The End Of Long-Term Planning

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With the pace of business change today, driven by technology and globalization, long-term plans last about as long as an ice storm in the desert. If you really want to deliver your strategy both quickly and effectively, eschew your desire for long-term planning.

What Happened to Long Term? – Pt 1

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for long term grudges.” Is it just me or have long term strategies gone the way of other fads? Technologies recycle every year or more often in some cases. Budgets are being more skewed to shorter term results. The post What Happened to Long Term?

The Importance of Working with Suppliers Over the Long Term

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Move toward a single supplier for any one item, on a long-term relationship of loyalty and trust. And to do so most effectively you need to partner with your suppliers over the long term. A supplier will show its best new technology to the automaker that treats them best.

Two thought-provoking perspectives on the “crisis of capitalism”

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transformational innovation in product and process technologies to minimize resource use the “short-termism” of so much modern business lies at the heart of many of today’s problems The challenge for business is to meet global needs in a sustainable fashion The remedies for capitalism Two thought-provoking perspectives on "the crisis of capitalism" UnileverHere are brief excerpts from two articles featured by McKinsey & Company.

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How Incentives for Long-Term Management Backfire

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To hear long-term investors tell it, company executives have embraced short-term thinking like never before. Why would executives, charged with sustainable value creation, put so much focus on short-term maneuvers like distributing earnings instead of reinvesting them?

Robots for Health Care from Toyota

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The company also showed glimpses of other robotic technologies, for instance a Human Support Robot that picks up stuff, draws curtains, and performs other menial tasks a bedridden patient would normally need to call a nurse for. Japan has an extremely rapidly aging population.

One Click: A book review by Bob Morris

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Shaw (“the most technologically sophisticated” firm on Wall Street) focus on the long term Inside Larry & Sergey’s Brain invent and then reinvent tenaciously obsess over customers One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Paul Hartman Penguin/Portfolio (2011) Princeton Richard L. One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Richard L.

Strategy’s strategist: An interview with Richard Rumelt

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third generation] cellular technology high-bandwidth opportunities are being overhyped in this 3G game technologists often overshoot consumer demand speculative judgments are the essence of strategic thinking Strategic thinking helps us take positions in a world that is confusing and uncertain ambiguity and uncertainty are the flip side of opportunityHere is an excerpt from an interview of Richard Rumelt co-conducted by Dan P. Lovallo and Lenny T.

Why Companies and Universities Should Forge Long-Term Collaborations

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Instead of one-off projects, both sides have become much more interested in forging long-term, collaborative relationships. Silicon Valley, with its proximity to Stanford and University of California, Berkeley, has long been the paradigm for innovation ecosystems. Bakken Medical Devices Center for research, continues to grow one of the largest medical-technology clusters in the world. Both industry and academia stand to benefit from long-term cooperation.

Using Deming’s Management Ideas at an Auto Repair Company for the Last 30 Years

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Related: Deming Auto Repair (2008 post) – AGCO created a web site on the Deming’s management ideas – Deming Podcast with Fred Wambier and Kelly Allan On Applying Deming’s Ideas at Finishing Technology – Bob Browne Discusses His Experience Applying Deming’s Ideas as a CEO.

Why Mass Migration Is Good for Long-Term Economic Growth

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At the same time, diversity in societal norms, customs, and ethics can nurture technological innovation and the diffusion of new ideas, and thus the production of a greater variety of goods and services. Our empirical findings suggest that cultural heterogeneity, measured by either fractionalization or polarization, has a discernible positive impact on the growth rate of GDP over long time periods. International migration is on the rise.

Structural Economic Shift and Unemployment

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The new method is being implemented because of the fact that there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of persons with very long durations of unemployment during the recent labor market downturn. A big part of the U.S.

Business Planning Process

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The Long-Term Effects of Tracking Employee Behavior

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And it lasted at organizations that continued to use the technology — for almost two years before gradually dropping off.

