The First 90 Days in a New CIO Position

Harvard Business Review

Perhaps the most exciting (and challenging) aspect of working in a progressive IT organization is the pace of technological change. To meet these objectives within our organization at HBS, we are initiating a replacement of the myriad disparate platforms currently utilized to provide support and are pursuing a comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy based upon the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) international framework.


Corporations Will Never Solve Climate Change

Harvard Business Review

More recently we learned something that those close to the issue long suspected: that while Exxon-Mobil was publicly insisting that climate science was too uncertain to justify a move away from fossil fuels, privately they were aware of the science, and using it to plan expanded operations in the melting Arctic. A recent UK report argued against the efficacy of voluntary measures, but the presence of 400 ppm CO 2 in the atmosphere should be enough to prove the point.