Top 6 Tips for Project Management Success

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Whether you are managing a multi-million dollar project or overseeing tasks for a small startup, being a project manager can be a stressful and challenging role. If you are a project manager who wants to level up your skills, this short and simple guide is for you.

The Most Effective Ways Leaders Handle Stress

Lead from Within

Leadership is stressful even in the best of times. And leading through a time of crisis elevates that stress levels that often feel unmanageable. That’s why every leader needs to know how to strategically and effectively manage stress.

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Balance your Workload on High-Visible Projects

Career Advancement

She was striving to increase her visibility by taking on high-profile projects. She’d taken on two new projects that made up nearly half of her workload. You definitely don’t want to sacrifice your performance in your current job to your high-profile projects.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Career Advancement

“Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life.”. Client Elias asks: I feel like my work performance is being compromised by stress. And carrying all that stress is exhausting—sooner or later, I feel like I’m just going to collapse. Furthermore, try not to stress about your work stress.

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Embracing Stress To Lead Others Effectively

General Leadership

Avoiding stress in professional life is like achieving work-life balance or eliminating risk: it’s not possible. With the onslaught of media and advertising luring us with promises of “stress-free living” and the necessity to remove stress from the workplace, most are driven to the belief that stress can be entirely eliminated from life. But like risk, taxes and yes, death, stress is a fact of life.

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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Action Learning Projects

Let's Grow Leaders

Done well, action learning projects are one of the very best forms of leadership development. Participants must manage through complex situations and team dynamics. If you have no idea what an action learning project is, Wikipedia actually does a pretty good job of describing it. In many, but not all, forms of action learning, a coach is included who is responsible for promoting and facilitating learning as well as encouraging the team to be self-managing.

What Wickipedia Can’t Tell You About Action Learning Projects

Let's Grow Leaders

Done well, action learning projects are one of the very best forms of leadership development. Participants must manage through complex situations and team dynamics. If you have no idea what an action learning project is, Wickipedia actually does a pretty good job of describing it. In many, but not all, forms of action learning, a coach is included who is responsible for promoting and facilitating learning as well as encouraging the team to be self-managing.

Neutralize “Killer Stress” to Boost the Bottom Line

Michael Lee Stallard

Who experiences greater levels of stress: management or employees? Managers seem to think they do, but hard research data makes it clear: Employees experience greater stress, and that affects the company’s bottom line. It doesn’t have to be that way: Effective leaders can create an organizational culture that reduces “killer stress” and encourages “challenge stress,” which produces gains in productivity and performance.

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Time Management Strategies & Prioritizing

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He couldn’t just shrug off his existing responsibilities, but he didn’t want to give up the exciting new projects he’d taken on. I begin by reassuring them that time-management strategies like these ones can relieve a lot of their stress.

Unwrapping and Managing Difficult Employees

Great Leadership By Dan

Are there team members that are causing stress? Is it a loss of privileges to work remotely, an upcoming bonus, or rescinding a high-profile project? Guest post from Beth Miller: We’ve all been challenged with at least one difficult person at work.

Stress free ways to ask for a Promotion

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He knew good managers want to see their employees move up the ladder. He looked at the projects he’d covered in the past. As Bob worked on this list, he realized his insider knowledge helped him master projects about twice as fast as when he first hired on. As he went through this process, his confidence grew and his stress level went down. It was a good conversation, without stress or fear. It really took away all the stress.”

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Attributes of Effective Project Managers

Chartered Management Institute

Project managers are essential to every business organization because of their role in company growth profit potential. In general, project managers need to undergo project management courses since it is the only way that they can be become acquainted with management procedures. Interested individuals need to undergo project management courses to ensure the proper administration of company resources and other important matters.

Struggling with Stress: How to Have More Fun at Work

Strategy Driven

According to an Everest College Survey, 83% of US workers are suffering from stress at work, which is often related to a low salary, too many tasks, a lack of job security, a poor work-life balance, or a lack of professional developments. Unfortunately, stress at work can eat into a worker’s personal life, as they may feel defined by their chosen career. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can combat stress in your job.

A Guide to Managing Your Team and Avoiding Employee Burnout

Lead Change Blog

It can be hard for managers to know if their employee is simply unproductive and disengaged, or if they’re having a burnout. Burnout is the enemy of productivity and stems from different causes, including too much work and stress, exhaustion of repetitive tasks, and lack of challenges at work. Managers must learn to recognize burnout in their employees and ways to avoid it happening in the first place. As a manager, there are solutions to the problem.

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Managing the Hidden Stress of Emotional Labor

Harvard Business

Stress. Turning Stress into an Asset. When people habitually evoke the stress of surface acting, they’ll be more prone to depression and anxiety, decreased job performance, and burnout. And job stress can spill over into home life. Consider whether you can work with your manager to tweak your job so that it is more aligned with what is of value to you. Stress Digital Article

How to Cope with Secondhand Stress

Harvard Business

The flipside is true, too; if your colleagues are constantly stressed out, you’re more likely to suffer. How do you avoid secondhand stress? First, the bad news: secondhand stress is nearly inescapable. “Secondhand stress comes from verbal, nonverbal, and written communication, which means we can pick it up even via cellphone.” Before you wage war on secondhand stress, you must acknowledge that some stress can be good, says David.

