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A Refresher on Payback Method

Harvard Business

There are a variety of ways to calculate a return on investment (ROI) — net present value , internal rate of return , breakeven — but the simplest is payback period. I talked with Joe Knight, author of the HBR TOOLS: Return on Investment and cofounder and owner of , to learn more about how to understand and use this particular ROI method.

An HBR Refresher on Breakeven Quantity

Harvard Business Review

Can you justify the price tag of the ad you want to buy or the marketing campaign you’re hoping to launch next quarter? One of the most straightforward ways to answer this question is to perform a breakeven analysis, which will tell you how many incremental units you need to sell to make the money back that you put in. If the company doesn’t sell the equivalent of the BEQ as a result of the investment, then it’s losing money and it won’t recoup its costs.