The End Of Long-Term Planning

Strategy Driven

With the pace of business change today, driven by technology and globalization, long-term plans last about as long as an ice storm in the desert. If you really want to deliver your strategy both quickly and effectively, eschew your desire for long-term planning.

Leading through Long Term Influence

Great Leadership By Dan

Think about those leaders and individual contributors in your organization, whether for profit or not for profit, who may not have the title of VP, Director, or Manager yet they have followers because of their influence with others.

4 Disciplines For Long-Term Sustainability Of Change

Tanveer Naseer

Author Lee Colan suggests managing timelines versus deadlines as one approach to accountability. Establish Learning and Renewal It may seem like a luxury to capture learning and celebrate successes, but it’s as critical to long-term success as any substantial accomplishment might be.

Why leaders need a long-term vision

Lead on Purpose

What drives your daily activities—your long-term vision or making the numbers this quarter? If you’re a board member, do you incentivize your executives to make a long-term contribution for the company or to keep the shareholders happy this quarter? George discusses important topics including insisting on the long term, managing expectations and creating lasting value. Why are you in business?

Leadership and Your Long Term Legacy

Next Level Blog

  My friend told me about an executive she knows named Bill who's been with the company for more than 30 years and who, through his leadership and tough love mentoring, has developed two generations of world class supply chain managers

Coaching Others: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain


I teach coaching skills to groups of managers regularly; every individual executive client I have gets taught coaching skills in some way or another; and of course, I practice coaching myself (I call it “practice” on purpose).

Employee freaks out when long-term co-worker becomes her supervisor

Managers are Heroes

I’m confident that as more time passes, she’ll come to understand her role as manager better and the complaints will taper off. 3) Betty York, HR manager, Laurel Manor Care Center, Colorado Springs, CO. The Scenario.

ASA Deming Lecture by Brent James: Long Term View of the Healthcare System

Deming Institute

As those familiar with Deming’s ideas know, Dr. Deming added excessive health care costs to his 7 deadly diseases of Western management. Next, Brent James looks at the long term history of health care in the USA and the great gains achieved during the 1900s.

Long Term Implementation of Quality Teams Within Organizations

Create Learning

Long Term Implementation of Lean Six Sigma within Organizations from Michael Cardus. Hire Mike. Want to discuss your company and working with your quality team to create a culture of quality improvement? Contact me or call +1.716.629.3678. _.

The Best Tool To Communicate Effectively With Your Manager.

Rich Gee Group

Everyone has a manager/boss. I work with a myriad of people who have incredible success and terrible issues with their manager. One area I find where most people begin to see the cracks appear in their relationship concerns how they communicate with their manager.

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Empowering your Workforce in Increments

Lead Change Blog

I currently mentor a close colleague, who has recently experienced probably the worst example of organisational restructuring and change management that I have witnessed in over forty years! While he successfully competed and secured a senior management position in the new structure, that badly-handled process has caused significant damage to his belief in the organisation, its vision, mission and values! Focusing on the Long-term.

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Leaders Produce Long-Term Results

Orrin Woodward

This blog is an Alltop selection and ranked in HRs Top 100 Blogs for Management & Leadership. In fact, he has been accepting Farmer Jones’ IOUs for so long that he no longer remembers his original reason for doing so. Torence Reply Re: Leaders Produce Long-Term Results by J.D.

Good Project Management Practices

Curious Cat

I find myself working as a project manager, or a program management consultant more frequently in the last few years.

Today’s Essential Management Skill

Leadership Freak

Managing is more than processes and procedures; it’s people. Successful managers bring out the best in others. Management and leadership are about coaching around performance.” Author Book Notes Coaching Leading Managing Marks of leaders Personal Growth Leadership Leadership Development long term relationships Organizational Development value participation

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The Most Popular Posts on The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Blog in 2018

Deming Institute

The 20 most popular post on our blog this year (by page views reported by our analytic tool): Myth: If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It (2015). Deming’s 14 Points for Management (2013). Toyota’s Management History (2016)*. Psychology – Managing Human Systems (2012)*.

