Leadership and Mentoring

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Leadership and mentoring go hand-in-hand. In fact, this is so much the case that I don’t believe a person qualifies as a leader unless they are a mentor. Let me cut right to the chase and be clear; mentoring is part of a leader’s job description.

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Eight Ways Mentoring Brings Out the Leader in Your Employees

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More specifically mentoring, is one of the best ways a company can grow its employees as leaders in many other tangible ways. Mentoring teaches you to plan, to help others execute, and to be flexible --all traits of leadership. Mentoring hones your ability to think while you speak.

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Why Having a Mentor Makes a Difference

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Finding a mentor might be one of the most practical decisions you make for the future of your business. A mentor can bring about some positive changes when it comes to your business. A mentor, on the other hand, is someone who has a vested interest in you and your future.

Mentoring and Lifelong Learning

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Professionals who succeed the most are the products of mentoring. I heartily endorse that find a great mentor. I have had many excellent ones in my long career and have in turn mentored hundreds of others. The mentor is an advocate for progress and change.

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The Benefits of Mentoring and Coaching


As leaders work on their own career development, they sometimes lose sight of their need to serve as a mentor and coach for others. Mentoring is a more personal form of training that allows the mentee to ask specific questions about the skills they need to thrive in that exact moment.

3 Major Factors Affecting Employee Productivity and Overall Impact

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Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all. Kevin moved immediately to work on the three things that would most affect your employee’s productivity. Soon, Kevin had a firm grasp of those employees who were contributing to productivity.

Stop Limiting Your Productivity: Change Your Influencers

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Efficiency/Effectiveness Mentoring Performance“How are you?” a colleague asks. “So So busy” you reply; all you can think of is how much pressure you’re under. Another typical day in the life of getting things done. Have you ended a day recently where everything on.

Talent Pool Development and Mentor Training Process

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The talent pool development and mentor training process aligns individual aspirations and competencies with the company’s current and future needs so that the interests of both can be served.

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Types of Mentors We Have At Different Stages of Life

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Mentoring, coaching, teaching, and leading are few terminologies that are used interchangeably. Though each one of them possesses individual scope of guidance style, ‘mentoring relationships’ are the ones difficult to be found or to be precise it’s a bond without any book-bound definition. Mentoring is basically a communication-based relationship wherein an expert (irrespective of the age, gender or race) lends a helping hand to the learner, in any set-up. TYPES OF MENTORS.

Perfectionism Hurts Productivity

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Look it up and see if it might be one you try) 5 - meet with mentors. You do not need a formal mentoring program - just ask people you think who might have something to teach you. This morning I was feeling Blogger guilt. That is what happens when a blogger does not feel they are posting often enough.

3 Coaching And Mentoring Tips

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What youll read is primarily based on what Ive learned from a variety of mentors, co-workers and supervisors over the past 30 years. -- Eric Jacobson -- formerly a Senior Vice President at Penton Media in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City, MO). Mentoring is all about sharing experiences.

Resolve To Find A Mentor In 2011

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What youll read is primarily based on what Ive learned from a variety of mentors, co-workers and supervisors over the past 30 years. -- Eric Jacobson -- formerly a Senior Vice President at Penton Media in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City, MO).

Are You Using Those Fun New Technologies to Monitor, Mentor or "Motivate" Your Employees? Prepare for Sabotage

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All of these tools and programs are high-tech, high-touch variations on the theme of getting people to work harder, work smarter, establish goals, measure progress, share results and receive accolades, encouragement and advice from those around them in the pursuit of ever-greater productivity.

The Big Picture of Business – Tribute to a Great Mentor. Remembering Cactus Pryor.

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One never forgets their first mentor. That first great mentor sticks with you always. Cactus was 34 at the time that he began mentoring me. From that mentoring, I fell in love with the non-profit culture, the organizations and the client bases affected by them.

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Making Decisions to Make You Most Productive

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Consulting Speaking Training Products KevinEikenberry.com About Blog Home Blogs I Like Leadership Learning Subscribe Making Decisions to Make You Most Productive by Kevin Eikenberry on December 20, 2010 in Decision Making , Leadership , Learning Decisiveness is an important skill.

