Complimentary Resource – The Truth About Mobile Business Intelligence: Five Common Myths Debunked

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In fact, companies that choose the right solution, with the right capabilities, will realize low TCO and rapid ROI, while empowering their mobile users with the ability to access and interact with timely, complete corporate information from any smartphone or tablet. Complimentary Resources information builders marketing and sales mobile marketing strategydrivenThe Truth About Mobile Business Intelligence : Five Common Myths Debunked by Information Builders, Inc.

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A Better Metric for the Value of a Worker Training Program

Harvard Business

We need to adopt something similar to a “total cost of ownership” (TCO) analysis. Now common in industry, TCO considers both direct and indirect costs over time. Applying a form of TCO to workforce programs makes sense because, instead of concentrating on inputs (in the form of spending), this approach emphasizes outcomes (in the form of long-term results).

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Procurement's Best-Priced Deal May Stifle Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Every single innovation conversation I've had recently with business unit leaders, product managers and/or marketing executives invariably focuses on the importance of partnership and collaboration with their best suppliers and vendors. If this means that procurement has to be a better real-time partner to, say, manufacturing or marketing to make sure the money's there to pilot a reprogrammed machine tool or a Cloud-enabled social media promotion, then good.

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