Mentoring and Lifelong Learning

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Professionals who succeed the most are the products of mentoring. I heartily endorse that find a great mentor. I have had many excellent ones in my long career and have in turn mentored hundreds of others. The mentor is an advocate for progress and change.

Why Having a Mentor Makes a Difference

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Finding a mentor might be one of the most practical decisions you make for the future of your business. A mentor can bring about some positive changes when it comes to your business. A mentor, on the other hand, is someone who has a vested interest in you and your future.

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5 Tips to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

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Have you taken a hard look at your current operations? You may think it’s difficult to improve productivity in the workplace, but that’s far from the truth. It can be as easy as finding ways to motivate your employees and streamlining your operations.

Are You Using Those Fun New Technologies to Monitor, Mentor or "Motivate" Your Employees? Prepare for Sabotage

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All of these tools and programs are high-tech, high-touch variations on the theme of getting people to work harder, work smarter, establish goals, measure progress, share results and receive accolades, encouragement and advice from those around them in the pursuit of ever-greater productivity.

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The Big Picture of Business – Each Role Matters. The Value of Support Staff

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Back characters on TV shows included restaurant and bar operators, where the stars went top relax. Therefore, our loyalty to the company rises, and we are more productive. And then there were those mentors behind the scene who were responsible for lots of creativity.

Linds Redding’s Short Lesson in Perspective

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On a productive day, aside from the mountain of dead trees (recycling hadn’t been invented in 1982), stacked polystyrene coffee cups and an overflowing ash-tray, there would also be a satisfying thick sheaf of “concepts.” We were just shifting product. Our product, and the clients.

Thinking Ahead – Millennial Leadership

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They may operate in the leadership capacity, however from the beginning they have dictated the culture and path of their workforce. If we look here, we have little idea about how the next generation of leaders will operate. As a group, and as mentors, we must identify that we can say our message to everyone until our dying breathe, but unless our peers and others, interpret what we are saying the way we want them to, we might as well have not said our message once.

Stop Operating with a Guild Mindset

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These inward-looking groups were able to impose discipline on their practice: enforcing standards, mentoring and training new entrants, and refining and building on old expertise to create new more valuable knowledge. Marketing, sales teams and the DSD force itself operate with tremendous coordination to ensure that they are consistently aligned in their business objectives. But Frito-Lay stocks its own products.

The Big Picture of Business – Ethics… Good for Business

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Corporate Responsibility relates to every stage in the evolution of a business, leadership development, mentoring and creative ways of doing business. In order to succeed and thrive in modern society, all private and public sector entities must live by codes of ethics.

How to Break Up with Your Mentor

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Having a great mentor can do wonders for your professional development and career. But even the best mentoring relationships can run their course or become ineffective. A good mentoring relationship is as long as it should be and no longer,” says Jodi Glickman, author of Great on the Job. If you are no longer learning from your mentor or the chemistry is simply not there, “there’s no point in prolonging it.” Consider giving your mentor a second chance.

Why Professional Mentorship is a Highly Underrated Business Tool

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Mentors can provide a plethora of benefits to employees and business owners that allow them to make better decisions and improve their workspace. What Is a Mentor? A mentor is someone that can enter a company and guide both the employees and owners.

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Author Interview: “The 8 Essential Skills for Supervisors and.


He was, and still is, my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator mentor as I was learning my way around that instrument. I especially enjoy working with groups of people and getting them to talk together and learn from each other and to find ways to work together more productively.

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Who Can Help?


He has also asked a senior executive to be a mentor to him. Would you like a longer term “partner&# , mentor, or MasterMind group with regular meetings to provide support over the long haul? Namely, that there can be a productivity gain, and you can make new connections.

The Making of Legends

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Most people are more products of pop culture than they are of training. Share your knowledge, and learn further by virtue of mentoring others. Non-profit organizations operating more business-like. Being productive and fulfilled.

