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One of the things I tend to value most is loyalty. In fact, there are few things I loathe more than gravy trainers, fare weather friends, gossips and others that display a lack of loyalty. In today’s post I’ll examine the value of loyalty as it relates to leadership.

Loyalty vs. Tenure | N2Growth Blog

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If your organization confuses loyalty and tenure there is trouble on the horizon…If your business rates tenure higher than performance as a measure for employee evaluation, it is time for you to consider updating your talent management practices and procedures.

Stop Measuring Employee Loyalty By Tenure: 5 Steps to Creating a Boomerang Culture

Great Leadership By Dan

The old loyalty paradigm is dead, and it’s time for us to switch from measuring employee loyalty by length of employment, to an entire career lifetime regardless of whether a paycheck is involved or not. culture Lee Caraher loyalty the Boomerang Principle

Customer Loyalty – Marrying Ease With Humanity

Tanveer Naseer

They seek, and have come to expect, companies will make their lives easier and provide technological solutions that enable them to do business with you “on their terms” and in the context of their busy lives. But wait, didn’t I suggest that customer loyalty involves a marriage of some sort?

Rajat Paharia on “The Three Faces of Loyalty”

First Friday Book Synopsis

In the first chapter of his recently published book, Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer and Employee Engagement with Big Data and Gamification, Rajat Paharia shares what he characterizes as “The Three Faces of Loyalty.” ” Here is a briefing on the key ideas: Loyalty 1.0 “We all know Loyalty 1.0 Bob''s blog entries BOX Technologies Kimberly ClarkIDEO Bravo Bunchball ESPN Loyalty 1.0 Loyalty 2.0 Loyalty 3.0

Building Customer Loyalty :: Women on Business

Women on Business

How do I build customer loyalty? I earn loyalty by giving it. Loyalty has to be intentional and designed. Delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty.

Technologies Your Business Really Can’t Afford Not To Embrace

Strategy Driven

They will see this as a time of technological revolution where science fiction met with science fact. To say that these are exciting times is an understatement, yet it’s surprising how slow some businesses are in embracing technology. Drone technology is nothing new.

Blockchain Will Transform Customer Loyalty Programs

Harvard Business Review

Loyalty programs have proliferated across travel, retail, financial services, and other economic sectors. household participates in 29 different loyalty programs, according to the 2015 Colloquy Loyalty Census. Loyalty programs are ripe for some kind of disruptive innovation that would make them easier to use. How Blockchain Works Here are five basic principles underlying the technology. Blockchain-based loyalty platforms could be another such disruption.

Blogging on Business Update from Bob Morris (Week of 7/22/13)

First Friday Book Synopsis

I hope that at least a few of these recent posts will be of interest to you: BOOK REVIEWS Breakpoint: Why the Web Will Implode, Search will be Obsolete, and Everything Else you Need to Know about Technology is in Your Brain Jeff Stibel Loyalty 3.0: Brown (Fashion Institute of Technology) in “The Corner Office” LinkedIn Listen Past Your Blind Spots" Loyalty 3.0

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Digital Growth Depends More on Business Models than Technology

Harvard Business Review

Given that those companies were all venture-financed and emerged from Silicon Valley, you might assume that the key ingredients that have ensured their success were cutting-edge technologies, digital platforms, and customer bases that were chiefly made up of digital natives.

Why Your Customer Loyalty Program Isn’t Working

Harvard Business Review

This latest frequent flyer reboot is an example of how the meaning, measure, and management of “customer loyalty” are changing. ” and instead asking themselves, “What kind of loyalty do we want our customers to have , and do we want to have for our customers?”

CEOs Need Hard Data on Customer Loyalty

Harvard Business Review

These companies have demonstrated that it is possible to generate hard data on customer loyalty and use them in to inform strategic decisions. Customers Information & technology Strategic planning PDFThree-quarters of the world's CEOs say more emphasis should be placed on measuring the value of non-financial assets such as intellectual capital and customer relationships.

Darren Dahl on “10 Things You Should Never Micromanage”

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries 4 Walls Atlanta California CEO of OCZ Technology in San Jose Contractorselling.com Creative Ventures Dallas (Texas) Darren Dahl on “10 Things You Should Never Micromanage” Empower Me! Stephen Harvill SuperCompetent: The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best The Loyalty Advantage TPGTEX Label Solutions Washington University’s Olin School of Business in St. Here is an excerpt from an article written by Darren Dahl and featured by Inc. magazine.

