Boost Your Traveling Sales Representatives’ Productivity

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But for traveling sales representatives, working away from the office has long been a way of life. Many of these representatives cover large territories, potentially encompassing several states, that require them to travel for days or weeks at a time. Here are some strategies employers can implement in order to maximize their traveling sales representatives’ productivity.

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Holiday Travel Brands

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According to the Holiday Travel Habits National. time market research survey platform—Marriott Hotels. brands for holiday travel. include: HOLIDAY TRAVEL HABITS NATIONAL SURVEY A. HOLIDAY TRAVEL >> Q: When booking a flight for the holidays, how do. hotel chain/Airbnb] for holiday travel to a friend or. airline name] for holiday travel to a friend or. travel. Despite the hassle of holiday air travel, .

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Addiction Marketing

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“ Addiction Marketing &# is a phrase I started using a few years back while waiting in line for my drink at Starbucks. It was at that moment I realized the real power of one of Starbucks key business drivers, if not their most critical business driver – Starbucks sells products that cater to peoples addictive tendencies. What Starbucks has done better than many other addictive marketers is that they also make it cool and trendy to succumb to your addiction.

4 Post-Pandemic Marketing Tips to Help Your Business

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Since you can’t always depend on a financing source to help you out when times get tough, you need to boost your marketing plan and develop loyalty among your customers. The pandemic seems far from over, so here are some tips for marketing your business during COVID-19.

How to Turn Traveling the World into a Career

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Take a few weeks to think about your reasons for traveling – do you want to experience more of the world? Now that you’ve thought about it carefully and got the right vaccinations , make sure to plan at least a little bit ahead, even if the lack of schedule is precisely why you want to travel. Focus on the reasons you are traveling and make them marketable. Working in the travel or tourism industry will allow you to visit new places while being paid.

Five rules for executive product leadership

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The original idea for starting Lead on Purpose was a recognition that product managers have the need to lead (inspire, motivate, guide) people who do not report them. The leadership role of the product team (PM, PO, PMM, UX) is critical to the success of any organization. Much has been written about where product management should report. The most common departments for product management reporting are marketing, engineering/development and directly to the CEO.

Guest Post: Market Sensing is not Crop Dusting

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Jim’s passion is enabling product marketing teams. With a lifetime of experience, he has a fresh and unique perspective in guiding and managing product teams and has a knack for sensing markets, synthesizing ideas and turning them into reality.

When is Internet Marketing Worthwhile?

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Sure Internet marketing is worthwhile but as with any type of marketing it is only worthwhile if it is done well. For example, you can spend thousands of dollars on a television marketing campaign but if no one sees your commercials or your commercials do not reach your target audience and generate sales, the advertising and the money that you spent was a waste of time and effort. He currently lives with his wife and travels between Chicago and Los Angeles.

The Difference Between Marketing and Sales

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Marketing and sales are one of the most important components of a business’s survival in the market. While both are dependent on each other many people confuse marketing with sales and vice-versa which is a big mistake. Marketing involves designing a product according to the needs of the market and customers, promoting the product through advertising etc. and setting up a competitive price for the product.

The Strategy Driven Guide to Improving Your Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing can be a difficult beast to master. More has changed in the last 2 years of marketing than the previous 50, and it’s all thanks to technology, technology integration, and globalization. You have the opportunity to build a true global community for your brand, but only if you work out a solid digital marketing strategy. The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is to use multiple avenues. Pay Per Click Marketing. Social Media Marketing.

'Tis the Season for (Product) Camping

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Are you taking advantage of the many Product Camps or “Un-Conferences” offered this year? Product camps are a great place for product management professionals and leaders to step away from the day-to-day and engage in a day of learning and networking.

Time Is Money: Top Tech Tools to Increase Company Productivity

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Small business owners surveyed by eVoice similarly reported being habitually distracted from their primary function by tasks such as accounting, receptionist work and office management, marketing, and sales. For business owners facing a time crunch, the good news is that you can gain extra hours of productivity by using technology to save time managing many common chores. The most essential time management technology for increasing your productivity is calendar scheduling software.

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Learn How to Market Like Google


The book that is being presented is written by Aaron Goldman entitled Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google. Technology and its role in travel 2.0

How to Use Your Travel Time Productively

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I’m not alone: the Global Business Travel Association predicts that business travel spending will hit an all-time high of $1.25 Even if it’s a travel day, it’s still a work day. But staying productive on the road — while navigating unfamiliar destinations, schlepping heavy luggage, and dealing with not-infrequent delays and inconveniences — can be a herculean challenge. Business Travel.

The Goldilocks Theory of Product Success

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Almost 50% of market pioneers fail, and later entrants or organizations that don’t enter a market first often end up being more successful. Being optimally distinct—and marketing yourself as such. Consider the following examples: In the late 1800s, gasoline-powered vehicles promised to revolutionize transportation, allowing people to travel further, faster and more safely. So they used design, rather than the product itself, to create differentiation.

