7 Pillars of Long-term, Successful Leaders

Ron Edmondson

In my observations, there are some common traits among the most successful, long-term leaders. Here are 7 pillars of long-term, successful leaders I’ve observed: Vision. Long-term, successful leaders don’t jump ship when times get difficult.

The End Of Long-Term Planning

Strategy Driven

With the pace of business change today, driven by technology and globalization, long-term plans last about as long as an ice storm in the desert. If you really want to deliver your strategy both quickly and effectively, eschew your desire for long-term planning.

What Happened to Long Term? – Pt 1

General Leadership

for long term grudges.” Is it just me or have long term strategies gone the way of other fads? Budgets are being more skewed to shorter term results. The post What Happened to Long Term?

Built to Last: Five Leadership Principles Required for Long Term Success

Kevin Eikenberry

The post Built to Last: Five Leadership Principles Required for Long Term Success appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning. At my farm in Michigan stands a barn that, according to a barn expert I recently spoke with, is well over 100 years old.

7 “Must Do’s” for Long-Term Leadership Success

Ron Edmondson

If you want to last in leadership long term and you want to genuinely make am impact that outlasts your leadership, you will have to be intentional. Here are 7 suggestions for long term leadership success: Abiding – Sit with God regularly to talk and listen.

Five Ways to “Romance” Your Long Term Customers

Kevin Eikenberry

Last week, I gave you a metaphor to consider – the idea that we romance Clients or Customers to get them (like a first few dates), but after they are Clients, we tend to focus less attention on them (like 10 years after the wedding). If you want to avoid this tendency, both personally and [.].

Employee freaks out when long-term co-worker becomes her supervisor

Managers are Heroes

The post Employee freaks out when long-term co-worker becomes her supervisor appeared first on Managers Are Heroes. The Scenario. “I want to register a complaint,” Lucy Alschuler announced as she stamped into Stu Capper’s office. “About what, exactly, Lucy?”

Why leaders need a long-term vision

Lead on Purpose

What drives your daily activities—your long-term vision or making the numbers this quarter? If you’re a board member, do you incentivize your executives to make a long-term contribution for the company or to keep the shareholders happy this quarter? George discusses important topics including insisting on the long term, managing expectations and creating lasting value. Why are you in business?

Collaboration for the Long Term

Mills Scofield

I'm re-posting from the archives because the issue of real, authentic collaboration has been coming up a few times a lot lately, especially in light of the Vulnerability & Trust Leadership Paradox radio show John Hagel , Saul Kaplan and Mike Waite did with me a few weeks ago.

The Importance of Working with Suppliers Over the Long Term

Deming Institute

Move toward a single supplier for any one item, on a long-term relationship of loyalty and trust. And to do so most effectively you need to partner with your suppliers over the long term. End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag.

The Value of a Long-Term Plan

Ron Edmondson

I read a blog post recently that indicated the death of long-term planning was imminent. In the age of short-term, instant everything, long-range planning gets a bad rap. I just think you may still need a long-term plan.

Excellence + Relevance = Long-Term Success

First Friday Book Synopsis

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change. Tom Peters Excellent: very good of its kind; eminently good Relevant: having direct bearing on the matter in hand; pertinent ————— This is a short and simple blog post. What makes for a successful company or organization? How about this? Excellence [.]. Randy's blog entries

One Secret to Long-term Leadership Success

Ron Edmondson

If I could give one piece of advice to leaders who want long-term success it would be this: Learn the people. Long-timer in a church or organization? What advice would you give to leaders who want long-term success? Related posts: 3 Essentials for Long-Term Success.

Another Characteristic of Leaders with Long-term Success

Ron Edmondson

I previously wrote “ One Secret of Leaders with Long-Term Success “ I still believe that’s a powerful part of leadership. The post Another Characteristic of Leaders with Long-term Success appeared first on Ron Edmondson. Endurance.