Marketers Need to Stop Focusing on Loyalty and Start Thinking About Relevance

Harvard Business Review

If your customer retention strategy relies on “buying” loyalty with rewards, rebates, or discounts, it is coming at a high cost. That’s because the “loyalty era” of marketing, as we’ve known it, is waning. Yet, according to recent consumer research from Kantar Retail, 71% of consumers now claim that loyalty incentive-programs don’t make them loyal at all. Topic Images Inc./Getty Getty Images.

Personalized Technology Will Upend the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Harvard Business Review

Wearable technologies, implanted devices, and smartphone apps allow continuous monitoring and create a ubiquitous, 24/7, digitized picture of your health that can be accessed and analyzed in real-time, anywhere. Strategy Business models Health Technology Healthcare

Disruptive Technology Plus Rapid Growth Equals Excess Devotion, For the Newbie

The Idolbuster

There was no overall institutional loyalty – a graduate student is part of a scientist’s lab, who in many cases could care less about what you think of them or the institution. Chapter 5: The Role of Circumstance Part 11. In the last post, we met Mary, who enthusiastically embraced the corporate life after graduate school and was shocked when the first layoffs hit.

How GenX Affects Your Business

Women on Business

Now I applaud the store for the use of technology to create a more accurate account of inventory, but to run a business you actually have to talk to your customers! So technology is great until it isn’t, here are some things to keep in mind while empowering the younger generation of workers with technology: Technology should assist, not complete the sell. The bottom line is that technology should assist the sale, not create it.

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Reverse Innovation in Tech Startups: The Story of Capillary Technologies

Harvard Business Review

But can reverse innovation be relevant in the world of high-technology? The very definition of "high-technology" hints at something typically reserved for the developed world. Furthermore, for the past half-century, technology solutions have inevitably come from developed nations and occasionally "trickled down" to the emerging markets. However, the story of Capillary Technologies portends a global shift of technology "trickling up" in the opposite direction.

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Case Study: Will Our Chinese Partner Copy Our Technology?

Harvard Business Review

While Blue Sky is an SOE, I think they really want to differentiate themselves, and they're willing to use a lot of our technology.". The only person not applauding was Wang Xiguo, the engineer who had led the development of Prime's power train technology. It's better than any technology Blue Sky has ever seen or used, but now we're supposed to jump for joy that they're buying a few of our components for a prototype, which may or may not end up getting produced?

Why Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values Really Do Matter

Great Leadership By Dan

Give it a go and see how the process boosts productivity, loyalty and performance throughout the company. Guest post from Chris Griffiths: Being able to define your purpose, mission, vision and values allows you to plan for your company’s future success.

Chick-Fil-A’s “Golden Rule Approach To Business”

The Idolbuster

In his book The Loyalty Effect , Frederick Reichheld, head of Bain Consulting’s loyalty practice, and inventor of the Net Promoter Score, has built a career showing that businesses that put people first have better financial returns, at least in certain industries. Reishheld argues that often a loyalty culture, i.e. one that values long term relationships with employees, customers, and investors is a productive business strategy.

6 Omnichannel Support Strategies for Cleaning Companies

Strategy Driven

Marketers and customer service reps will need to adapt to the changes in the market brought about by technological convergence. Technological convergence refers to the integration of unrelated technologies that brings forth more convenience and better solutions.

Top Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Strategy Driven

Through social media, email newsletters, and in-house blogs, consumer engagement is the key to improved customer loyalty and higher conversion rates. Technology Trends. Entrepreneurs need to understand the changing markets that they are involved in.

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Effective Strategies For Business Growth

Strategy Driven

Invest In New Technology & Software. Technology is evolving at such a continuous, rapid rate that it often means that what you are currently using is out of date.

What Millennials Need To Know To Survive In Today’s Marketplace.

Rich Gee Group

Offer solid development opportunities which will instill the loyalty we’ve seen erode over the last few decades. Technological change is a top global challenge — it is going to require extraordinary effort to keep pace. There is no job for life anymore. .

How to Drive Strategies By Assessing Your Company Capabilities

N2Growth Blog

Customer Loyalty: Is the firm preferred among its customers? Technology. IT Responsiveness: How quickly can technological solutions be fielded to meet business demands? Every company has a set of capabilities that, when properly leveraged, can serve to devastate the competition.

Education and Corporations – A New Partnership

Lead Change Blog

We all know that companies compete fiercely to stay ahead of the technological curve. Students find incredible new motivation, connecting dots from the classroom to real world experiences, all the while learning new technological skills. Corporate social responsibility trends in mentoring find a growth of skilled applicants, robust pipeline, and new interest in technology. Millennials prefer to work at do-good companies, stay longer, find greater loyalty.