Busy vs. Productive: 5 Ways to Focus on the Right Things

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Over the years I’ve had some great mentors – smart people who have helped me figure out how life works and how the world works. photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography. We live in a world of information overload.

4 things that get in the way: Influence, Community, Leadership and Productivity

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As your Productivity Coach, I spent more than 6 years getting to know Frances, and just 50 minutes interviewing Frances. And, a BONUS.Ready? - Productivity : There is a myth that we need to “do” anything more; truth is, “Leadership is a matter of how to BE, not what to do.”.

Developing Your Team Purpose

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Guest post by John Izzo, PhD and Jeff Vanderwielen PhD Today’s product managers wear many hats and are required to be motivators, counsellors, mentors, and enforcers. It’s difficult to balance competing job priorities and some leaders do a great job … Continue reading → Leadership Purpose mentor motivator teamwork

Self-Discipline – The Key to Productivity

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Dan Kennedy and me at Glazer-Kennedy SuperConference Dan Kennedy, a marketing mentor to entrepreneurs and small businesses, is one of the most prolific writers I know.

This simple practice will help your teams get more done

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Whether you’re a manager, a leader or an individual contributor, you’ve got to be EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE to build a high performing team. Balance Lectures/Presentations Mentoring PerformanceGetting Things Done…it can be challenging while working with your team.

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How to Give Advice

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Mentors have a similar challenge. There are four steps for making your advice giving more powerful and more productive. Begin your advice giving by letting the protégé know the focus or intent of your mentoring. Managers as Mentors is available on Amazon.com.

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The Best Leaders Know Self-Esteem is Scarce

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Developing Others Leadership Learning Personal Development coaching Mentoring personal growth productivity self esteemA key concept in economics is scarcity. In economic terms, it is when people have unlimited wants but resources are limited. If you look up scarcity in the dictionary, you will find a similar idea: 1. insufficiency or shortness of supply; dearth. rarity; infrequency. Source: Dictionary.com) In practice, when things are scarce, several things [.].

How I Became A Leader Without Any Formal Training

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He is a guy who is clearly more of a techie than he is a public speaker, yet whenever he takes to the stage during the Cupertino company’s huge product launches, Kevin never fails to impress. I Teamed Up With a Mentor. Leadership Development Leadership mentors Training

Leader Isolation: 6 Ways to Conquer Loneliness at the Top

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Getting re-connected is also as a way to improve our perspective, productivity, and decision making. Cultivate a mentor. You can even have more than one mentor; cultivating one from outside your organization is a good way to expand your horizons and gain greater perspectives.

Your Voice of Encouragement: Encouraging Children: My Mentor John.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Wednesday, December 9, 2009 Encouraging Children: My Mentor John Rosemond Got It Wrong This Time Ive been a fan of parenting expert and psychologist John Rosemond for more than 10 years. Our product, ProStar Coach , is a unique virtual coaching system that empowers people who want to take their performance to a higher level.

Coaching Leaders: Learning To Lead


The economic consequences of this global “norm” are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. Organisations regularly fail to set their leaders up for success. When it comes to development, up and coming managers and leaders themselves are just as responsible and culpable.

City Kids Adventures - A Model Mentoring Program for At-Risk Kids

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For starters, he is a product of both. It is a year-round commitment for all participants, about 150 in a given year, where the older kids help mentor the younger ones and kids are expected to stay involved beyond high school. If you've followed my blog, you know that my passionate interest is the "teen journey," the incredibly important time of life that prepares a young person for adult life, and what adults can do to mentor young people.

Activity doesn’t always equal productivity

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Filed under: Inspiration , mentor , Money Matters , Success Tagged: mentor , news , Personal Finance , personal success , Success. Inspiration mentor Money Matters Success news Personal Finance personal successPeople often say things like, “She’s such a hard worker&#.