Value-Added Leadership

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You’re in the best business-industry, produce a good product-service and always lead the pack. Operations are sound, professional and productive. Be mentored by others. Act as a mentor to still others. Every company has stakeholders, though a few with their own proprietary interests chart the course in their own vision, or lack thereof. Within every corporate and organizational structure, there is a stair-step ladder.

What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager

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Because I teach a course on Product Management at Harvard Business School, I am routinely asked “what is the role of a Product Manager?” ” The role of a Product Manager (PM) is often referred to as the “CEO of the Product.” There are core competencies that every PM must have – many of which can start in the classroom – but most are developed with experience and good role models and mentoring.

Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

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But a large and growing body of research on positive organizational psychology demonstrates that not only is a cut-throat environment harmful to productivity over time, but that a positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.

How NOT to Screw Up Organizational Change

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After evaluating all the various operations, costs and longevity, it was determined that the nuclear plant needed to cease operations. However, frequent change, without letting the dust settle, is not only unnerving but also counter productive.

Real Leaders Become Awakeners

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In today’s ever increasing complexity and change, you are being called to operate at a new level of consciousness. Mentor. Mentors, however, focus on the internal aspects – ie., A leader as an awakener operates at the level of spirit or Higher Self.

Americans Struggling with Stress and Loneliness

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As the neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman said in his TED Talk, connection is a superpower that makes people more productive, healthier and happier. When Admiral Clark became the Chief of Naval Operations in 2000, the Navy was not meeting its first term enlisted sailor reenlistment goal.

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How to Improve Your Organization’s Culture Through Employee Connections

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He’s committed to helping them learn and grow through training programs and a mentoring network. He also gives employees a voice by keeping them informed of how the company is doing financially and by sharing operating metrics.

5 Traits Every Leader Should Have to Achieve Hero Leadership

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A good leader is someone who guides and mentors a team, who offers counsel, looks to foster a good working environment and creates a culture that’s sustainable. My latest book, “ The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures” examines key pillars on how to become a better leader by creating a winning culture, achieving operational excellence – all without dismissing the power of profit. Guest post from Jeffrey Hayzlett: What’s leadership?

May 2019 Leadership Development Carnival

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Jim writes: “ We shouldn’t be making coaching or mentoring a complicated rocket science process, feeding what is now a self-serving industry that ‘certifies’ people to become coaches. Stephanie shares: “ Leadership self-care includes practical actions you can achieve to take care of yourself as a leader and ensure you’re operating at the highest level. Welcome to the May Leadership Development Carnival.

The 6 Conditions Required to Scale a Creative Leadership Culture

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Reactive leaders emphasize caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggression over building alignment. They are approachable and skillful in working with people, listen well, build high-performing teams, mentor and develop capability in others, and empower their people. These new organizational designs simply cannot boot up on the Reactive Operating System most leaders are running. Guest post by Robert J. Anderson and William A.

Closing Your Company’s “Leadership Gap”

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One way to demonstrate that link is to integrate employee engagement survey data with operational and financial metrics. Identifies Role Models and Mentors. These leaders also make excellent mentors to managers who need to become leaders.

The Leader as Witness

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Steve, take this money to the CVS at the end of the block and buy us a big battery operated wall clock to put on the wall right there. Witness” leaders emphasize personal and professional growth by recognizing employees whose performance stands out and then using them as mentors of others.

How to be Decisive: 9 Ways to Make a Decision You Won’t Regret

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Should we launch a new product? Seek out a respected mentor inside your organization or business and run them through your options. Sometimes the act of voicing your thoughts helps make the decision clearer, and the mentor can provide experienced insight that helps.

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Leading in the Wild

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Many focused on their own welfares and drilled inflexibly for greater productivity. They operate more as a partnership—a confederation of equals with different skills and talents but a shared calling and a collective zeal to see it through.