Statistical Success Yes - But Long Term Measurements are Tougher

CEO Blog

The problem with many long-term challenges are the outcomes do not happen fast enough to know exactly what works and what does not. The advent of the internet and internet advertising seemed to push a move towards measuring direct results.

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Leaders Produce Long-Term Results

Orrin Woodward

In fact, he has been accepting Farmer Jones’ IOUs for so long that he no longer remembers his original reason for doing so. Torence Reply Re: Leaders Produce Long-Term Results by J.D.

Long Term Implementation of Quality Teams Within Organizations

Create Learning

Long Term Implementation of Lean Six Sigma within Organizations from Michael Cardus. Hire Mike. Want to discuss your company and working with your quality team to create a culture of quality improvement? Contact me mike@create-learning.com or call +1.716.629.3678. _.

Get your employees engaged and invested in your company’s long-term success


Use these five tips to get your employees on board early and to ensure their participation in the long run: Complete a SWOT analysis.

Don’t Mistake Platform Diversification for Platform Death (Long Term is Decades, Not Years)

Managing Communities

photo credit: aussiegall I know it is tough to look at things from a truly long term perspective, but you need to try. A long term [.]. I’ve now been directly managing online communities for 12 years. I’ve been involved with moderation of communities for probably 14. And I’ve been on the web for 17 years. Developing Your Community Thinking

How Do You Calculate ROI?

Mills Scofield

The calculation defines gain in financial terms. We need to consider intangible returns - gains in learning, brand authenticity, and cultural improvement, for instance, which make a bigger difference in the long run.

ROI 115

Why Companies and Universities Should Forge Long-Term Collaborations

Harvard Business Review

Instead of one-off projects, both sides have become much more interested in forging long-term, collaborative relationships. Silicon Valley, with its proximity to Stanford and University of California, Berkeley, has long been the paradigm for innovation ecosystems. Now more durable cooperative models are emerging that enable companies to remain connected to institutions in order to foster long-term research relationships on specific projects of interest as they emerge.

How Incentives for Long-Term Management Backfire

Harvard Business Review

To hear long-term investors tell it, company executives have embraced short-term thinking like never before. Why would executives, charged with sustainable value creation, put so much focus on short-term maneuvers like distributing earnings instead of reinvesting them?

How Big is Your Big Picture?

Kevin Eikenberry

Change Decision Making Leadership Leadership Communication Success 10000 year clock big picture Jeff Bezos long term planning perspectiveOne of the roles of a leader is to provide the perspective that the rest of the team or organization might not see. It is easy to get caught up in the daily to-do list, the quarterly objectives and the rhythm of the calendar, and lose sight of the bigger picture, the larger goals, the [.].

If CEOs Care About the Long Term, Why Don’t They Talk About It?

Harvard Business Review

CEOs are increasingly frustrated by the short-term orientation of investors. They say markets underappreciate long-term investments and ignore issues like employee and customer welfare, while pressuring companies to make decisions that maximize short-term earnings and stock prices.

What Will I Do This Week That Will Still Be Adding Value in a Year?

Deming Institute

But if weeks and then months go by without the most important issues being addressed the long term consequences are drastic. As managers and executives it is critical to focus on the long term success of the organization.

The ‘Engagement Ring’

Lead Change Blog

Leadership Development Bottom-line results Career opportunities Discretionary effort engagement Feedback Long-term success Pride recognitionPosted in Leadership Development You’ve seen the research. Read the reports. Talked to leaders and employees alike.

Keeping Your Strategy Meetings Focused on the Long Term

Harvard Business Review

Senior executives need to balance the long- and short-term demands of their businesses, and meetings need to mirror this balance. Leaders also like to solve problems and check them off, and short-term items provide us with visible ways to mark progress. Even though executives are supposed to delegate solvable problems to their direct reports, walking away from a concrete, short-term issue is as hard as driving past an accident without rubbernecking.