Don’t Mistake Platform Diversification for Platform Death (Long Term is Decades, Not Years)

Managing Communities

photo credit: aussiegall I know it is tough to look at things from a truly long term perspective, but you need to try. I’ve now been directly managing online communities for 12 years. A long term [.]. I’ve been involved with moderation of communities for probably 14. And I’ve been on the web for 17 years. Developing Your Community Thinking

Why CEOs Should Share Their Long-Term Plans with Investors

Harvard Business Review

Rather than requiring less short-term information, we believe the key to combating short-termism is to encourage companies to share more information about their long-term plans. The expectations for an effective long-term plan are described in SII’s Investor Letter to CEOs.

Toyota’s Management History

Deming Institute

To establish simple and effective management systems without being preoccupied by form, paying particular attention to ensuring checks and actions, and rotating the management cycle rapidly. There is still such a long way to go in improving the practice of management.

Customer Satisfaction is Not Enough

Deming Institute

Guest post by John Hunter , author of Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability. To succeed over the long term organizations must seek not to satisfy customers but to delight customers. customer focus systems thinking business long term thinking psychology

How Incentives for Long-Term Management Backfire

Harvard Business Review

To hear long-term investors tell it, company executives have embraced short-term thinking like never before. Why would executives, charged with sustainable value creation, put so much focus on short-term maneuvers like distributing earnings instead of reinvesting them?

Deadly Disease of Management: Emphasis on Short-term Profits

Deming Institute

One of Dr. Deming’s 7 deadly diseases is: Emphasis on short-term profits: short-term thinking. It is easy to focus on short term goals and use a somewhat simple short term figure to measure success. How to Stop Short-Term Thinking at America’s Companies.

Today’s Essential Management Skill

Leadership Freak

Managing is more than processes and procedures; it’s people. Successful managers bring out the best in others. Management and leadership are about coaching around performance.” Author Book Notes Coaching Leading Managing Marks of leaders Personal Growth Leadership Leadership Development long term relationships Organizational Development value participation

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Project Management Best Practice 6 – A+ Players

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StrategyDriven effective executives, efficient employees Home About The StrategyDriven Organization Our Company Our Contributors Karen K. Juliano Howard T. Dickens Jr. Lucas D. Ives Sharon Drew Morgen Hank Moore Jamie P.

The Best Form of Fire Fighting is None at All

Curious Cat

Management Systems thinking long term thinking mistake-proofing organization as a system problem solvingThe best form of problem solving is to avoid problems altogether. At the point you have a “fire” in your organizaiton you have to fight it.

Do You Want to Land the Job of Your Dreams?

Women on Business

Identify what your long-term career goal is? Map out the career ladder steps that are consistent with your long-term career goals. Guest post by Patricia Sadar (learn more about Patricia at the end of this post).

The Disney Way: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Disney Way: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company William Capodagli and Lynn Jackson McGraw Hill, Second Edition (2006) The ROI of “Magic” According to William Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, “This book tells the inside story of just how Disney’s success was achieved — not by epiphanic flashes of creative insight that [.].

Two thought-provoking perspectives on the “crisis of capitalism”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here are brief excerpts from two articles featured by McKinsey & Company. I suggest you read them in the order in which they appear here, then click where indicated to read each in its entirety. I presume to suggest, further, that you register to receive email updates on other resources that are also available at [.].

Crisis 109

Finally, Proof That Managing for the Long Term Pays Off

Harvard Business Review

Companies deliver superior results when executives manage for long-term value creation and resist pressure from analysts and investors to focus excessively on meeting Wall Street’s quarterly earnings expectations. This has long seemed intuitively true to us. We’ve seen companies such as Unilever, AT&T, and Amazon succeed by sticking resolutely to a long-term view. remain so high for so long if short-termism were such a drag on performance?

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What Will I Do This Week That Will Still Be Adding Value in a Year?

Deming Institute

But if weeks and then months go by without the most important issues being addressed the long term consequences are drastic. As managers and executives it is critical to focus on the long term success of the organization.

Using Deming’s Management Ideas at an Auto Repair Company for the Last 30 Years

Deming Institute

Louis Altazan, President of AGCO Automotive Corporation discusses the success AGCO has had applying Deming’s management system to their service organization (car repair). Louis also discussed how the Deming management system is just that – a system.