How Unilever Reaches Rural Consumers in Emerging Markets

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Consumer markets in the developing world are an enormous but still-untapped opportunity for companies seeking new sources of growth. The challenges – market development, product design, logistics, communication — deter many companies from even considering rural markets in developing countries. Particularly in Asia, Unilever has pioneered a number of innovations that it has exported to other regions in its focus on addressing rural market opportunities.

Guest Post: Watch Out for Flying Monkeys!

Lead on Purpose

Jim’s passion is product management and product marketing. Imagine you’re sitting in a product planning meeting with your favorite product team. As a leader and messenger of the market, how do you handle these disruptions?

Your Flying Future and a Lesson in Creativity

Kevin Eikenberry

Obviously this blog isn’t about the future of air travel, and none of the submitting companies are clients of ours (yet). Solving our business problems, making leaps in productivity, Customer Service, product development (or anything else), requires the same shift.

How to Create a Winning Referral Program That Works

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There are several reasons why referral marketing is more effective than other methods. Referral marketing works because it leverages networks. Unlike doing your marketing all by yourself, you allow your customers to help you. NOTE: Referral marketing is also great for eCommerce.

Winning in the Market Place – Do you have what it takes? : Blog.


Productivity When you consider who is on your team you no longer have the luxury to be sentimental. Technology and its role in travel 2.0

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Eliciting Excellence – An Online Leadership and Learning Opportunity

Kevin Eikenberry

No travel.

Communicating with customers

Lead on Purpose

Travel budgets are typically flush with cash, optimism abounds and your desire to discuss company direction is high. A lot of suppliers are spending time internally focused, curtailing travel expenses.

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How One Startup Developed a Sales Model That Works in Emerging Markets

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We serve two markets that are very different but united by the common need for reliable, safe access to energy: outdoor recreationalists and low-income households in emerging markets. Our flagship products are wood-burning stoves that generate electricity from fire while reducing toxic smoke emissions by 90%. Customers have myriad channels to discover new products and shop at outdoor gear retailers to explore, evaluate, and choose what they need.

How to Prepare for Trade Shows and Conventions

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These mass gatherings are an opportunity for businesses to promote their extensive list of products, usually with a focus on the latest releases. Perhaps some members of your sales and marketing team would be best for this. Although you might make the best products on the market, if your exhibit booth looks dull and fails to catch people’s attention, it could have a detrimental effect on your business. Prepare Marketing Materials.

Entrepreneurship in American History

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Only when John Rolfe introduced West Indian tobacco in 1612 did Virginia find an export that had a market that grew explosively and made Virginia rich. Economic progress is the product of successful habits--and there is no better teacher than a little adversity. Books Leadership Memes Skills Success Travel What is Work life adam smith adirondack mountains Albert O. The activity of entrepreneurship goes back to ancient times.

Simple Methods to Grow Your Small Business

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Use a variety of marketing techniques. Marketing plays a key role in business success. When done correctly, marketing campaigns have the power to advertise your products and services to a global audience, drive traffic to your site, and establish you as an authority in your industry.

When Best Practices Don't Travel

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For the last three months, Aaron took his well-tested and highly successful marketing approach and tweaked it for the Chinese market. He promoted it from all angles: the New York angle, the experienced developer angle, and most importantly, the "value" angle — how right now was the prime time to invest in the New York market and how his hot new property would provide the buyer with financial upside and "face."

How to Make Your Ideas Contagious

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From these examples and his own research, he has assembled six principles or STEPPS for making products, ideas, and behaviors more likely to become popular : Social Currency: We share things that make us look good. Triggers: How do we remind people to talk about our products and ideas? Making things more observable makes them easier to imitate; products and ideas that advertise themselves. Practical Value: Products and ideas we can use. Marketing

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Blockchain Will Transform Customer Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty programs have proliferated across travel, retail, financial services, and other economic sectors. See More Videos > See More Videos > All loyalty programs are vulnerable to a blockchain revolution, but the travel industry is perhaps the most at risk. In some cases, travel loyalty program points differ by journey component (flight, car rental, hotel, dining), leading to fragmented point collections. Marketing Technology Travel Digital Article

Research: Perhaps Market Forces Do Work in Health Care After All

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For decades, experts and policy wonks have argued that health care is a uniquely inefficient industry, insulated from conventional market forces that operate in the rest of the economy. Poorly performing hospitals do not feel pressure from patients to improve quality because standard market forces do not apply to health care. This is the idea of “market learning” that economist and Nobel laureate Frederick von Hayek was celebrated for.