The Most Innovative Companies Have Long-Term Leadership

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But it’s an idea that demands attention, investment, and a long view of the market. It’s why venture investors and entrepreneurs tend to be committed for the long haul. The unfortunate truth is that most public company executives don’t last too long in their roles.

Creating Technology Solutions that are Appropriate Given the System Context

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Kentaro Toyama ‘s presentation at the 2016 Annual Deming Institute Conference – Geek Heresy: Technology’s Law of Amplification. Kentaro discusses aspects of what those interested in using technology to improve people’s lives run into.

How a Fast-Growing Startup Built Its Sales Team for Long-Term Success

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It’s common for leaders of sales teams to focus almost exclusively on short-term tactics and current operations while failing to think and act in a way that supports the longer-term needs of their businesses — and it’s hard to fault them. As one sales manager noted, “In this job, if you don’t survive the short term, you don’t need to worry about the long term.” Denver Post/Getty Images.

How a Fast-Growing Startup Built Its Sales Team for Long-Term Success

Harvard Business Review

It’s common for leaders of sales teams to focus almost exclusively on short-term tactics and current operations while failing to think and act in a way that supports the longer-term needs of their businesses — and it’s hard to fault them. As one sales manager noted, “In this job, if you don’t survive the short term, you don’t need to worry about the long term.” Denver Post/Getty Images.

What will the impact be of this new technology, device, software, innovation? – A question prompted by Rise of the Robots

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The most common misunderstanding of disruptive innovations is to overestimate their impact in the short term and underestimate it in the long term. Geoffrey Moore, from this blog post: Geoffrey Moore on competing in the Age of Disruption: An interview by Bob Morris ———————– I’m deep into my reading of Rise of the Robots, which I… Read More What will the impact be of this new technology, device, software, innovation?

Seven Ways CEOs and Investors Can Promote the Long Term

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Not long ago, the chief executive of a global telecommunications firm shared with me his frustration that "even in a meeting with the CEO, most institutional investors seek only granular data points to plug into their models. They are not interested in hearing about the technological, regulatory, and societal developments that will determine the long-term, strategic positioning of this company.". Some large investors already have a long-term view.

How CFOs Can Take the Long-Term View in a Short-Term Economy

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Investors are increasingly seeking firms with long-term growth strategies, rather than ones focused on managing short-term earnings to boost the stock price. For CEOs, creating and communicating long-term growth strategy is easier said than done.

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Zumba’s Success Arose from Long-Term Trends

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They decipher where society is going in the long term and figure out how their brand adds value to that direction. Great brands like Zumba constantly scan the cultural environment for signs of meaningful, long-lasting change that might affect them. They keep abreast of new technology, demographic shifts, consumer tastes, laws, resource prices, and competitive behavior.

The American Way of Hiring Is Making Long-Term Unemployment Worse

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While last week’s jobs numbers extolled a decline in the national unemployment rate, the numbers for the long-term unemployed didn’t even budge. . For example, that older workers are less energetic or less able to use new technologies.

The Middle East, Business, and the Long Term

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His is a voice of encouragement for would-be founders and investors to consider long-term forces at play anywhere they face uncertainty. Recent access to technology has offered an irreversible level of transparency, connectivity, and inexpensive access to capital and markets unprecedented only five years ago. Vaclav Havel once made an important distinction between optimism and hope.


Using Big Data in the Classroom

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As the next big step in the transformation of the modern classroom, technology is at the forefront, and big data could be the key to improving the education levels of a whole new generation. Organizational Performance Measures big data business management strategydriven technology

How to Keep Your Business Sustainable

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At the same time, you have to protect your reputation and ensure that you are making long term plans, instead of simply focusing on surviving from one month to the next.

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Using Technology to Improve Rural Health Care

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At Sanford Health, one of the largest rural health-care-delivery systems, we’ve tackled this challenge by leveraging an array of technologies to provide high-value care to a population of around 2 million, dispersed across 300,000 square miles in the Dakotas. We’ve adopted a single electronic medical record (EMR) platform, embraced telehealth technologies, developed enterprise-wide departments, and committed to data transparency. shaunl/Getty Images.