Role-Relationships Make Teams Successful and Managers Less Stressed.

Mike Cardus

One Team Development model, often used in project management is the G.R.P.I This usually manifests in confusion over authority and accountability and cause friction between team members, people outside the team that are needed for specific expertise on tasks, and managements frustration on completing the work on time. People on work teams don’t have to like each other, but they must be expected to help each other with respect to the work being done.

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Holidays Can Be Stressful. They Don’t Have to Stress Out Your Team.

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” But, for others, it can be the loneliest and most stressful time of the year. According to a 2015 Healthline survey , 44% of people say that they are stressed during the holidays, with more than 18% reporting that they’re “very stressed.” “The holidays are filled with both joy and stress,” shares Ellen Braaten, PhD, in Harvard Medical School’s blog, On the Brain. Leading teams Stress Digital Article

Accountability for Team Goals Belong to the Team-Leader / Project-Manager

Mike Cardus

Ultimately it is the Team-Leader and Project-Manager who is accountable for achieving the Goals and Objectives that are assigned. We can only hold the individual on the team accountable for accomplishing their delegated piece of the overall project. If people on the team feel they all share-accountability then people will assume power positions and stress that is not needed.

How Project Management Apps Are Fostering Remote Working

Strategy Driven

The inter-connectivity of computers worldwide and the advent of project management apps and time-tracking software has made this possible. It’s also pertinent to note that remote working not only solves the problem of access to highly skilled personnel but it has come to be seen as the perfect solution for employees who have to brave the long-hour drives to work, thereby reducing their stress levels.

7 Specific Ways I Deal with Stress

Ron Edmondson

Yesterday, I shared some general ways I deal with stress. Today I’m following that up with some specific things I do that help me deal with daily stress. Here are 7 specific tips I have for handling stress: Plan each day – Begin each day with a predetermined win for the day. The more you plan days you can complete the less stressful individual days will be and, ultimately, the more effective you will be. (In Related posts: 7 Tips for Handling Stress.

Stress Is an Organizational Problem

Harvard Business

Mark Mortensen, an associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, discusses the research on “multiteaming”—when employees work not only across multiple projects, but multiple teams. Leading teams Collaboration Managing organizations Organizational structure Audio

How to Help Your Spouse Cope with Work Stress

Harvard Business

Home is a sanctuary from work stress, right? Even if you are able to leave your projects and worries at the office, your spouse may have difficulty doing so — and that stress can rub off on you. Dealing with stress is a fact of working life. And when you’re half of a dual-career couple, you have both your own stress to manage and your significant other’s stress as well. ” Stress endurance is not a competition.

Are You Too Stressed to Be Productive? Or Not Stressed Enough?

Harvard Business

I always assumed that if I could just reduce any stress I was facing, my productivity would rise. It’s true that stress can be a health risk , and that we’re often encouraged to avoid it if we want to live happy, productive, and long lives. But research suggests that some stress can actually be beneficial to performance. When the level of stress becomes too high, performance decreases. Stress Productivity Managing yourself Digital Article

Closing the Year | How to Successfully Manage Your Finance Team

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There’s a lot of pressure and that can lead to a lot of stress. A successful close isn’t just about managing the process but about managing your team and your time to make the best use of resources. This helps management plan and strategize and benefit stakeholders.

10 Secrets to Mastering Time Management

HR Digest

There is no secret for time management; it all depends on the person how they handle their routine and tasks and manage their time efficiently and productively. Follow these rules, and you will surely master time management and get done more in life. .

How Leaders Can Push Employees Without Stressing Them Out

Harvard Business

One of the most interesting findings of a recent HBR article on team chemistry is that the types of people who become leaders within organizations are about 30% less likely than their coworkers to feel stressed out. Both my husband and my second-in-command at the office would suggest, only half-jokingly, that I am miraculously unencumbered because I am so skilled at off-loading my stress onto them. Stress. Turning Stress into an Asset.

Project Managers Should Share Their Stress

Harvard Business Review

Project managers tend to hold their cards pretty close to the vest. Whatever the motivation, the result is the same: acute stress. We know too many project managers with prematurely gray hair and a serious addiction to antacid pills. If you''re the only one responsible for results — and the only one who''s aware that the results might not be what everyone (including the customer) is hoping for — of course you''ll be stressed.

Balancing Parenting and Work Stress: A Guide

Harvard Business

Make friends in the business development team so that you know about the big local client projects coming up and can volunteer for them early (no business travel!). Manage the village. If it takes a village to raise a child, your job is to build and manage that village the same way you would a project team at work. Downloading “life hack” apps onto your phone can help you move from “overwhelmed and exhausted” to “busy but managing.”

