of women on boards and in the C-Suite and ROI and ROE of company returns — we’re starting to learn more about the important ways women are changing the inner workings of boards. Phillips , the Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics, and others have found. We know that getting more women on teams can boost performance.