How Marketers Can Avoid Big Data Blind Spots

Harvard Business Review

If you were looking for a theme song that captures marketing today, you could do worse than pick Queen’s anthem “Under Pressure.” Marketing is under pressure to show results, cut costs, and drive growth. Marketers should welcome it. That’s because marketing has a big opportunity to drive above-market growth and demonstrate its value to the C-suite and the boardroom. In our experience, marketing can increase marketing ROI (MROI) by 15 – 20 percent.

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Will You Be Writing Off Your Investment in Egypt?

Harvard Business Review

For decades multinational corporations have poured hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign investments into emerging markets , sometimes preferring the investment climate of "stable" authoritarian regimes over "messy" democracies. If the first possibility prevails, then it's hard to see how the short-term hit to profits created by political instability could subsequently be made up (unless an investor were granted some favor that created or locked in a favorable market position).


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What If Investors Who Held Their Shares Longer Got More Voting Power?

Harvard Business

” Laying out their data, they find that long-term oriented companies create more financial value and more jobs. But I long for actions that go beyond admonitions to managers and boards to do better, that give both parties a better chance to stand up to capital markets players, like activist hedge funds, pressuring them to become too short-term focused. The Refresher: Net Present Value.

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Why Is an App Worth as Much as a Small Oil Field?

Harvard Business Review

While on the surface, the dirty business of fossil fuels is nothing like Silicon Valley, many in the oil business have moved beyond the standard net present value (NPV) model for assessing the merit of investments. If you’re evaluating the rights to new shale oil reserves in a place like North Dakota, today you’d rely instead on a different economic model: option value.

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Is Your Business Biased Against Innovation?

Strategy Driven

Many conventional metrics we use to estimate value are based on faulty assumptions. Net present value [NPV] is a case in point. The logic of NPV is to project cash flows into the future and then discount those flows back into today’s dollars at a given cost of capital. For instance, intelligent failures can add more value than predictable successes, and low-cost experimentation trumps analysis.

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