Managing Productivity and Morale

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Today’s business leaders face myriad challenges as they look for ways to improve return on investment (ROI) while managing resources effectively. The greatest resource of any organization is its workforce, and balancing employee morale with productivity is the key to creating an environment and culture where collaboration governs and success thrives. Managing Productivity and Morale. Melissa Russell writes on marketing and business management.

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Six Strategies for Boosting Morale

Kevin Eikenberry

Consulting Speaking Training Products About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe Six Strategies for Boosting Morale by Kevin Eikenberry on November 1, 2010 in Leadership , Learning A participant from a workshop I led several years ago posed a question to me last week. While she shared more details, this is the crux of her question: “Currently low morale is my major issue. I know morale is important!

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Top Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Strategy Driven

There have been significant changes in the world of the law of late, as we see more firms ramping up their marketing and business growth activities. The market is much bigger, more competitive and more dynamic than ever before. Embrace digital marketing.

What Are The Key Marketing Features That Truly Influence Consumer Decisions?

Strategy Driven

When building a marketing strategy in the modern age, the list of features you could incorporate is virtually endless. Multi-Channel Marketing. Whether they realise it or not, consumers respond exceptionally well to multi-channel marketing. Multi-channel marketing also allows you to maintain brand engagement at all times, ranging from passive to hot leads. Likewise, all marketing content should be tailored to reflect your place in the market.

Supporting The Working Parents Amongst Your Employees

Strategy Driven

Your employees are never going to stop being parents, and supporting this is a great way to boost your employee morale as well as your business growth as a whole. Practices for Professionals business management Employee Morale Flexible Working Schedule strategydriven

How Morale Changes as a Startup Grows

Harvard Business

We found that one significant driver of employee happiness is the employee’s rating of management transparency, showing a stronger correlation with company culture then factors like benefits or work-life balance. What really matters here is the employee’s perception of how transparent management is. Afterward, management re-asked the staff to rate the company’s transparency. However, the caveat is that this is not driven only by manager-to-subordinate kudos.

Crisis Management Essentials

Tanveer Naseer

Daniel is the IBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practices at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the director of the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship. After reading his new book, Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset , I invited Daniel to share his insights on crisis management and its impact on an organization’s reputation with my readers.

Why John Deere Measures Employee Morale Every Two Weeks

Harvard Business

More recently, online sites such as Glassdoor and Vault let HR managers view anonymized praises and complaints about their company from employees and former employees – comments the whole world can see. I’ve found few organizations go to the lengths of Deere & Company in taking regular pulse checks of the morale of their employees. Deere’s marketing group has found such check-ins vital to staying competitive in its industry.

Healthy Habits Of Successful Leaders – An Expert Roundup

Joseph Lalonde

Even if it’s walking to the local market for lunch, or parking further away in a parking lot. He could have attributed their success to more advanced technology, better marketing, or thinking differently. No one wants to work harder for a complacent or mediocre manager, however, every employee wants to be led by an enthusiastic leader that helps them become more passionate about their work. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.

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Putting your Employees First in the Hybrid World

Decker Communication

I’ve been lucky enough to manage people for most of my career. Every role over the next few decades involved people management. While I loved all my roles, one in particular really helped me grow as a leader — managing a call center in financial services.

Big Beer, A Moral Market, and Innovation

Harvard Business Review

On the surface, America's market for beer has never looked healthier. Yet just below this drinker's paradise we find a market that has never been more concentrated. To understand how we arrived at this seeming paradox, and what it portends for the brewer and drinker, our team at the New America Foundation took a look into the past and present structures of America's markets for beer and alcohol. The first task was to decide what they wanted from the market.

How to Retain your Star Employees

Great Leadership By Dan

In today’s low unemployment, employee-driven job market, employee retention is more important than ever! The obvious costs are hiring and training costs, but there is also lost opportunity, morale, reputation, customer relationships, and other intangibles that are harder to measure. If you’re faced with this kind of turnaround challenge, don’t let your HR manager talk you into doing an employee satisfaction survey. employee morale retention turnover

The 3 Most Important Responsibilities of a Manager

Strategy Driven

As a manager, you will be expected to focus on the best ways to improve the business and make large profits during your tenure by finding new ways to increase your margins. One of the best ways that you can do this as a manager is to cut the running costs of the business. You can also encourage business growth by managing the marketing team and finding new ways to boost sales.

Branding Trends To Improve Your Business In 2022

Strategy Driven

Modern marketing involves creating a story around your brand, the story should demonstrate who you are, and why your business came to exist. With the right branding, you’ll achieve brand recognition across the market. What does branding mean?

