The 3 Mental Qualities of Great Leaders

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In The Mind of the Leader , authors Rasmus Hougaard and Jaqueline Carter of the Potential Project, report that there are three mental qualities that stand out as being foundational for leaders today: Mindfulness, Selflessness, and Compassion. L EADERSHIP BEGINS in the mind.

Fixing Quality Control Issues Is Easier Than You Think

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For a lot of companies, quality control is a substantial issue. Quality control has always been important, but in today’s market, it is essential. Excellent oversight over product quality begins at the top of the organization. Introduce Voluntary Quality Circles.

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Quality Tools to Discover Solutions: DTC Operator

Mike Cardus

Dimension Time Cost Operator. Dimension Time Cost Operator (DTC) – A TRIZ tool for for seeing problems differently exploring ideas of extremes in size, time and cost. The DTC Operator can work to release Psychological Inertia. The DTC Operator Algorithm.

10 Ways to Provide Quality Feedback

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Make sure you have these three qualities before delivering feedback. Communications Leadership Operations & Strategy Productivity Success getting negative feedback how to give feedback to your boss joel garfinkle N2growth Providing feedback providing feedback to employees By Joel Garfinkle. Chair, Executive Coaching, N2Growth. Employees want feedback. They want an honest assessment of their behavior to help them improve their work.

The Ethics of Quality

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There is a strong correlation between quality and ethics. In the June 1994 issue of ASQ Quality Progress , Marion Steeples offered these definitions that I ask you to consider: “Quality is the standard by which Americans measure the goods and services they value.”.

Quality Team and Leadership Development

Mike Cardus

Quality Leadership Development from Michael Cardus. Overview: An interactive examination of what Quality leadership is and how you can leverage existing knowledge, competencies, Quality Practices, tools and initiatives to improve your organization, team and self.

Launching Your Business: How To Organize Your Operation

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But just be sure that the quality is where you need it to be to get the job done. From niche specific unites to counting scales to quality control conveyors, make sure you’re happy with what you have. You just finished reading Launching Your Business: How To Organize Your Operation !

The Qualities Of A Good Team

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Any business is going to be made up of teams , and the quality of those teams is going to determine to a large degree the success of the business. One way to begin is to start thinking about what kinds of positive qualities you are likely to want or need in a good team.

5 Timeless Qualities of True Leaders


In the same post, he offers 5 timeless qualities of true leadership. Here is a sketch note version of qualities of truer leadership. A sense of perspective may be among the most critical leadership qualities. Before leadership be effective, it has to be true.

Improving The Quality Of Your Service As A Business

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So here are some tips for improving the quality of your service as a business. Look At Quality Improvement If Manufacturing. Quality control when it comes to manufacturing products should always be a priority. Whether it’s offering prepackaged medication or using a more eco-friendly packaging, there are always ways to improve the quality that you’re providing to those companies who are then selling your product to a wider market.

The Big Picture of Business – Quality is Important for Business: Real Quality vs. Arbitrary Metrics

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Sadly, this is what is thought of as “quality” in the digital age. Websites that sell products are digital platforms, not the arbitrators of quality in the business world. Quality is not something that managers assign others to achieve. How to Institute a Quality Program.

Four Qualities You Want in a Potential Employee

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There are also times when the number of candidates you consider inhibits your ability to pinpoint exactly what qualities would best be suited towards the position that you are looking to fill.

Managerial Leadership Training Tool: Using DTC Operator Innovation Planning

Mike Cardus

General Managers, the direct managers of the Manager, NOT achieving their work on time and in quality expectations. Below is ONE Quality Tool commonly used in TRIZ that we used to begin in framing the context of our solution. Dimension Time Cost Operator.

The Demystification of Quality-Leadership. Workshop

Mike Cardus

An interactive examination of what Quality-Leadership is and how you can leverage existing knowledge , competencies , Quality Practices , tools and initiatives to improve your organization, team and self. Steps to develop high performance quality teams.

Thought-full Thursday: Relationship Quality


As we organize, we need to keep inquiring into the quality of our relationships. Are you evaluating the quality of the relationships you have and others have at work?