10 Traits of Great Leaders in This New World of Work

Great Leadership By Dan

And, they’ll earn the loyalty of not only millennials, but every generation they have the privilege to lead. Glenn Elliott is founder and Debra Corey is group reward director of Reward Gateway , a world leader in integrated employee engagement technology with more than 1,800 clients worldwide.

What Do 5 Top Women In Tech Have In Common?

Women on Business

is known for her loyalty and kindness. Businesswomen Profiles Guest Posts Leadership Technology Alexa Von Tobel Arianna Huffington Rachel Sklar Rachel Sterne Sheryl Sandberg women in techGuest post by Kristen Brophy (learn more about Kristen at the end of this post). What Do 5 Top Women In Tech Have In Common? They are fierce and persistent pioneers. Success in Silicon Valley, most would agree, is more merit driven than almost any other place in the world.

David Wiener’s 40 Rules for Business, Management and the Rest of Life

Leading Blog

Thinking back on the lessons I learned when I was wet behind the ears, it strikes me that the technologies, financial methodologies, and expectation levels when I cashed my first paycheck were profoundly different than today. Value loyalty and fidelity. I HAVE a “no jerk” rule.

What Neuroscience Reveals About Creating Better Leaders In Today’s Organizations

Tanveer Naseer

To do that it has made use of imaging technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET), along with brain wave analysis technologies such as quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG).

How To Attract Customers And Boost Retail Sales

Strategy Driven

Create A Loyalty Programme. In order to gain this loyalty, lots of businesses use loyalty programmes like punch cards to keep customers coming back.

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Kicking Leadership Clichés

Great Leadership By Dan

the environmental crisis, increased individualism and value pluralism, digitization, demographic change and technological convergence. Old dogs need to learn new tricks To be agile, leaders must accept new technologies they do not always understand and cannot control.

Top 5 Industries That Are Changing Due To AR

Strategy Driven

To one’s mind, used wisely, this new technology can certainly help us improve and ease the way we learn, work and even have fun. It’s no secret that children love technology. Augmented reality (AR) is on the crest of a wave these days.

10 Advantages of Using OCR in Business

Lead Change Blog

This technology enables enterprises and organisations to improve customer experience by making unstructured content searchable. Advanced technology that allows you to recognize text using OCR can be applied in many different fields to ensure customers have access to the information they are looking. High-quality service delivery encourages customer loyalty and increased conversion rates.

Make Your Marketing Personal (Without Looking Like A Creep)

Strategy Driven

Essentially, it’s because personal ads help to develop brand loyalty and make the customer feel like the company cares. Behind this new wave of customization is a whole raft of digital technologies that are allowing it to happen.

Staying Relevant as an Older, Small Business Today

Strategy Driven

Communication Technology. In a highly competitive digital world, the key is to keep up with the latest technology. Today’s world is an entrepreneurial one, and it seems more so than ever before.

15 Nuggets of Wisdom From 15 Entrepreneurs

Terry Starbucker

“Be sure to look at ideas from the other (customer) side” – Ken Barker , CEO of Crailar Technologies , who is developing (get this) the first natural fiber alternative to cotton that the clothing industry has ever had. What are the secrets to entrepreneurial success?

How to Boost Your Profits

Strategy Driven

The chances are high that they have switched to a more relationship-based model that uses technology to improve their customer experience and loyalty. America is built on the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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Leadership – No Talent Required | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I think loyalty cost us nothing, yet delivers great reward to a team. Loyalty is a missing ingredient in job market of both the secular and sacred. I think loyalty is a great addition to the list.

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The Eight Pillars of Trust

Leading Blog

Horsager identifies twelve barriers to trust: conflict of interest, threat of litigation, lack of loyalty, increasing examples of others untrustworthiness, threat of exposure, lack of control over technology, fear of the unknown, negative experiences, individualism, differences between people, desire for instant gratification, and a focus on the negative. The Trust Edge explains how you and your organization can become trusted. A lack of trust is your biggest expense.

Brand Real

CEO Blog

I read Laurence Vincent's book - Brand Real - How Smart Companies Live Their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty. New technology - speech jamming. I love Branding. Brand to a company is like reputation is to a person.

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The Missing Leadership Competency

N2Growth Blog

These “things” include job-relevant behavior (what a person says or does that results in good or poor performance), motivation (how a person feels about a job, organization, or geographic location), and technical knowledge/skills (what a person knows/demonstrates regarding facts, technologies, a profession, procedures, a job, an organization, etc.). Building Customer Loyalty. By John R. Childress. Chair, Cultural Transformation – President, N2Growth Europe, N2Growth.