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Stubbornness and Strategy: Birds of a Feather

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Despite the necessity for precision in purpose and direction, I see more and more examples of senior business executives operating non-strategically. From as far back as my days in brand management, I have held a deep affection for strategy.

Perception is More Than Reality

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Consulting Speaking Training Products About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe Perception is More Than Reality by Kevin Eikenberry on November 12, 2010 in Devloping Others , Leadership , Learning , Mentoring , Personal Development We’ve all heard, and said.

The Four Stops On the Way To Compelling Customer Story Content

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What platforms do you intend to promote the finished product on? Whether you’re the one doing it, guided by a vision for the final product, or a coworker with a more charismatic energy is the one, it’s important to recognize strengths and weaknesses, then find the best person for the job.

Leadership Matters

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The company has grown through a long series of mergers and acquisitions to place itself among the world leaders in the production of many commodities, including aluminium, iron ore, copper, uranium, coal, and diamonds. (as featured in CEO Interview: Sam Walsh.

The Importance Of Stretching Your Leadership With Jon Stolpe

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He’s an engineer by background, and serves as an operations manager for a local branch of a major international building automation company. And I’m an operations manager for a large manufacturer in Philadelphia. Find a mentor. And find someone to mentor.

The Truth About Becoming a Great Leader

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But here is the rub: though the word "leadership" gets tossed around a lot, real, productive leadership is still very uncommon. In other words, I think leadership is the first step toward owning and operating a successful business.

Four Steps to Improve Poor Performance

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For fellow employees these individuals are a sore thumb, a drag on productivity and a punch to overall morale. That’s basically a full day a week that could have been spent being productive. Underperforming employees are not hard to find.

In praise of leaders who give meaning to labor


On this Labor Day, I give homage to those who shaped my own early career: Mom: Who taught me the art of domestic engineering: how to wash dishes, vacuum floors, make beds, and do the laundry with a sense of pride in the finished product. Helen: The woman who owned and operated the historical lodge where I worked as a maid in my teenage summers and told vivid stories about the people who stayed there in summers gone by. Dr. Smith: A mentor who treasured microbiology.

Five Tips for Leading Multigenerational Teams

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Your job as a leader is to create a cohesive, productive group out of diverse individuals, and that means taking generational differences into account. Instead, consider if and how that uniqueness matters in terms of your day-to-day operations or projects. “Those Millennials.

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Businesses Don’t Fail – Leaders Do

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The amount of capital required to run a business is based upon how the business is operated. Poor Management : It is the job of leadership to recruit, mentor, deploy, and retain management talent. By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Why do businesses fail?

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The Elements of Transformational Leadership

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The ability of certain leaders to instil in others these feelings of personal focus can be very powerful, and often leads to huge payback in terms of work commitment, loyalty, discretionary effort, productivity and perfor- mance.

135 Powerful Resume Action Verbs for Creative Positions

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Example: Implemented company-wide book reading practice that led to better workflow and higher productivity. Operated. Mentored. Example: Revived all merchandising decisions across various product categories and country-wide stores. .

Five No-Cost Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

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Engaged employees are happier, more productive and even healthier than their disengaged counterparts. The most productive businesses have a feedback loop between employees and managers — it’s not just a one-way street. The statistics on employee engagement are abysmal.

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The Value of Calm

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When an entire organization is dependent upon your products and services for routine daily operation, a brief outage can spell disaster. In fact, one of my early mentors was the epitome of a calm leader. Calm is critical in leadership – particularly in a crisis. Such is the case for technology leaders. I’ve managed some doozies in my time: a 3 day virus outbreak, potential hacker breaches, critical administrative system failures, ordering system outages and more.

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My Best Blogs of 2011

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My fascination isn’t my productivity; rather, it is the source of the idea. There has to be a break from day-to-day operations in the process. Does a Mentor Have to Breathe? To most of us, mentors are people of experience and knowledge who help the less experienced advance their careers and/or their education. I began blogging about leadership, strategy, marketing and life last February.

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