The Art of Profitability

Kevin Eikenberry

by Adrian Slywotzky Most business novels or business fables help someone work on an interpersonal or leadership skill, and the best books in this genre do this very well. The post The Art of Profitability appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

“Empathy” 1st, “Fix” 2nd – A Customer Service Basic!

First Friday Book Synopsis

Randy's blog entries Adrian Slywotzky bad customer service competence customer experience customer service Demand empathy Joseph A. Michelli Prescription for Excellence: Leadership Lessons for Creating a World-Class Customer Experience from UCLA Health SystemI provide a seminar on customer service, and have a keynote presentation called The Customer Never Forgets. I have studied customer service, read a lot about customer service, and written quite a bit on customer service.

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6 Concepts for Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It

Leading Blog

Demand creators figure out how to solve the big and little hassles we all face—and they make our days easier, more convenient, more productive, and simply more fun,” writes Adrian Slywotzky in Demand. Slywotzky has identified six insights and behaviors of demand creators: Make it Magnetic. Where do you see a gap that needs to be filled? * * * Like us on Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas.

Google Chrome: Focus moving to capturing "Real Estate" | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

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