ASQ Buffalo Quality Conference 2013 :: Mike is Presenting

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ASQ Buffalo 2013 Quality Conference. October 15 Quality Conference. October 16 Quality Seminars. I will be presenting 2 workshops at the ASQ Buffalo 2013 Quality Conference – October 15 & 16. ASQ Buffalo 2013 Quality Conference. October 15 Quality Conference.

Management Quality and Productivity, under competent leadership

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Few people in top management in America understand their responsibilities and know that they must serve a life term on quality and productivity from now on, under competent leadership. With many managerial and organizational professionals operating in a manner similar to Alchemy.

The #1 Quality Your Prospects MUST Have

David A Fields

Raymond, a 38 year-old operations efficiency consultant on the West Coast wanted to snag some strategy projects.

Production Operator – Johns Manville – Plattsburgh, NY

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Johns Manville is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality insulation and commercial roofing, along with glass fibers and nonwovens for. $16 Production Operator - Johns Manville - Plattsburgh, NY. The post Production Operator – Johns Manville – Plattsburgh, NY appeared first on The HR Digest. HR Jobs.

The One Quality That Will Make You Into A Great Leader

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But operating without a conscience limits your influence over others, and even over yourself. When you operate without a clearly defined sense of ethics and morality, you will lose respect. Operate from the inside out. The One Quality Every Leader Needs To Succee d. The post The One Quality That Will Make You Into A Great Leader appeared first on Lolly Daskal. Many people have different ideas about what makes great business, great leadership, great influence.

5 Important Checks To Be Made Before Your Assembly Line Starts Operating

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No matter how well staffed, how large your operation, or how trustworthy the firm is that you’re outsourcing to, it falls to you as the responsible business owner to make these 5 checks to your assembly line before you give the go-ahead for production. Quality Control.

Greg Gaskey Named StrategyDriven Enterprises Chief Operations Officer

Strategy Driven

Executive leader brings hands-on management and operational experience to StrategyDriven’s Power & Utilities focused advisory services. Learn more about how StrategyDriven can help you improve your organization’s operational effectiveness and lower costs.

Restaurant Week (An elementary look at quality culture fundamentals)

Deming Institute

Guest post by David Kachoui (previously published in Quality Progress, August 2014): Director of Business Development at Natech Plastics. Students ran operations. Edwards Deming, the father of the quality movement, defined quality as “pride in workmanship.”

Vienna tops Mercer’s 21st Quality of Living ranking

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San Francisco top-ranked city in the United States for quality of living. Vienna offers the world’s highest quality of living, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Mercer Quality of Living Survey. Mercer’s 21 st annual Quality of Living Survey shows that the quality of living is an essential component of a city’s attractiveness for businesses and mobile talent. The Austrian capital tops the list for the tenth running year.

Putting Quality on the Line

Marshall Goldsmith

Dad operated a small, two-pump gas station. I've received many honors for my work, but I don't think I will ever match the dedication to quality and the degree of integrity Dennis Mudd showed. Mr. Mudd's pride and integrity were more important to him than money, and he had enough faith in the quality of his work, and in my father, to make the offer he did. A New Way to Look at Commitment Dennis Mudd never gave any pep talks about quality or values.

Four Factors for the 21st Century

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So, the organization will continuously need to adapt to an ever-changing environment and need personnel who operate well in this (ever new) environment. A volatile environment requires some very specific qualities from the coworker who wants to be sustainably employed. Your coworker of the future needs the following four qualities for sustainability: Analytical capacities. This is why creativity is a sustainable quality.

The 5 SOF Truths of Leadership

Nathan Magnuson

Army’s Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. Some of our hardcore “green beret” colleagues operated as independent 4 man teams conducting unconventional warfare operations. From 2006-2012 I served as a part-time member of the U.S.

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Great Quotes: Gems from Subroto Bagchi on Leadership I have always enjoyed reading thoughts of Subroto Bagchi , one of India’s most well known and respected leaders from the IT industry who operates as a “Gardener” and Vice Chairman at MindTree. Secondly, I believe that for leadership, we need to have some sort of reinforcement mechanism so that these fundamentals become a part of how we operate as leaders.

Am I A Nice Boss?