Write a Resumé that Travels Across Countries and Cultures

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But although it is true that all markets have certain nuances, the central purpose of your resume — to "sell" you and your skills to the role in question — does not change as it travels across cultures. For example, you may have commenced as a Production Manager, then been awarded with full control of quality assurance for the firm after six months.

Want to Cut Complexity? Kill Your Darlings.

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To rise from the ashes, our young management team made several tough sacrifices to transform a multi-product, multi-brand operation from generalist to specialist. The principle then travels down through the various functions, and ends at sea level with an individual’s daily “to do list.” People are so entrenched in the do more paradigm that they struggle to kill their darlings , dump all of those exciting initiatives, and sacred cows, and resist adding more features to a product.

What Really Makes Customers Buy a Product

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But there is a touchpoint that is even more influential, which marketers rarely think about and almost never measure: observing what other customers actually do. Each person was asked to report their experiences during the week of a brand in one of four categories: mobile handsets, soft drinks, technology products, and electrical goods. The New Tools of Marketing. So what can marketers do about it? Fourth, build in peer observation to product launches.

Ways You Can Make Money Online

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You can even work while travelling, which seems to be an option that many people are choosing. There is an abundance of people who are after people who can code in order to help them build websites, or help in designing products such as applications for mobiles. Start A Blog And Make Use Of Affiliate Marketing. One of the most popular ways to make money online is through a blog and affiliate marketing.

Why I Love Starbucks.

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A new product or service is introduced. I’m regularly on the road to travel, meet new people, network, and bump into friends and colleagues. Their products are consistent from store to store, so I always get my Venti Zen Green Tea (with only one teabag) for $2.07 (a deal).

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Take Your Business To The Next Level By Building It Into A Brand

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Virgin are known for their worldwide operations in a number of industries, from travel to banking. Use Clever Marketing. Now you have your brand name, you need to market it. The most widely known companies use advertising just to push their brand name, as they are already known for their products. Many companies now turn to internet marketing to get their name out there. Marketing is the best way to build a buzz around your brand, so make sure to use it.

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You Found Your Product-Market Fit. Now What?

Harvard Business Review

In every start-up, finding initial product-market fit is a magical moment. You dive deep into a customer development process, working closely with a few customers who feed you requirements and are willing to trial an imperfect product that is evolving quickly. But once you achieve initial product-market fit and are down the Sales Learning Curve (PDF), suddenly you are faced with a new challenge: how do I scale up the sales efforts?

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Collaboration is the Key to Providing Consistent Brand Value

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This is a post by Libby Gill, author of Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow. Don’t let anyone indulge in badmouthing or finger pointing - it''s non-productive and destructive. Marketing As much as people love to over-complicate the topic of branding, simply put, a brand is a promise of value. The most successful brands - the ones I call Mindshare Brands - are those that deliver or over-deliver on that value promise consistently over the long haul.

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7 Ways To Attract Attendees To Your Corporate Event

Strategy Driven

Nearly everyone is on social media these days, making it an incredibly useful marketing tool for businesses like yours. Just like you promote your product launches or promotions, you should speak about your event across all of your social media platforms. Attendees want to know what is in store when they arrive at your event, but, if they’re traveling from out of town, the local area might be of interest to them too.

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Executives’ Biggest Productivity Challenges, Solved

Harvard Business Review

Robert Pozen knows a little something about thriving at the top — he’s the former chairman of MFS Investment Management, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, and the author of the book Extreme Productivity. What are the most pressing productivity issues executives are facing today, and how can they tackle them? So how do you handle the demands of international business travel? What Would Make You More Satisfied and Productive at Work?

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The Disadvantages of Using E-mail to Sell

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Some people use email to sell products, to avoid the humiliation of rejection. When trying to sell products or services to a new client, it’s not possible to gain a customer’s trust through an email, which makes the foundation of a long-term relationship very weak. Some well-to-do firms think that they are recognized in the market but they forget that there are strict spam filters installed. He currently lives with his wife and travels between Chicago and Los Angeles.

What Could a Life GPS® Do for You in 2017?

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I have a friend who likes to visit twice a month, I also have family a couple hours away, and then work travel. With this time I hit the farmers market on the weekend which I had been wanting to do. Life GPS executive presence leadership mindfulness productivityIn working with and speaking to tens of thousands of leaders over the past 16 years, I’ve become convinced that if you want to lead at your best, you have to live at your best.

Navigating the Seas of Entrepreneurship: 7 Pitfalls You Need to Avoid as a Small Business Owner

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A business owner who does not take the time to set clear goals and objectives will travel in many different directions, and is more likely to waste time, money, and effort in the process. Not Performing Market Research. Many individuals may brainstorm what they believe is a great business idea, but it is a mistake to avoid performing thorough market research before launching any type of business. Not Defining Your Target Market.