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Data Can Do for Change Management What It Did for Marketing

Harvard Business

Housing market price changes can be more accurately predicted from analysis of Google searches than by a team of expert real estate forecasters. There has been a rapid uptake in health care, consumer marketing, crime reduction, agriculture, scientific research, and many other areas. Just as the discipline of marketing has transformed from soft to hard science in the past 20 years, so too will the practice of change. Neasden Control Centre for HBR.

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How Companies Are Using Machine Learning to Get Faster and More Efficient

Harvard Business

We’ve seen this in stock trading, marketing, and manufacturing, where more data streams make it harder to find information that is urgent or meaningful. Market monitoring. SailThru, also out of New York City, helps marketers deploy more effective promotional emails by analyzing email and web data to build customer profiles. Root cause analysis. Business processes Technology Operations Digital Article


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Applying a Model for Small Business Continual Improvement

Deming Institute

Applying SMED, the theoretical sessions would act as the external activities that operators have to perform before a changeover, and actually implementing them in a running business would be the internal ones. SWOT analysis. Root cause analysis. Marketing mix. 6 Sigma Statistical tools to analyze Market data BCG matrix. Cause and effect diagram.

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Can GM Make it Safe for Employees to Speak Up?

Harvard Business Review

First, Maryann Keller, a former auto analyst, notes that, historically, GM hasn’t invested in root-cause analysis. The original response from GM was not to look for the root cause because that wasn’t part of the company’s thought process. Managers coded their operations green at the first couple of meetings to show how well they were doing, but Mulally called them on it.