The POWER of Sales Success. It’s all within you!

Strategy Driven

Last week I talked about the power of sales success and gave you the first ten personal powers you need to possess in order to have all of the sales success you desire. As a professional salesperson, you want more selling power and this two-part article reveals the sources. The power of relatable example. The power of truth. The power of trust. The power of service. The power of service is realized through actions, not advertisements.

Why Companies Hire an External Consultant to Help Them

Strategy Driven

The consulting market across the world is valued at 262 billion dollars. That can be difficult to do, de-motivating for your existing people and bad for your reputation as an employer. Vested interests and personal power plays may at best limit thinking.


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Leadership Is About to Get More Uncomfortable

Harvard Business Review

Employees used to know just your name, your face, your business reputation. And along with this increased transparency, you’re held accountable for areas you know less about: new technologies, new markets, new cultures and geographies representing new stakeholders. Among our findings is that leadership in the future will involve increased personal and business-level discomfort. Leaders motivated by power over others will not thrive in this new world.

Without Steve Jobs, Can Apple Stay Powerful?

Harvard Business Review

Apple has been tremendously successful and now ranks as one of the most valuable companies in technology — and for that matter, in the stock market overall. The fact that Jobs came back and took Apple to new heights makes him a fascinating study in power. The first is the most inspiring: it's that power can result from sheer drive, persistence, resilience, and the ability to tolerate conflict. One person in management told me that Jobs fired him one day. (At