How to Win in Africa

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And technology? High volumes—low margins—cost-effective—technology driven. Building Resilience for the Long Term: A long-term view will be necessary to ride out short-term volatility.

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Looking at the Future


Fuel cell technology may lead to long-term, deep-sea habitation. Increasing use of human augmentation technologies may lead to new forms of class warfare. Robots may learn from humans how to express emotion. Cash is on the way out in the United States.

Things To Ask Your IT Support Provider Before Signing

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How Are They With Long-Term Partnerships? Entrepreneurship business management entrepreneurship information technology strategydrivenPhoto courtesy of Pexels.

Transformational Entrepreneurship: Where Technology Meets Societal Impact

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I see the two movements of Technology Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship beginning to converge into a promising solution. has come from high-growth technology companies.

Creating A Culture of Innovation Using Innovation Software

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Long-term innovation programs that include clear KPIs are proven to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Recognizing and rewarding employees for their participation and engagement can go a long way to rewriting the innovation script and improving overall job satisfaction.

How HR Can Help Managers To Become Better Leaders

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You aren’t likely to be affected by any team bias or prejudice, and probably find it easy to remain objective about the organization’s short-term and long-term needs. The best leaders, on the other hand, use strategic skills to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

A 5-Part Process for Using Technology to Improve Your Talent Management

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At the law firm Allen & Overy, the idea of replacing traditional, annual performance appraisals with a technology-enabled continuous feedback system did not come from human resources. In an era of transformative cognitive technologies like AI and machine learning, it’s become obvious that people, practices, and systems must become nimbler too. Working with new technologies in new and nimbler ways creates the need for additional innovation in talent practices.

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Technology Can Save Onboarding from Itself

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Ineffective onboarding has been a systemic challenge for as long as I can remember. Competition among the most innovative companies is growing ever more heated for one of the most highly-coveted resources on the market: talented employees.

Breaking the Death Grip of Legacy Technologies

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Technologies like 3-D printing, robotics, advanced motion controls, and new methods for continuous manufacturing hold great potential for improving how companies design and build products to better serve customers. The technologies and trends shaping tomorrow’s businesses.

How Big Companies Can (and do) Innovate Like a Start-Up

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A good strategy helps a company clarify the tradeoffs that will be needed to make between short-term improvements and long-term opportunities. When faced with a potential threat of technology or business model disruption, you need to consider two things.

How to Invest In Stocks: Fundamentals for Beginners

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Having some cash on the side and wanting them to produce more in the long term is usually a great idea. If you already know about stocks and you survey some promising companies (usually, big names in the technology sector attract new investors the most ), you can take a DIY approach.

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Industries That Provide Stable Careers

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But you probably want to pursue a career path in an industry that can provide a stable long-term job. The property market provides a very stable landscape for anybody looking to build a long-term career. It’s important to find a job that feels like the right fit.

Air Conditioner Shortage.and Time to Think.

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I also know this impacts my ability to think long term. Technology has reduced our attention spans. I have noticed even I read many less books than I once did - because a book is long unlike a quick hit article. I realize my biggest impact comes by thinking long term.

Career Advice On How To Be A Better Leader

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The workforce included a blend of long-term employees with a rich company, product/service and customer history, employees who had been at the company for five to seven years, and then new hires with a fresh perspective and keen sense of new technologies and techniques. Fortunately, most of my career I’ve worked in effective corporate cultures.

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The Four Technologies You Need to Be Working With

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They all take advantage of four technologies that once were scarce and expensive but are now plentiful and cheap. These technologies can be combined in numerous ways, and we are just starting to see companies really taking advantage of the possibilities. Technology

How Technology Can Help Close the Gender Gap

Harvard Business Review

The good news is that all this is changing, driven in large part by technology. Broader technology trends have reduced the cost of starting a new business for all entrepreneurs, such as the move from servers to cloud computing, from long-term leases to shared workspaces like WeWork, from business travel to video conferencing, and from employing all full-time employees to hiring some freelancers. What is the experience of a woman in corporate America today?