Resilience: How We Can Learn to Bounce Forward

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We can design—and redesign—organizations, institutions, and systems to better absorb disruption, operate under a wider variety of conditions, and shift more fluidly from one circumstance to the next.” That necessitates a leader that is reflective and operates from strength rather than weakness; a grounded mindful leader. Robert Waterman on Adhocracy.) All of us will be tested from time to time on our ability to adapt—on our resilience.

Closing Your Company’s “Leadership Gap”

Michael Lee Stallard

Tom Peters and Robert Waterman called it “management by wandering around” or “MBWA” in their classic book In Search of Excellence. One way to demonstrate that link is to integrate employee engagement survey data with operational and financial metrics. Historically, leaders have relied on their internal networks and intuition to assess employee engagement and strategic alignment.

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Want to Improve Customer Service – Treat Your Employees Better

The Practical Leader

Part of the article reports on “a recent study conducted by Marshall Fisher, a professor of operations and information management at Wharton, and other colleagues.” Excellence author and management consultant, Bob Waterman explains, “Carrying out a decision doesn’t start after the decision; it starts with the decision. This is the title of a recent report in the University of Pennsylvania newsletter Knowledge @ Wharton.

How GE Applies Lean Startup Practices

Harvard Business Review

There is a lot at stake here for GE’s operations strategy. Todd Waterman, GE’s corporate Lean leader, is leveraging GE Appliance’s insights with other GE units. General Electric Operations Strategy We are all lean now — or soon will be.

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Why “Company Culture” Is a Misleading Term

Harvard Business Review

Waterman’s In Search of Excellence , that praised the unique management structure and corporate culture of computer then-giant Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Peters and Waterman’s book spawned an entire industry in corporate culture consultants and an endless stream of books about corporate and organizational culture has followed right into the present. Kenneth Andersson.