Silence Kills: Are You Fostering Cowardly Communication?

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The CEB study found companies “where employees provide honest feedback substantially outperformed their peers in terms of 10-year TSR (Total Shareholder Return) from 1998–2008. We found that companies rated by their employees in the top quartile in terms of openness of communication have delivered TSR (10-year TSR 1998–2008) of 7.9%

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The Best Indian CEO List: Youth and Education Rank High

Harvard Business Review

This answer is premised on the notion that the most objective test of a CEO's leadership ought to be how the company does during his or her full tenure at the helm, rather than the latest quarterly earnings of the company or the CEO's power, family pedigree or positive media coverage. Young Jindal was thrust into this leadership role at JSPL when his father, Om Prakash Jindal , arranged an amicable four-way split of his business empire between his four sons.


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Designing CEO Pay to Drive "Good" Behavior

Harvard Business Review

For long-term incentive plans, the dominant measure is total shareholder return (TSR). The primary measurement it uses in its recommendation on each company's advisory 'say on pay' vote is the movement of the CEO's pay in relation to the company's one- and three-year TSR. Compensation Corporate social responsibility Leadership TSR ISSThis blog post is part of the HBR Online Forum The CEO's Role in Fixing the System.

Should a CEO’s Bonus Be Based on Financial Performance Alone?

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” In 2012 the Commonwealth Bank restructured its evaluation system so that 75% of CEO incentives came from the bank’s total shareholder return (TSR), relative to a set peer group, and 25% from customer-satisfaction results, benchmarked against another peer group. You might expect that the board, under its new chair’s leadership and following the kerfuffle, would back away from the issue.

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CEOs Must Model the Behavior for Creating Societal Value

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As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.". He changed "Market Total Shareholder Return" (M-TSR)" to "Operating Total Shareholder Return (O-TSR)." M-TSR measured the market return to shareholders based on the stock price appreciation plus dividends over a three-year period. Corporate social responsibility Economy Leadership

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Overcome Your Biases and Build a Great Team

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Ironically, my story is a story of overcoming my own biases about diversity—and then using these hard-won insights to build one of the most diverse leadership teams and board of directors in the world. Recognize that a diverse leadership team delivers superior long-term performance. Diversity Multinational Leadership I had an unlikely journey to the top. Born in India, I arrived in the U.S.

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