Very Long Term


Anderson Layman's Blog has a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. What a great body of work. There are many fine cartoonists but I don't know if anyone has approached that series

Finally, Proof That Managing for the Long Term Pays Off

Harvard Business Review

Companies deliver superior results when executives manage for long-term value creation and resist pressure from analysts and investors to focus excessively on meeting Wall Street’s quarterly earnings expectations. This has long seemed intuitively true to us. We’ve seen companies such as Unilever, AT&T, and Amazon succeed by sticking resolutely to a long-term view. remain so high for so long if short-termism were such a drag on performance?

The Long-Term Effects of Tracking Employee Behavior

Harvard Business Review

How do you get people to do what they’re supposed to do, particularly when it comes to following standard processes that are essential to getting their job done successfully? And does employee monitoring help or hinder these efforts?

Why is it hard to get support for your first startup?

Rajesh Setty

It is common sense but sometimes we forget this – Long term relationships take a LONG time to build but it takes one bad move to break them. entrepreneurship escalating friction gaining capacity good help good karma leverage long-term relationships moving the needle

How a Fast-Growing Startup Built Its Sales Team for Long-Term Success

Harvard Business Review

It’s common for leaders of sales teams to focus almost exclusively on short-term tactics and current operations while failing to think and act in a way that supports the longer-term needs of their businesses — and it’s hard to fault them. As one sales manager noted, “In this job, if you don’t survive the short term, you don’t need to worry about the long term.” Denver Post/Getty Images.

Does Your Job Increase Or Decrease Your Long-Term Happiness Potential?

The Idolbuster

Chapter 8: Secure Your Community Part 14 (Conclusion). One of the themes of this chapter is to recognize the power community has over how we behave. Community establishes hidden rules for behavior, and provides a set of rituals and customs to support the behavioral norms. At work the rituals are things like the all hands company meetings that take place on a quarterly or weekly basis.

Deadly Disease of Management: Emphasis on Short-term Profits

Deming Institute

One of Dr. Deming’s 7 deadly diseases is: Emphasis on short-term profits: short-term thinking. It is easy to focus on short term goals and use a somewhat simple short term figure to measure success. How to Stop Short-Term Thinking at America’s Companies.

The Most Innovative Companies Have Long-Term Leadership

Harvard Business Review

But it’s an idea that demands attention, investment, and a long view of the market. It’s why venture investors and entrepreneurs tend to be committed for the long haul. The unfortunate truth is that most public company executives don’t last too long in their roles.

The American Way of Hiring Is Making Long-Term Unemployment Worse

Harvard Business Review

While last week’s jobs numbers extolled a decline in the national unemployment rate, the numbers for the long-term unemployed didn’t even budge. . This fact suggests that, for many job seekers, a lack of education is not the cause of long-term unemployment.

Today’s Essential Management Skill

Leadership Freak

Author Book Notes Coaching Leading Managing Marks of leaders Personal Growth Leadership Leadership Development long term relationships Organizational Development value participationManaging is more than processes and procedures; it’s people. Successful managers bring out the best in others. Management and leadership are about coaching around performance.”

Today’s Essential Management Skill

Leadership Freak

Author Book Notes Coaching Leading Managing Marks of leaders Personal Growth Leadership Leadership Development long term relationships Organizational Development value participationManaging is more than processes and procedures; it’s people. Successful managers bring out the best in others. Management and leadership are about coaching around performance.”

Companies in Happy Cities Invest More for the Long Term

Harvard Business Review

That’s because happiness, they argue, is linked to the kind of longer term thinking necessary for making investments for the future. At a time when companies are plagued by short-term thinking and are sitting on cash , happiness could be a missing part of the puzzle.

How do you measure the long term success of an MD?

Chartered Management Institute

Measuring performance of the MD through hard, soft, personal and strategic measurements and bring all these measurements together in a coherent manner. Related Content: Decision Making and Overcoming Indecisiveness To what extent does your organisation value Authentic Leadership? Can you force innovation? A free book Newly Promoted into a Managerial Post? Revised Checklist to help you. You are not watching this post, click to start watching.