Manage Your Stress by Monitoring Your Body’s Reactions to It

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Managers aren’t even working together anymore. In the past Jack’s exercise routine alleviated stress. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol flood your body. For example, your Lookout might say: “You seem bored” or “You’re excited about the new client, and you’re cooking along with the project plan.” By practicing in moments of low stress, you’ll hone your Lookout skills.

Managing Distraction in the Digital Era

Great Leadership By Dan

A recent study found that individuals who limited their frequency of checking email to three times a day experienced significantly lower daily stress , which in turn predicted higher well-being on a diverse range of well-being outcomes. I’m stepping away from my email to finish this project. By practicing these happy hacks in your life, you can learn to manage distraction in the digital era and set yourself up for a future of greater happiness and well-being in the long run.

How to Take the Stress Out of Taking Time Off

Harvard Business

Have you ever questioned whether taking time off is worth it because the stress of preparing for a vacation is so high? As a time management coach, I’ve observed that pre-vacation work stress typically falls into two buckets: completing work before your departure and being away from the office. When leveraged correctly, going on a vacation can offer a tremendous incentive to get projects done — but you need to plan for it. Laura Findlay/Getty Images.

How to Manage People in Your Small Business

Strategy Driven

However, they also represent assets that may be difficult to manage. Because owners frequently overlook employee management when launching a business, it is important to acquire this skill and cultivate it. People are your business’s most valuable assets.

3 Small Things Every Person Can Do to Reduce Stress in Their Office

Harvard Business

In a world of tight deadlines, it’s no wonder that some of your stress might seep out and affect your colleagues. There are obvious ways to tamp down the stress you inflict on others, such as refraining from yelling or making sarcastic comments. Here are three subtle but powerful strategies to ratchet down the pressure and ensure you’re not subjecting your colleagues to undue stress and frustration. Stress. Turning Stress into an Asset.

How to Decide if Contractor Material Financing is Right for You

Strategy Driven

As an entrepreneur in the construction industry, you might find yourself juggling a backlog of accounts payable, a stack of past-due invoices from suppliers and new projects in your pipeline that require even more equipment and materials ASAP.

From change management to change leadership


You’re now leading a significant new project with a lot of moving parts that require a great deal from you and your team. Stress levels are high. What we’ve always called “change management” now needs to become “change leadership”. Ask them what they need to ease their stress and then give it to them if you can. The post From change management to change leadership appeared first on Aspire-CS.

Change Reboot: How to Recover When Your Project Gets Off to a False Start

Change Starts Here

Along with the transition, the college had implemented an enterprise resource management system to automate many processes that had previously been done on paper, spreadsheets, or staff members’ tools of choice. Working behind the scenes through coaching, we designed the concept of a Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiative to reboot the system implementation project. Change Management

How to Work with Someone Who’s Always Stressed Out

Harvard Business

We all know people who seem to be constantly stressed out — who claim to be buried in work, overloaded with projects, and without a minute to spare. How do you deal with coworkers who can’t handle stress? Stress is part of everyday life. “We all go through periods when we are dealing with a lot of stress,” says Caroline Webb, author of How to Have a Good Day. ” But for certain people, “stress is a habitual pattern.”

7 Specific Suggestions for Dealing with Stress in Life and Leadership

Ron Edmondson

Stress is very much a part of life. Having traveled to many cultures, however, I think we may sometimes “specialize” in stress in America. It almost seems we look for ways to bring more stress in our life. Yesterday, I shared some general ways to deal with stress. Today I’m following up with some specific things I do, which help me deal daily with stress. Here are 7 specific tips I have for handling stress: Plan each day.

Failed Culture Change Causes Failed IT Projects

The Practical Leader

But many of these projects are poorly implemented. This leads to sizeable cost overruns, missed deadlines, disrupted operations, unhappy customers, and stressed out employees. This month’s issue of Harvard Business Review carries an article entitled Why Your IT Project May Be Riskier Than You Think. Reporting on the largest global study of IT change ever conducted (1,471 projects), an Oxford University Said Business School professor and McKinsey & Co.

How to Lead in Times of Crisis

Lead from Within

While you’re reacting to what’s happening in the moment, you also need to be thinking and projecting several steps ahead through every likely scenario. Reflect on your initial responses to stress, your emotions and behaviors.

Crisis 159

How You Can Boost Productivity Within Your Small Business

Strategy Driven

Unanswered emails, unfinished tasks, rising stress levels, and a to-do list as long as your arm are all fairly common, and can often leave you feeling overwhelmed. When you’re the owner of a small business, it can often seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Managing performers and potentials – 3 steps

Lead on Purpose

In a time when the workforce is increasingly transient, your ability to identify high-performing and high-potential employees—and that of your managers—is critical. To that end, there are strategies that any manager can apply to develop high-potentials and high-performers effectively. They consistently exceed expectations, and are management’s go-to for difficult projects. High potentials can be more difficult to identify, especially for line managers.