Putting your Employees First in the Hybrid World

Decker Communication

I’ve been lucky enough to manage people for most of my career. Every role over the next few decades involved people management. While I loved all my roles, one in particular really helped me grow as a leader — managing a call center in financial services.

MOTIVATION AT WORK: How to walk those extra miles as a manager?

HR Digest

Management is nothing more than motivating other people–American automobile executive, Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca. What is makes organizations like Apple, Google, Facebook rule the market? The progress of an organization depends on their proper management.

How Marketers Can Get More Value from Their Recommendation Engines

Harvard Business

Thoughtfully managed, recommendations can prove far more valuable to marketers than for the customers they ostensibly serve. Recommendation engines not only generate useful data for analyzing customer desires; they can be harnessed to make tactical and strategic recommendations for marketers. Think of an enterprise Netflix, Amazon, or Spotify for marketers; the same technology enhancing customer choice now empowers managerial decision. Data-Driven Marketing.

The Flawed “Customer First” Focus (and Other Management Practices to Question)

Michael Lee Stallard

In his latest book, Under New Management , David Burkus challenges a number of conventional business practices. These practices include, but are not limited to: the “customer first” mentality, non-compete agreements, email, standard vacation policy, office design, annual performance appraisals, and even the need for managers. Under New Management is well worth reading. Management Focus on Employees First.

Manage The Challenges of Working In a Matrix

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Matrix organizations are becoming more common as organizations grow larger, become more complex, and/or enter global markets. Old school hierarchical thinking will create a misaligned organization with low morale and low productivity. Conflict between line managers and functional managers erupts around prioritizing projects and allocating resources. Do You Work In a Matrix? .

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How Good Are You in Managing Office Politics?

Coaching Tip

In today''s hyper-competitive job market, you have to be hardworking, smart and educated, but you also have to be politically astute. When you ask people how they achieve results within their organizations, they cite market analysis, strategic planning and brainstorming. There is the possibility for self-improvement for sure, but there is also the possibility for authentic leadership , not the kind that comes from the corner office, but that comes from your moral authority.

The Growing Importance of Ethics in PR

Strategy Driven

Whenever they work with another company, they become an extension of their beliefs and morals. Marketing & Sales business management Code of Ethics Public relations industry strategydriven

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4 Ways to Grow Your Business Organically

Strategy Driven

A company gains access to new markets by taking over or fusing with other businesses. Effective branding enables you to cut marketing and advertising costs. For customers to know about your company brand, ensure that your marketing tactics fit your target audience.

Lead with integrity

Lead on Purpose

Integrity is a “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.&#

101 Things I Learned in Business School

Leading Blog

B USINESS is not a discipline, but an endeavor made up of disciplines such as accounting, communications, economics, finance, leadership, management, marketing, operations, psychology, sociology, and strategy. Lesson: Moral Hazard.

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Simple Methods to Grow Your Small Business

Strategy Driven

Use a variety of marketing techniques. Marketing plays a key role in business success. When done correctly, marketing campaigns have the power to advertise your products and services to a global audience, drive traffic to your site, and establish you as an authority in your industry.

6 Ways to Be a Great Boss

Strategy Driven

There is a misconception about delegation that many bad bosses run with, which dampens employees’ morale. Great bosses lead from the front and visible leaders appear more confident about their strategies and management efforts.

Organization, Communication, and Other Key Themes in Business

Strategy Driven

Time management tools, in particular, are a great way to help your employees organize themselves and cut through their tasks much more quickly, which will help both their spirits and their productivity high. Keep Morale High.

Win Back Trust with Raw, Unscripted, and Real Messaging

Skip Prichard

That’s why I was fascinated by Unfiltered Marketing: 5 Rules to Win Back Trust, Credibility, and Customers in a Digitally Distracted World by Stephen Denny and Paul Leinberger. What skills should leaders be developing to market this way? We Don’t Want Perfection.

Leadership and Teamwork

Lead on Purpose

In the world of business management, the game is played for keeps, but not all employees respond exclusively to a win-lose attitude. Nothing discourages initiative and strategic thinking like a hovering, critical manager. One useful exercise can be to do a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) exercise with your team – this will allow you to identify strengths, weaknesses and different approaches to working life which will help you manage effectively.

How to Manage an Insecure Employee

Harvard Business

” Your interpersonal relationships with insecure employees also tend to be more complicated, says Mary Shapiro, a professor at Simmons College School of Management and the author of HBR Guide to Leading Teams. Is it hurting morale? One of the biggest challenges of overseeing an insecure employee is the impact on your ability to manage your team’s workload, says Shapiro. “As a manager, my first priority is always ‘what is the best thing for this person?’”

