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How Companies Are Using Machine Learning to Get Faster and More Efficient

Harvard Business

The technology can pick out kinds of people — mountain climbers, for instance — to help advertisers more efficiently match ads to the videos. The company’s natural language processing technology learns how to write reports by scanning texts and determining relationships between concepts. Root cause analysis. Business processes Technology Operations Digital Article

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“Nailed it.” A lesson in overcoming project complexity

Deming Institute

Much of my work focuses on involving people in activities and decisions about their work and how it will change as the technology they use changes. Many years after the curtain came down on my Camelot project, I was asked to lead the process / organization side of a large technology project. The project had been operational for a few months when I joined so the foundation had already been poured.

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Can GM Make it Safe for Employees to Speak Up?

Harvard Business Review

“The phenomenal number of interacting parts, interacting people and continuing changes in technology mean that we will always have failures, full stop.” First, Maryann Keller, a former auto analyst, notes that, historically, GM hasn’t invested in root-cause analysis. The original response from GM was not to look for the root cause because that wasn’t part of the company’s thought process.