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What are the specific qualities which make a coworker good in what they do? Of course, it’s difficult to remember everything, especially if your span of control is 25 or more—let alone if you also want to remember things about all the coworkers your direct colleagues guide in the everyday operation of your organization. Take your sympathetic qualities to work with you! Let’s be honest, 40% of the average person’s time is spent working.

Lasting Quality Philosophy Presentation by Steven Haedrich

Deming Institute

Put them in an environment of quality. View Steven Haedrich’s presentation at the 2014 Fall Conference with the embedded webcast above. Steven, President of New York Label & Box Works , discusses their Deming journey over the decades.

Some Statistical Logic in the Management of Quality by W. Edward Deming

Deming Institute

Edwards Deming wrote Some Statistical Logic in the Management of Quality to fill in some of the missing links in the use of statistical methods, with special reference to responsibilities at the management level for effective mobilization of statistical knowledge and skills.

Five Qualities Critical to Entrpreneurial Start-up


3) Passion and drive to make the business work operationally. Gary Cohen grew the company from two people to 2,200 employees Currently, he is Managing Partner of CO2 Partners, LCC, operating as an executive coach and consultant.

Video Conferencing HD Quality to your PC or MAC on public Internet


These room systems have been somewhat complex to operate and typically require expensive dedicated networks or quality of service enhanced bandwidth.

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Weekly Round-Up: Mission Vision Purpose Strategy Definitions, 6 Secrets of Strong Technical Leaders, One Quality For Great Leaders, 4 Ps of Leadership, & Create an Emotional Connection to Strategy


And since there is an order of operations, where each one drives the next, it’s important to understand how they relate…” Read more >> Weekly Round-UpWelcome to my weekly round-up of the best-of-the-best recent leadership and communication blog posts.

7 Ways to Improve Operations Without Sacrificing Worker Safety

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These kinds of statements speak to a leader’s choice of values, and a failure to understand the relationships between a safe work environment and operational performance. The reality is that virtually all workplace injuries are preventable, and safety management and operational excellence are intimately linked. Improved operational performance will result in fewer injuries. But many OSHA inspections lead to substantial improvements in a firm’s operations.

Quality and Quantity – Compliance and Excellence


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Quality and Quantity – Compliance and Excellence Going by numbers is a great way to stay in control (or at least feel that way). — Quantitative: Lets go for quality certification which will open us doors to more number of customers. Qualitative: We need a quality certification so that we can improve our internal efficiencies and streamline the processes for having delighted customers.

Customer Intimacy, Meet Operational Excellence

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What is more important to company success, a strong external focus on customer experiences or an internal focus on effective and efficient operations? Terry Sutton , vice president of business transformation, told me that "The systems we''re implementing are about operational excellence.

Operational Improvement Has Improved

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If you've had a bad experience with an operational improvement effort (like Six Sigma or Business Reengineering), or if you haven't given it much attention lately, you should take a fresh look. Continuous improvement and quality have become part of the management lexicon. Change management Operations

Mark Miller on “the leadership game”: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

In his own words… I began writing over decade ago when I was fortunate to team up with Ken Blanchard on my first book, The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do. Since then I’ve co-authored a second book with Ken, Great Leaders Grow. Since then, I’ve released The Secret of Teams, The Heart of… Read More Mark Miller on “the leadership game”: An interview by Bob Morris.

New Technology Won’t Automatically Improve Your Operations

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Advanced tools for creating and testing new products and the operations that will make them are all around us. They are not only changing the economics of innovation and operations, they are also pushing the frontier of what’s possible. The Future of Operations.

To Improve Data Quality, Start at the Source

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Data Communication Operations Digital ArticleYou’ll thank yourself later.

Operational Excellence, Meet Customer Intimacy

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Most organizations continuously strive to achieve operational excellence, but they spend less effort understanding customer needs — and few marry these two sources of customer value effectively. In 1996 Tesco adopted Toyota Production System approaches to take its supply chain operations to an even higher level. Customers Operations

Using Social Networks to Improve Operations

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For decades the mystery shopper was the main way retailers assessed operations from a customer's point of view. A well-managed loop that links customer experience feedback with recommendations on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, can boost service quality and operational performance, increase traffic and create more happy customers — people who crow about a retailer online for free, turning their friends into new customers too.