Don't Let E-mail Zap Productivity

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What youll read is primarily based on what Ive learned from a variety of mentors, co-workers and supervisors over the past 30 years. -- Eric Jacobson -- formerly a Senior Vice President at Penton Media in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City, MO). Productivity drops.

Assessment: How Productive Are You?

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As a coach and mentor focusing on productivity, I’ve heard this complaint hundreds of times, from managers and officials across the world. Productivity has many aspects. Productivity Time management Digital Article

9 Career Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

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Celebrate the productive tension. Authenticity & Transparency Career & Learning Communication career lessons leadership legacy lessons learned Mentoring I’m sure many someones warned me and share their wisdom. But, sadly, most of my career lessons I learned the hard way.

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How to Create a Personal Brand Strategy Statement

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Branding has flourished big time—we have product brands, service brands, country brands, political brands, cause-related brands, even cultural brands. One bad year caused by an expensive product recall is no reason to let him go.

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Set Expectations To Ensure Success

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The client had scheduled a press conference to announce the new product and give a brief demo. He took his trusted product manager and they searched the building for power breakers that they could pull during the press conference to buy them time.

Critical Competencies for Effective Coaching (And a Book) by Lisa Haneberg


– Tanmay Vora, Director, Product Development R&D, Basware. – – – – – Also read at QAspire.com : The Art of Effective Mentoring – An Interview with Marshall Goldsmith and Chip R. 8 Lessons I Learned on Being an Effective Mentor.

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The Secret to Serendipity

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This secret produces the same productive outcome in any country, industry, company, culture or family. Audacity Change the World Culture Customer Service Extreme Leadership Inspiration Leadership Leadership Development Mentoring People Philanthropy Productivity Professional Development The Radical Edge #elevate #expand #lovemore #radicalleap lovePut down the book you’re reading right now, at least for a minute. Don’t spend another dime on a motivational seminar.

How Doctors Can Be Better Mentors

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Being a good doctor is a lot like being a good mentor. Just as clinicians have an ethical duty to act in the best interest of their patients, mentors have a similar duty towards their mentees. Consider, first, how similar doctoring and mentoring can be. STOCK4B-RF/Getty Images.

How to Mentor a Perfectionist

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A perfectionist is a tough person to mentor or coach. The most productive and meaningful relationships are characterized by transparency, reciprocity, openness, and trust. Yet a perfectionist never lets a mentor discern areas for growth and development. And so a perfectionist’s desperate need to appear flawless may sabotage the value of mentoring or coaching. What’s a mentor to do? And recognize that you are a thoroughly imperfect mentor.

Time Management Magic: How To Get More Done Every Day And Move from Surviving to Thriving

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Think of your hero, your mentor, or anyone you look up to. Book Reviews Leadership & Supervisory Skills Personal & Professional Development Time Management & Productivity time managementYou have the same amount of time as everyone else on the planet.

The power of influence

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At the heart of most problems that occur in business settings you find the following: Lack of influence Poor teamwork Mediocre productivity.

Work That Matters starts with Matters that Work

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The outcome is lower stress, lower turnover, and higher productivity – in business, a ‘win-win’ for employees, customers and shareholders. To most of us, the phrase Work that Matters infers job satisfaction.

The Benefits of Virtual Mentors

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Having a mentor has always helped with professional development and career advancement, but in today’s complex workplace, one mentor alone often won’t do. That’s why there is a need for us to have multiple mentors with expertise in various domains. They can become your virtual mentors. Results from our study and their own internal analysis convinced senior HCL managers that the KM and collaboration systems improved individual productivity.

4 Ways to Increase Retention and Employee Engagement

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Providing staff with a device like the Apple iPhone 5c also allows them to download productivity apps that help them stay organized and get work done more efficiently. Employee Retention and Engagement.

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July 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

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We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, employee performance and engagement, personal and professional development, productivity, team building, and more. Productivity. Chip Bell provided Four Traps Mentors Must Avoid. Chip writes: “ Mentors are vital for an organization’s future leaders to thrive. If you’re a mentor, be careful not to fall into any of these four traps.