Case Study: Can a Work-at-Home Policy Hurt Morale?

Harvard Business Review

As general manager of the Noida, India, office of KGDV, a global knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company, she had always encouraged healthy debate on her team, but she was surprised that her head of human resources, Vijay Nayak, and her top project manager, Matt Parker, were going at it in the hallway. But if morale continues to slip, we’re going to have a whole different set of empty seats to fill. Organizational culture Workspaces Managing people

How to Deal with Team Conflict

Let's Grow Leaders

Team conflict can feel like quicksand and a distraction from your work, but it’s an excellent opportunity to improve morale and productivity. For example: “It sounds like you’re really frustrated with the lack of response from marketing and that’s sapping your motivation.

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Reframe a Moral Dilemma with Just One Word

Harvard Business Review

Toward a Theory of Moral Insight Working Knowledge When we’re faced with an immediate moral dilemma, most of us are so thrown off that we’re not exactly able to think in complete sentences. That’s because one of the difficulties of moral dilemmas is that they appear to force us to pick one path or another; the simple substitution of “could” allows us to think more expansively about possible solutions. Ethics Managing yourself

Stop Comparing Management to Sports

Harvard Business

The message for managers is clear: this is the way to outcompete your business rivals; these are the traits that will bring you and your company commercial victory. Good management is not like a competitive sport. And managing your company as if it is, can lead your business astray – or at least create a mighty corporate mess. As the famous management professor Henry Mintzberg noted: “Think of the organizations you most admire.

The 5 Goals of a Project Manager | StrategyDriven

Strategy Driven

Regardless of your level of experience in project management, set these 5 goals for every project you manage. The Project Management Life Cycle : A Complete Step-By-Step Methodology for Initiating, Planning, Executing & Closing a Project Successfully by Jason Westland The Project Management Life Cycle is the first book of its kind to provide a complete methodology for managing projects. To succeed, you need to manage your scope very carefully.

5 Tips to Improve Sales Team Performance

Strategy Driven

You can learn about not just ways to improve your business, but also the morale of your employees and if any steps need to be taken to improve their mood. Marketing & Sales business management communication skills sales forecasting strategydriven

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Brand Identity: 5 Basic Steps You Need to Cover

Strategy Driven

According to Forbes , strong brands have these four things in common: recognition, trust, financial value, and a boost in employee morale. To ensure you stay on track, always keep those four elements in mind, and regularly ask yourself and your marketing and design team these questions: Recognition: What will customer think or remember when they see insert-logo or insert-image? Boost in Employee Morale: How will insert-item impact my team?

The Future Is Where Brands Must Focus

Great Leadership By Dan

But a problem that’s becoming ever more visible is that some organisations have made authenticity their marketing strategy, rather than a business one. This isn’t a marketing issue, this is a business-wide issue, involving every facet of the organisation. And the ‘actual’ difference between ethical brands with a moral code and those exposed as being without one, is increasingly a key factor in consumer brand adoption or rejection. branding marketing Sean Pillot de Chenecey

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Measurement of Success in Business

Strategy Driven

As the management writer for write my essay service puts it, ‘’being successful does not necessarily mean that the business is debt, free, but rather that the debt repayments can be made without constraining the cash flow.’’. Stay on top of market trends.

Whole Foods' John Mackey on Capitalism's Moral Code

Harvard Business Review

An interview with John Mackey , co-CEO of Whole Foods Market and coauthor of Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. Leadership Managing people StrategyDownload this podcast. A written transcript will be available by January 25.

How Managers Can Avoid Playing Favorites

Harvard Business

But when managers favor one employee over another, morale and productivity suffer. What Great Managers Do. Exceptional managers find and capitalize on their employees' unique strengths. Mario Chamorro, a growth marketer in San Francisco, knows how important it is to treat employees fairly. “I think of my role as manager as empowering the people on my team,” he says. It’s human nature to like some colleagues more than others.

The Benefits of Great Customer Service

Strategy Driven

This is beneficial as miscommunication between employees can cause some serious issues for productivity and the elimination of these issues should boost employee morale overall. Customer Relationship Management answering service business management customer loyalty strategydriven

How One Company Contained Health Care Costs and Improved Morale

Harvard Business Review

Based on the rate of inflation for health care spending in the Minnesota market where the company headquarters are based, it was projected that TURCK’s cost would have risen from $280.52 100% of TURCK’s executive team and 75% of its extended management team participated in a leadership and well-being development track, called Lead by Example.