Being a Two-Career Couple Requires a Long-Term Plan

Harvard Business Review

“We learned to take the long view, mostly because we didn’t have any other choice,” says Kate, now in her sixties and busy investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. In their thirties, they decided that Kate would leave her corporate job to gain the flexibility she prioritized short-term to care for their two young children. Couples end up negotiating, based on current realities, rather than pacing themselves for the long (and lengthening) haul.

Opportunity to enter a draw to win a copy Beyond the Familiar: Long-Term Growth through Customer Focus and Innovation

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If you are interested in winning a copy of of Beyond the Familiar: Long-Term Growth through Customer Focus and Innovation by Patrick Barwise and Sean Meehan, this may be for you. academic research books CMI top management articles prize draw research WileyYou may exclusively access a free sample chapter at. link]. Related Content: New ebooks for the CMI library - tell us what we should be ordering Professional reading on the train: sad – or the mark of a professional?

What Loss Will a Business Suffer Due to a Dissatisfied Customer?

Deming Institute

You can’t know how much a dissatisfied customer will cost your business in the long run. Sometimes a business largely gets away poor quality for a long time. For a long time I just had to accept the poor treatment at the hands of whoever I had to rely on for internet service.

What Business are We In?

Deming Institute

So often companies focus on the short term to the detriment of long term success. If short term budgets dominate it is difficult to invest in the long term. customer focus Dr. Deming systems thinking long term thinking organization as a system quotes

Good to see some humility in finance

Crossderry Blog

Saw Joe Kernan’s interesting CNBC interview with a quant-oriented investment manager, David Harding of Winton Capital Management. When Genius Failed — Roger Lowenstein’s tale of the rise and fall of Long Term Capital Management — is required reading at Winton. PMO CNBC David Harding Joe Kernan lessons learned Long Term Capital Management LTCM quants Roger Lowenstein When Genius Failed Winton Capital Management

Robots for Health Care from Toyota

Curious Cat

Obviously (as shown in posts on my blog for the last ten years) I respect Toyota’s management system. Innovation IT engineering Health care Japan long term thinking system thinking ToyotaJapan has an extremely rapidly aging population.

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 1/21/13)

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Why do only long-term Adam Bryant An interview with the COO of Electronic Arts Labels: Bryan Neider Anne Creamer “The Catch-22 of Being a Female Boss” “What entrepreneurs can learn from artists” “Why saying NO is so easy”" Bill Conaty Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 1/21/13) BOB BusinessInsider CNNMoney Daniel Goleman Danny Meyer David P.

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Create Constancy of Purpose

Deming Institute

Edwards Deming, Point 1 or the 14 points for management , page 23 of Out of the Crisis. They were meant to be specific items related to Deming’s management system to help people understand specific practices present in his management system.

Creating a Deep Commitment to Delighting Customers

Deming Institute

But building and maintaining a management culture that reinforces delighting customers and long term thinking is quite difficult. It requires a sustainable business plan that is robust and able to succeed over the long term.

Thinking Long-Term in a Short-Term Economy

Harvard Business Review

Fact is, these were the terms used to describe the results produced by Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell after their second quarter earnings release. In fact one of the surest ways to increase stock prices in the short term is to announce a significant layoff.

Companies in Happy Cities Invest More for the Long Term

Harvard Business Review

That’s because happiness, they argue, is linked to the kind of longer term thinking necessary for making investments for the future. At a time when companies are plagued by short-term thinking and are sitting on cash , happiness could be a missing part of the puzzle.

It's Not About Perfection


I have now been detoxed and am on the road to long-term healing, so I would like to share some tips with you about this highly popular disorder. Tracking progress rather than perfection seems wise and beneficial for people in the long run.

How To Make Companies Think Long-Term

Harvard Business Review

Eliminating stock-based compensation would help reduce the incentive for executive leadership to focus on the short term. But there is a residual problem which has long frustrated me. Many companies face quarterly or even more immediate pressure from their shareholders (increasingly made up of hedge funds, program traders, and day traders) to deliver short-term performance. The paradoxical result is that they never get around to taking those long-term-oriented decisions.