Organizational Transformation Requires Leadership at all Levels

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Another key characteristic for a successful organizational transformation is an active, end-to-end, and comprehensive leadership. Leadership is the Deal Breaker The extent, level, and nature of leadership on an organizational transformation that redesigns the entire business or significant parts of the business is a key determinant of the transformation success. The leadership model complements the organization structure model and enumerates the leadership structure.

What do Blue Lobsters Have to do With Innovation? Everything!

Mills Scofield

Because the key to innovation isn’t processes, stage gates, weird exercises, or competitions. One of my clients is doing this with their “Blue Lobster Leadership” program (seriously, that’s the name!). Culture Innovation Leadership StrategyBlue Lobster at the South Bristol Coop , 2004. What’s with blue lobsters? Well, a blue lobster is rare, about 1 in 2 million , and very beautiful.


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What do Blue Lobsters Have to do With Innovation? Everything!

Mills Scofield

Because the key to innovation isn’t processes, stage gates, weird exercises, or competitions. One of my clients is doing this with their “Blue Lobster Leadership” program (seriously, that’s the name!). Culture Innovation Leadership Strategy

Big Data In Your Shampoo?

Mills Scofield

So, how would you prepare for a stage gate meeting that includes a "Go/No-Go" decision on continuing to develop a specific product? Either as a member of the product team or as the "gate keeper," you might make this decision based on a gut feeling, prior experience, a partial understanding of the ecosystem, OR, increasingly, based on Product Intelligence. Just as crucial is the methodology- asking the right questions from the outset that are relevant to the gate decision.

From idea to strategy

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Filed under: Leadership , Knowledge , Market-driven , Innovation , Product Management / Marketing Tagged: | strategy , customer focus , products , services , Carol Bartz , Yahoo! In Bartz’s case, there is a queue of TPSE to work through before they stage gate the emerging ideas against strategy alignment.

Putting Humans at the Center of Health Care Innovation

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Leadership and teams find it hard to come together to scope and resource projects appropriately as well as put projects on the shelf (or kill them) when needed. Establish clear initial operational and performance metrics such as percent of innovation concepts expected to be implemented, number of clinicians and patients involved in co-creation processes, types of IP generated, and stage-gated timelines. Bogdan Dreava/EyeEm/Getty Images.

Match Your Innovation Process to the Results You Want

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It tends to be short-term, uses familiar (traditional) metrics and development systems like Stage Gate. Almost every company has a Stage Gate process because they work well for incremental innovation. We have a biotech client whose executive leadership team, starting with the CEO, demanded net present value estimates for fledgling, "beginning" ideas.and they wondered why they weren't launching any game-changing innovations.

Ready for Growth, But Not Prepared

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Finally, the firms were asked about the leadership practices that we know are associated with effective management of growth. The companies did reasonably well on making decisions using a formal process and managing projects using a disciplined approach (such as the stage/gate methodology). Leadership Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy

Can’t Find a Steve Jobs? Hire an Innovation Organizer Instead

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The senior leadership team needs to respect and adhere to the same standards as everyone else. As an example consider stage-gates, decision points at which time new products are reviewed before moving forward in the development process. Innovation Leadership Product development Improving innovation is one of the key competencies that companies often look for when replacing a CEO.

What Big Companies Get Wrong About Innovation Metrics

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Stage-gate specific metrics, i.e. projects moving from one. stage to the next. The first was the difficulty in creating a set of metrics that are aligned with what senior leadership actually cares about. If they hope for their roles to endure and have an impact on their employer, corporate innovation executives need to develop a set of metrics that demonstrate a return-on-investment to senior leadership and business unit leaders. Kenneth Andersson.

Exploit IT for Strategic Benefit

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One financial services company we know reviews the viability of the business case at every major stage gate. A bonus result: IT leaders have a better sense of what makes the business tick, and members of the executive leadership team have a better sense of when and how to make IT investments that matter. IT leaders have long embraced the idea that the role of the IT unit, and of enterprise IT systems, is to enable business.


Taming Your Company's Most Elusive Beast

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R&D investments have been made, stage/gate processes have been built, creativity training courses have been run, and yet the outputs — exciting new products and services — don't seem to be falling into place. Consider, for example, the UK software company, Red Gate. Management thinking is inherently faddish, but there are some favorite themes that never fall out of favor.

The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company

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Leadership: the percentage of executive time that gets devoted to mentor­ing innovation projects, and 360-degree survey results that reveal the extent to which execu­tives are exhibiting pro-innovation behaviors. Executives realized that to do this, they would need to reallocate some of the company’s innovation resources from late-stage product enhancements to early-stage product breakthroughs.