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" This point really came home to me while reading, "The Leadership Code," By Ulrich and Smallwood.

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Future of HR: The Transition to Performance Advisor


We also should not be offended when operations leaders demand the details of the effectiveness of the initiatives we roll out. Nothing is more frustrating to an Operations Manager than having to fight its own HR Department while trying to get something done. Overall, this report is useful when combined with other recent publications by Dave Ulrich and various consulting firms on the state of HR. It especially dovetails well with Ulrich’s latest work, HR From the Outside-In.

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Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design

Harvard Business Review

A few years ago Dave Ulrich, a management thought leader from the University of Michigan, made a comment I found both insightful and profound: “ Every leader needs to have a model of organization design.” Rather it’s an on-going nipping and tucking of organizational resources to achieve both growth and efficiency at multiple levels: the company overall, the operating group level, and even within functional groups like human resources and information technology.