Creating Shared Value: An Interview with Becky Schmitt

HR Digest

From the vantage point of a lifelong career in human resources, Becky Schmitt talked with The HR Digest about the various programs which have put Cognizant on the global map as one of the top companies for star performers. Featured Success stories Becky Schmitt Cognizant

Someone to Know: Q&A with Rockwell Automation Senior Vice President of Human Resources Susan Schmitt


Susan Schmitt! She is leading the company’s efforts to build leadership capability and make Rockwell a place where employees are energized to do their best work and attract the very best talent. What do strategy, saddles and sequins all have in common? Susan is Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Rockwell Automation.


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8 Assumptions and 8 Questions about Innovation

First Friday Book Synopsis

Even the staid British publication The Economist recently claimed, “Innovation is now recognized as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy.” (Tom Kelley: The Ten Faces of Innovation) —— For the SMU Cox School of Business – Business Leadership Center, I recently presented my new session on innovation: Adaptation, Exaptation, Innovation: Processes and [.].

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 3/4/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: REVIEWS Innovation as Usual: How to Help Your People Bring Great Ideas to Life Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg Finding Keepers: The Monster Guide to Hiring and Holding the World’s Best Employees Steve Pogorzelski and Jesse Harriott [.].

Blog 77

Architect Your Leadership – Part 3 – The Blueprint

Modern Servant Leader

Today, let’s discuss the final piece in our series about building your leadership like an architect builds a home. What would that be for your leadership? CC License, courtesy Dick Schmitt. How hierarchical do you intend your leadership to be? You can now architect your leadership like an architect builds a home. The reality is some of you will discover your leadership as you evolve (as one reader, Harvey Austin pointed out – thanks Harvey ).