Pulling Together: What it Takes to Build Group Cohesion

RapidStart Leadership

Back in the 1950s, Social Scientist Muzafer Sherif was trying to understand what drives groups apart and what brings them together. Sherif had the teams of boys live in separate, isolated cabins. Each team rode in its own bus, established its own leadership, designed its own flag, and chose its own name. Sherif and his team had seen what they thought they would. When you all pull together, it pulls you all together.

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5 Voices Church Leaders Should Be Listening to Right Now

Ron Edmondson

I have also communicated with our local sherif who has taken a very forward role in encouraging social distancing downtown – and we are a downtown church. Next for me is our state leadership and then federal leadership. He’s got a course on crisis leadership (and lots of other resources) I love that he’s partnering with David Kinnaman and Gloo to study the pulse of the church each week.